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Updated on April 29, 2010

Pains and sufferings are among those ugly experiences and feelings that no human beings ever wish to have. Yet, it keeps coming to us almost on a daily basis. ‘Why does God allow sufferings and pains?’ is one question that never ceases to be on our lips at all time. One human thinker questioned the supremacy of God by saying; “if the world we are currently living in and experiencing is the best that God can create and manage, then, He should better resign and allow those with better ideas to take over”.

He is not alone in this kind of thinking as many people that are suffering today or that had suffered in the past thought in like manner. Very many people have failed to understand the “why” behind sufferings and pains. People who have attempted to understand the reason behind sufferings and pains have long come realized, came out of their shell and became motivated and glad for the existence of pains and sufferings.

In this hub are three reasons why God Almighty allows sufferings and pains. Note however that pains and sufferings can be caused by either: humans, the devil or God. Whatever the cause is, they are all permitted by God.




Series of research has consistently proved that the primary cause of injuries on lepers is the lack of pains and not the virus. The virus that is responsible for leprosy only kills the cells responsible for sending signals to the brain whenever we have contact with objects that can inflict injury on us. The leprosy on its own does not cut off the toes and fingers of lepers. But, accidents that would have otherwise been avoided do.

Rather than condemn God for allowing pains to exist, we should be grateful to Him for the great aesthetic work done by God. Now, try this: try forcing pin or needle into any part of your body. Can you feel the pain? This then means that God carefully strategically created cells that are responsible for pains and place them so close to each other that even pin cannot find an empty space to penetrate without causing us pain that will lead to us adjusting in order not to sustain injuries.

Group of scientists and researchers frustratingly gave up on a billion dollar project after trying replicating what God did on human skin with machine. Their aim was to produce a machine that can send signal to the brain whenever the skin comes in contact with sharp or harmful object. That was when one of the researchers openly acknowledged the level of intelligence exhibited by God in the creation of pain. Wouldn’t you rather be grateful to God for inventing pain rather than grumble and complain about pain?


I will use three verses from The Holy Bible to illustrate this point. They are: Leviticus 25:3, Isaiah 5:6 and john 15: 1-2. Let me reproduce the last quotation here for the purpose of driving home my point. “I am the true vine, and my father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that dears no fruits, while every branch that bears fruits he will prune so that it will be even more fruitful” if you want to make your plant shoot out new branch, the simple thing to do is to prune the plant. You will agree with me that the plants in their own language will be complaining and grumbling that we (humans) are suffering them and causing them pains. Necessity is the mother of invention is an old saying. Most major breakthroughs we experience today were made possible because certain people were faced with pains and suffering. Notice the use of the words ’prune’ and ‘destroyed’ in the just quoted verse. While prune was used for fruitful plants, destroyed were used for plants that could not bear fruits.


Satisfaction that we derive from being successful will be lost if pains and sufferings should be totally eliminated. Tell me, what will be your pride as an individual in an achievement that you had no pain or you hadn’t suffered for? Am sure you know that we only appreciate light after experiencing darkness and light-out. So it is with enjoyment. Your enjoyment will make a whole lot of sense if it comes after you had suffered for sometime.

Many other reasons exist but, the above three reasons are to me the most convincing of all. I do hope that by now you have realized that pains and sufferings exist for our good and that we should be motivated by them rather than be sad over pains and sufferings.




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