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Updated on June 2, 2016

30 Day Mental Diet:The Way to a Better Life

 The First Week: During the first seven days ideas are presented which are fundamental to every aspect of your life.  They will help you to clarify your thoughts about many questions every person asks himself, and which need to be answered before you can find security and your proper place in the scheme of things.

  • Who You Are  
  • Where You Are
  • Why You Are Important
  • Learn to Think Constructively
  • Life Is For You
  • You Have Great Possibilities
  • Discovering Yourself

The  Second Week: The Mental Diet for the next seven days includes ideas which relate to your attitudes toward your daily life.  They will help you to establish a proper frame of mind so that you can more adequately face all the experiences you may encounter, get more joy out of living, and enthusiastically contribute more of the things that are worthwhile for the benefit of yourself and others.

  • Live With Enthusiasm
  • How to Remove Limitations
  • You Always Succeed
  • Develop Confidence in Yourself
  • How to Create New Ideas
  • Stop Being Afraid
  • Life Owes You Nothing

The Third Week: The following seven days of the diet offer ideas which are of vital importance in connection with your affairs and relationships. They apply to your every undertaking and association, and can be use for business or any activity which is an endeavor on your part to be creative, productive, and of service to others.  They are vital aids to fuller, richer living and achievement.

  • The Art of Getting Along with People
  • Make Your Affairs Prosper
  • How to Build Security
  • Learn to Like Yourself
  • Discover Your Place in Life
  • Peace of Mind Can Be Yours
  • Using the Power of Love

The Fourth Week: During the next seven days the mental diet presents ideas which can have a beneficial influence on your health. Wisely use, they can help you regain what you may have lost, or enable you to keep what you already have.

  • Why You Should Be Healthy
  • Learn to Avoid Stress and Anxiety
  • How to Insure Your Health
  • Ways to Increase Your Vitality
  • You Can Avoid Old Age
  • Stop Being Sick
  • Enjoy New Health and Happiness

The Last Two Days: of the mental diet offer concrete suggestions for the richer enjoyment of living and a practical approach to ways of attaining it.

  • Discover A New Joy of Loving
  • You Live Your Thoughts

This Is My Life: Keep a Record of what happens in your life.  Many people have used and proved the value of such a procedure and you should avail yourself of its benefits.

First you enter the date on which you express your desire for an additional good in your experience.  Then simply state the nature of it.  Note references to the days of the 30-day Mental Diet which apply to it.  Follow the same procedure as you have for each day of the mental diet, that is, morning and night use the diet for those days to firmly establish in your mind the conviction that that which you desire is now a part of your experience.

When it does come to by your actual experience, note the date and give thanks that it has been provided for you.

Now you are on your own. If the mental diet is followed consistently, you can see and experience every day the results of the diet of previous days.  Don't deviate from your diet for it is the pathway to a richer, fuller way of living than you have yet dreamed of.



30 Day Mental Diet: INTRODUCTION


Why any kind of diet, let alone a mental diet? Usually a diet refers to food, the amount and kind that we eat.  The elements of the diet are carefully selected so as to accomplish certain desired results. Food diets may be for the purpose of losing weight, gaining weight, or to provide a more balanced intake of food to create a better condition and tone of the body. Then there are those diets which are for the purpose of correcting or alleviating some bodily condition which is other than normal. When adhered to consistently, such diets usually accomplish the desired results.  The person feels better, looks better, and is much happier.

So why not have a mental diet? We are constantly filling our minds with thoughts of all kinds. Little selection is done.  It seems that the mind is a giant hopper into which all manner of things are dumped with little concern as to what happens afterward. Yet it is the mind, and its content of thought, which determines to a large degree the functioning and health of our physical bodies, the state of our relationships with others, and the degree of success which we may be able to achieve.

Perhaps if we would embark on a regime of mental dieting, carefully watching what enters into and is entertained in thought, selecting specific types of thought for certain specific results, barring other thoughts which are definately productive of results other than those which we desire, then we might be able to make more of ourselves than we now are and enjoy a richer, fuller life.  Controlled diet, either of food or thought, cannot help but result in control of what we experience.

So try a mental diet for thirty days. It can be fun, interesting, and very productive. While on the mental diet numerous ideas will be encountered which may be somewhat new. But they are ideas whose nutritious value and productivity of results have been proved.

One paramount requirement of any diet is that it is followed through to the end, and that there is no variation in its content.  It is only by following all instructions carefully that results are achieved.

What results are desired from a mental diet? Just name them---greater degree of health, happiness, or success---a mental diet can give them to you.

30 Day Mental Diet



Before starting your thirty-day mental diet read these instructions carefully and follow them without fail. This is not material to be read all at once; instead, it is a sequence of ideas to be read and used one each day. The value to be gained from any thirty-day program cannot be achieved by doing everything in one day. The ideas you will find here might be compared to a bottle of vitamins; if you are supposed to take one a day, which is all you can absorb, then it would be useless to gulp them all at one time. To get the most benefit follow the instructions.

Yeah, that means you, too, Rosemary (insert your name here)!


Establish a definite program for yourself. The mental diet for each day requires about six minutes to read. (PRINT THIS OUT SO YOU CAN MARK THE PAGE AND TAKE NOTES-ftm). There is a space for you to note the date and time that it is read; also a place to note the time that it is reread. It is suggested that the first reading be in the morning and the second at night.

Each mental diet consists of four basic parts. First there is the presentation of the idea and an explaination of its nature and sphere of influence. This is followed by "Mental Stimulants" for the day---words of the great and the wise which confirm the authenticity of the idea for the day. Then "The Diet" itself, which enables you to apply the idea for the day in a practical manner in relation to your health, affairs, and relationships. The diet is mental food. Assimilate it, make it part of yourself, mentally and emotionally, and it will nourish and sustain you. And finally there is a "Capsule Supplement" which is easily assimilated and remembered.

A Word of Caution: No diet will work unless you follow it faithfully. First, there is the necessity of using the diet each day in the manner suggested. Second, the diet will have little value for you if your counteract it in between readings by dumping into your mind ideas which are contrary to it. Don't let yourself slip in this manner. If you find you are doing so, immediately reread or recall the diet, regardless of the place or time. Don't waver in your intent; don't deprive yourself of the benefits that you can receive from it.

As for the wording of the diet, it may or may not be flavored to suit you. If you desire, rephrase the idea in your own words---it is the idea that is important.

The effectiveness of the 30-Day Mental Diet need not be questioned. Of course an inquiring mind will have certain doubts about any new idea; however, those you will encounter here have been tested and proved, not only today but down through the ages. They are universal truths to be discovered and used. They exist to be used, but their proper use is up to you. There are certain things others can do for you, but there is one thing that only you can do for yourself---THINK---and think in a manner so that your thoughts will have a salutary effect on your daily living.

30 Day Mental Diet: The First Week

                                                   THE FIRST WEEK

During the first seven days ideas are presented which are fundamental to every aspect of your life.  They will help you to clarify your thoughts about many questions every person asks himself, and which need to be answered before you can find security and your proper place in the scheme of things.

  • Who You Are
  • Where You Are
  • Why You Are Important
  • Learn to Think Constructively
  • Life is For You
  • You Have Great Possibilities
  • Discovering Yourself

30 Day Mental Diet: Day 1:Who You Are

WHO YOU ARE: You Are More Than You Think You Are

Have you ever taken time to really think about yourself? With the pressure and demands of present-day living it may have been a little difficult, but perhaps at some time or other there has been a chance to think and no doubt the questions have arisen in your mind as to just who and what you are. Puzzling questions to say the least, but ones demanding a satisfactory answer if you are to avoid the feeling of a gnawing problem. And nothing is to be gained by pushing the questions back into the limbo of the unconscious mind where they still will be demanding answers whether you acknowledge it or not.

Appearances Are Misleading

When you got up this morning and looked in the mirror, what did you see? Very likely it was not too pleasant a sight but nevertheless there you were, or what you thought you were. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair. Was that you? After you were dressed and entered into your day's activities your family, friends, and associates could see you. Was what they saw you? What they saw and recognized was what they knew to be you, but was it really you?

Just What Are You?

You know yourself as possessing a body. You know yourself as having certain emotional reactions. You know yourself as thinking in a certain way. But the real you which has a body, which has feelings, which thinks---what is it?

Some time ago, when prices were lower, it was determined that your body was composed of water and about ninety-eight cents worth of chemicals. Is that what you would say you are? Common sense would dictate that you are much, much more than can be determined in the chemical laboratory.

You have emotions. You get hungry, you get cold, you get hot. You have feelings of love, hate, anger, anxiety, fear, and joy. These emotions could not be what you are, for you experience them. What is it that experiences them?

The Brain an Machine

You think, or at least most people like to think that they think. What is it that does the thinking? The brain seems to be the part of the body in which thought resides, or is the channel for it. Physiology has never found a brain that could think by itself. The brain, with its billions of interconnecting nerves, appears to be nothing more or less than a colossal computing machine. Such electronic machines are fast, accurate, and amazingly able. But electronic engineers have no hope that one will ever be able to think. The brain, like the electronic computer, is also a machine. Neither can write Shakespeare's plays, paint Michelangelo's pictures, nor thrill to a sunset. There has to be a thinker behind them.

It would appear that that which you really are is that something which thinks, something which has a body, which feels and has emotions, and which is aware of itself through the process of thought.

The Mystery of Mind

Now that you have made yourself out to be something which thinks and is self-conscious---mind---the problem arises as to where did it come from? Is it compounded of the chemicals that comprise the body? Mix chemicals together as long as you want but will you ever be able to make them think? Mind, nebulous and ethereal as it may seem, appears to be the ultimate thing you are, yet it cannot appear out of the nowhere. Mind is definately something, intangible as it is.

You are, in essence, mind, and it would stand to reason that you could not have created yourself or else you would be able to create yourself time and time again. So to find out what you really are you have to determine what mind is.

Where Do You Come From?

It appears that there must be something in the universe that is intelligent, that is capable of conscious thought. Since every man thinks, and since the universe is a unity and not a chaos or divided against itself, there must be a single source of the thinker that each man is. It appears that there would have to be, and must be, an infinite Thinker or Mind which expresses in and through each person as that person.

You, as an individual, are a conscious intelligent thinker. And your mind is, and could only be, an individualization of the One Mind and Intelliegence. This Mind is at once both infinite and particularized as your mind.

                                                MENTAL STIMULANTS

  • Science: The important point is that man's spirit, certainly an inhabitant of his living, material body, may without philosophical impropriety be regarded as similar in nature to a far greater Spirit, in which thus, literally, he may be said to live and move and have his being.  -Edmund W. Sinnott
  • Philosophy: We, each of us, are a distinct part of the essence of God and contain a certain part of Him in ourselves.  -Epictetus
  • Religion: "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?"  -I Corinthians 3:16

                                                              THE DIET

Today I identify myself with That which is greater than I am, which is both the source of what I am and is what I am. The One infinite Mind, Intelligence, Spirit---God---that created all things and is all things, is also in me as me.  I know that my body is an expression of Its infinite creativity; that my mind, my self-conscious ability to think, that which I know as my real self, is an individualization of the infinite Mind of God as my mind.  I now recognize the real me for all that it is---an expression and conscious activity of the Mind of God, infinite Consciousness. I am that which It is, It is that which I am. Each day I become increasingly aware that God is what I am. I affirm the reality of that Power greater than I am, and as I do so with complete faith, belief, and conviction in It, and identify myself with It, I accept and permit It to flow into ever fuller expression as what I am. The One Mind, One Life, God, with infinite power and creativity for good in all things, today finds an unhindered channel for increased expression as me.

                                              -CAPSULE SUPPLEMENT-

There is only One Mind, Spirit, or Intelligence which increasingly flows into fuller harmonious expression as all that I am. As I now affirm this, and accept it, so it is done.

Today I will apply this idea to these aspects of my thoughts and actions:



My particular problem, condition, or situation which it can be used to correct is:




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