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Role of Silence

Updated on November 25, 2016

Power of Silence

In Indian culture and all religions, maintenance of silence has been attributed a very important role.

Helps to show you a path of divine

In spiritual development, silence plays a vital role as a goal or a step for its success. It is a silence not from the outside world and the movement of life, however, it is a silence that has shown the path to the divine world to the ones who left away all their wickedness and the urge for the materialistic love. It is a silence that helps to meet the human with himself, the true him and it also enables one to meet the final truth of life, into the world of spirituality.

We always read that there is an end to a body, but not a soul and to refine that soul spirituality and knowing the real yourself is extremely important. In many religions, the importance of silence has been simply described as a path to meet the divine and to transform your soul from the love towards the materialistic life to the reality for which we are born.

Helps to concentrate

It also helps us to still the mind away from all the bundles of thought with us and helps to concentrate towards the path of spirituality. It would not keep you away from the outside world, but you would find the real truth of your existence wherein the divine would speak from your heart and soul and you would from the silence in your mind and soul you would be able to hear His voice.

In Christianity, silence is considered to be of great value in the form of Contemplative Prayer and Christian meditation.

In Islam, the wisdom writers stress more on the inner silence that helps to grow as a soul and a body follows the same.

In Buddhism, silence is known as the weapon to set up enlightenment of you spiritually.

In Hinduism, the power of silence has been used in the meditation or Yoga by being Maun (silent) that helps to concentrate on the divine path.

In reality and in daily life as well, we can actually bring the power of silence and to grow the spiritually if we try to gain the knowledge of spirituality by being in the middle of the world but choosing our divine path by doing the daily activities for livelihood as well.

It is entirely not a necessity that the silence of our mind can only come in the Ganges or away from human. Being a part of the world during the day-to-day activities for livelihood (karma), it is more important for us to understand the reason for our birth in this world. We have to understand that what is more important for us whether it is the silliness of the comfort in this world or the growth of the soul.

Initiates a process of conserving strength

Maintenance of silence is a process of conserving strength. By talking too much, physical energy and strength are lost to a great extent. Silence saves one from useless talk and lies. On the contrary, such person overcomes the instinct for a fulfilment of worldly wishes, anger, arrogance and greed. The outcome of maintaining silence is much like one can get rid of mental ailments and can overcome anger and can get spiritual development etc.

A person who feels that the talk or discussion going on is pointless, meaningless and intended to dissipate the energy, then he would prefer not to take part in any of such talk or discussion. If you are already a part of the discussion, one should listen without any reaction and leave that place as soon as the opportunity arises. Your participation should be in creative discourses, as that will help you derive new knowledge.

We don't really think much about the power of silence, it's only when there is silence you can listen to your heart and make good decisions. You get to think clearly about your thoughts. One thing that I noticed is that the thoughts that keep your mind occupied for most of the time just vanishes when you are sitting in the silence. There are a lot of thoughts that are just like those people who can shout in the crowd and goes blank when asked to speak up solely. Silence gives your mind a chance to single out all the thoughts and give them enough time to crystallise while keeping all the unnecessary thoughts away.

Silence helps people concentrate

Silence makes people concentrate and acts according to the situation. It helps in coaching one’s life and making it more powerful. Only a few of us know the true meaning of silence and those who are unaware of its depth do not care and also do not feel the urge of utilising the silence. As a result, they ignore the powerful impact of silence on their mind and try to kill their silence by way of watching TV, listening to music, chatting online with friends or focusing on useless things.

It also helps us to see the amazing things and the beautiful creation of God around us. In fact, when silence is there, a lot of energy takes place in our mind that supports us to continue a life journey. Sometimes silence allows us to check our own thoughts, feelings and reasons for behaving in a particular way with the people, friends and with the persons you are associated with.

There is a need that everyday consciously silence should be maintained for some time. In a week, if silence is maintained for a few hours, it can generate immense strength and silence for 24 hours will give you such experiences that you will say it is magical.

While maintaining silence stop writing, your thoughts on a piece of paper unless necessary - while maintaining silence do not watch television or listen to the radio. There are many other ways of using the power of silence and if used in a proper way it will definitely give a sunshine look to our lives.

How to use silence?

a) When some important discussion is going on or two persons are talking to each other, it is essential that you should not interfere in between and should keep up silence till the discussion is over. Staying silent will benefit you and you will be heard from them with more attention. Similarly, when someone is pointing at you arrogantly, you should not lose your patience and give a starting look at him saying no words and the impact will be as such that the person will not be able to say anything more.

b) There are also moments when your parents or elders are counselling you, you need to listen them maintaining silence on your part and try to respond by way of your facial expressions.

c) When at home, maintaining silence is a difficult thing, but when all other are watching TV, gossiping or listening to music, your silence will benefit you as you will have ample time to recharge your mind with fresh thoughts.

Silence does not come to us automatically. When there is a lot of noise around us in the forms of a sound of traffic, TV or music, we need to learn the way of tolerating the noise And when the noise is missing and it is joined by silence then we should feel its importance and appreciate its great value as a whole.


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