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Uncontrolled Greed!

Updated on April 26, 2013

The compassionate!

Contentment is the greatest virtue!

It is 'greed'which drives people and nations to act. Unbridled greed is the melody of the world today. None is happy with what they are blessed with. None is content. It is said in the Bible "Count your blessings". Yes, we close our eyes to the plus points we enjoy but start complaining even if one minus point arise! Every one lacks some thing in life. For him, 'what he lacks is the greatest anxiety. He might have been blessed with other items by God but he never cares to focus on them. This negative thinking is rampant everywhere, not only in people but in the nations also. It is the greed for more and more has forced colonization in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Many countries still remain as third world countries due to colonization by the wealthy or capitalist countries. Hence for the plight of today's world major responsibility is vested on leading Nations. United Nations Organization get their fund only when major Nations dole out. Hence in deciding the policy matters that affect the world at large like 'poverty, drought, health care and education, the UN has to rely upon these big bosses.

Hence these Nations play their games with utter immunity. Whether the political bosses have a sympathy with the people who are living in utter poverty is a great question. The resources available every where is enough to feed the entire population of the world. But there is no equitable distribution. Black marketing, money laundering, and terrorism takes a toll on the poorest of the earth. Who will take care of them if not the government. They are at the mercy of UNO. Everywhere there is civil unrest due to ethnic population. People are divided based on religious affinity. Hence there is always conflict between different religions as well as sub sects of the same religion. This is prevalent throughout the globe. There is no affinity between different sections of society. Every where there is conflict. Let any number of Buddhas come, any number of Jesus come, the mind set of people remain the same!

The main reason for all this is "Greed". For instance, a man passing out of a Collage, desires immediate Job. If he is lucky, he will get a job. First he was jobless, now he got a job! Naturally he must be happy. Of course he is happy for some days. After establishing himself in the job, his next target is pay raise! No doubt, he can not stagnate in the same pay due to escalating cost of living. He gets a pay raise and also a promotion too! Our fellow is really lucky! Now he should have been more happier since his aspiration is fulfilled. No Sir, You are sadly wrong. Now he needs a companion. OK, he gets married to a beautiful girl, then what? Now they want their own home to live! Likewise, our desires goes on multiplying. They never cease at any stage. This may seem normal to worldly minded. But this is nothing but 'unbridled greed. As you feed more and more fuel, the tongue of fire leaps to greater heights demanding more! Then what is the solution? "Do not feed the fire! Yes, greed is like a devastating fire. It will not end when one desire is fulfilled!

The same greed has forced many empires to acquire newer and newer territories, conquering the peace loving people. It is the passion for extending his jurisdiction of rule, which made Alexander to conquer many Nations. But when he entered India with an idea to lay seize of the country, he encountered a strange man en route. This man is a mendicant who cared for nothing and hence he was laying himself across a path absolutely unconcerned about anything! The soldiers who were leading, saw the mendicant laying across. He was ordered to move away, "Don't you know? The great emperor Alexander is on the way! Move away. The mendicant was not concerned and hence he has not replied. The soldier draw his sword to warn him. Meanwhile, Alexander reached the place. He was astonished to see the care free attitude of the mendicant. Alexander warned the man, Stay away, otherwise you will be slayed!. Still, the man has not stirred. Again, the Emperor warned him! The mendicant laughed! "Kill me" I don't care! Alexander was absolutely taken back. This is the first time, he is witnessing a brave man who never care about his body or belongings. Alexander alighted from his horse and prostrated to the man!

He was planning to invade India. But here is an ordinary mendicant who never cared about his life or safety. Alexander thought that if an ordinary individual could remain indifferent to his body and life, 'how can i invade this great country? Saying this, he retreaded back. This is the Nation which taught the whole world, sacrifice and fearlessness. People who learned to remain content with meager resources. They never went about conquering other Nations. Hence, this Nation has given asylum to many people of the world who were driven out by their own countries. Hence Buddha and Gandhi preached here compassion and brother hood. Non-violence is the core quality of Indians in ancient times. Due to adoption of Western cultures in their life, many Indian youth has started adopting 'materialistic outlooks' which breeded greed to great extent. This is the reasons for the troubles, India face to day. Hence we must remain content with what we possess and we should not hanker for more and more!


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