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"Under Attack"

Updated on June 24, 2011

Freedom of religion, free or not?

As a Christian my right to practice my belief is guaranteed in the constitution. It would seem that in light of what the constitution says, I really have no reason for writing this story. The unfortunate truth is that because of a term that is not in the Constitution freedom of Religion is threatened if and only if you are a Christian. The term "Church and State" are used to remove any mention of God in any public place at anytime.

If there is a public display of Christianity then there must also be a display of other religions complete with their message included. A manger scene must be accompanied by a menorah and so on. The fact of the matter is Church and States intermingling is not in the Constitution, the bill of rights or the first amendment. For years now the Constitution has been perverted by Liberals and Atheist alike, and the ACLU has been right there on every occasion to challenge the founding documents. As a consequence the Bible believing evangelical Christian has been attacked and discriminated against at every attempt to publicly pursue their beliefs.

Christianity has been under attack for years without a huge outcry from the Church. We have been tolerant and turned the other cheek. Now the Atheist community has really ramped up the attack. They won't be happy until God's name is completely missing from society. On Sunday 6/19/2011 NBC hosted the US Open Golf Tournament. At the beginning of the broadcast the Pledge of Allegiance was aired and to everyone's surprise the words "Under God" were left out. To NBC's surprise there was complaint after complaint sent in immediately by facebook and tweet after tweet on twitter. NBC is still trying to explain what the glitch was. The secular progressive liberal media and the Atheist are in full attack mode now and they won't be happy until they push God off the face of the earth.

In the broncs there is a street Name Richards Ladder to Heaven. it seems that the Street name with Heaven in it is perceived to be offensive to an Atheist group in New York City. They claim that the street name with Heaven in it is violating the Church and State clause in the constitution, you know, the one that is not in the constitution. The groups representative was invited on a Fox News show to debate the issue with Jay Sekulow and Sean Hannitiy live. Their representative was uninformed as a person could be. He obviously had no idea what the Constitution says or even how to find the first Amendment on line. His attacks just kept coming and his misuse of the Constitution was embarrassing. The one thing that was clear was the level of hate this group had for God not to mention Christians in general. There is no protection of rights when the liberal news media won't report these inequities and every abuse must be challenged in a slow court system. These same rights that are being perverted by those using the term "Church and State" could very well become a pattern to pervert other rights effecting Freedom of the Press, and so on. When just one of our rights is attacked all of our rights are in jeopardy.

We are living in a time where people are pursuing their perceived right to pleasure and self fulfilment. The new Secular Society have in their own words come to an age of self fulfilment. They don't need God any longer; they have come of age. Unfortunately they not needing God means that the rest of us are not up to par. It seems that the only option left is to get rid of God no matter what the cost so they can go ahead and live life without the mores of a God.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Writer Chuck 

      6 years ago

      Brenda, thanks for your kind comments, and the mission field that we both recognize. I surly do count the attack as reward. It just seems so black and white to me and that's why I take the time to write these stories of conservatism. It just goes to show you that the principles of the bible are always there just as dark and light are.

    • profile image

      Brenda Durham 

      6 years ago

      Writer Chuck, you're correct. It has become "open season" on Christians. At least, on the ones who keep a firm stance on their principles. What is it the Bible says?---We're blessed if we're persecuted for righteousness' sake; the kingdom of Heaven is ours.

      Matthew 5, verses 10 thru 20 speak strongly.

      So, don't lose your salt; our lights can't shine if we become covered in political correctness. And whoever falsely accuses you, just remember verse 11 and 12---Rejoice! That's hard to do, I know, because the modern fad has even been taken up by some of our loved ones, chances are; yet this is not time to fall short of the Truth, for both the Lord's sake and for those we love.

      Voted UP; always nice to see another strong Believer stick to the Word.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Writer Chuck 

      7 years ago

      Any one that keeps up with the daily news knows that I could have found and pointed out more attacks on Christians than I did. That wasn'nt the total point of the story. The point made in the piece is that the ineguites described herein are the miss representation of the Constitution and the slow process of law defending our right to freedom of religon. The chipping away at those freedoms and miss representing of the Constitution may someday lead to the loss of other fought for rights.

    • CrazyNorw3gian13 profile image


      7 years ago from Northeast USA

      You're article is very interesting, but it seems hopelessly biased. Yes, people make fun of Christians; people also happen to make fun of everyone else. If you belong to a group, odds are that someone out there is giggling and cracking a joke at its expense. It's not fair to cherry-pick and only choose situations where your group is the "victim." There are endless examples of Christians being the bad guys, but I see no mention of it here. Maybe they're just the bad apples, the rest being perfectly reasonable, kind people. That being said, it's only fair to point out that this probably goes both ways. So next time you feel victimized, recognize that most people are actually perfectly accepting of your spiritual choice. Don't let the few bad ones fool you. Peace and love.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Writer Chuck 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. It seems as there is an open season on Christians these days, but we were warned in the Bible about that possibility. Up until a few years ago Christians were at least accepted in this country(USA) while being killed in others. I guess we should count ourselves lucky in that respect.

    • MysteryPlanet profile image


      7 years ago

      Right on! It seems that Christianity is the only thing left that people are free to make fun of or offend in this politically correct crapola world.


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