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Underneath the surface

Updated on November 21, 2012

Do you see this tree standing here? More than a decade ago, I was learning how to drive. It was my very first lesson. My husband was directing and instructing me to park in front of the house. As I proudly began to enter the driveway, he in panic yelled at me, “No, hit the breaks!”. Well, being that it was my first lesson, I confused the break pedal with the gas pedal, and crashed into this very tree wrecking my husband first car.

Years later as I stand outside the house waiting for my son to come home from school, I look at the tree. Remembering the crash, I looked at the tree for dents but all I found was leaves and vines.

How many of us have traumatic events in our lives that have been covered up through the years? The experiences grow vines that attach themselves to new experiences. Others may look at you and have no idea of what lies underneath except you and that being when you are actually looking for the scars and dents.

Sometimes we feel some sort of way and cant put our finger on why, and the reason for these feelings is things we have cluttered away in our hearts. If we allow the Holy Spirit to reach those hidden away areas and heal these scars, we can free ourselves from future bondage.

No one better than God can understand what you have gone through. When you find yourself hurt or upset but you cant explain why, ask God to dig around the vines and heal what lies underneath.


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