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Understanding Christian Apprehensions Toward Muslims

Updated on November 18, 2015

Islam in America

The Perspective of Conservatives

From the perspective of many Americans, the Middle East is a world apart, incomparable and without connection to our culture or traditions. The truth of the matter is that Islamic influence has been pervasive in American society for many years. What were once predominately Christian institutions, have become more willing to allow Islamic culture and religion into their organizations. While the Muslim community has made substantial contributions in the areas of science and commerce, the impact of the Islamic religion itself has been much more noticeable on the social and political landscape of America.

Changes in religious traditions are difficult for any nation to endure. When you consider that Christianity has been the primary religion in America since it was founded, it’s understandable why Christians have not been so willing to accept the Islamic faith into American culture.

Furthermore, the majority of Americans still believe in the slogan "Never Forget" or "Always Remember" which is forever attached to the events of September 11, 2001. With only 14 years between now and that fateful day, memories of the 19 Islamic radicals crashing two planes into the World Trade Center still resonate for many Americans. For them, it's hard to forget that it was Islamic extremist's who caused the deaths of over 3,000 fellow American citizens.

To adjust to the new rules of society and conform to the guidelines of so-called “political correctness” is still a challenge for many Americans. The events of 9/11 aside, the differences between Islam and Christianity are suggestive. It’s no secret that two religions have never liked each other very much, evident by the 1,400 years of war and aggression instigated by both sides.

A six-part DVD series, co-produced by the BBC

The Arab Spring

Christians dislike Muslims because the Islamic faith denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God. While many American Muslims seem to pass as affable and uncontentious about Christianity, history and recent events coinciding with the Arab Spring shows that they do not hold Christians in a very high regard. Proven by the current persecution of Christians in Egypt, as the courts have been legally prosecuting Christians based on accusations of blasphemy.

In March of 2012, a 49-year-old Christian named Makram Diab was sentenced to six years in prison following a mockery 10-minute trial where he was accused and prosecuted for "insulting Muhammad." Court documents show that Diab had gotten into a religious argument with a Muslim colleague who became furious over Diab’s belief in Jesus Christ. The man became so offended that he petitioned the court, protesting that Diab had blasphemed the prophet.

During the ten minute trial, Diab was not allowed to speak on his own behalf, nor did his legal representation attempt to defend him. The judge decided to over-rule the prosecutor’s suggestion of 5 years in prison, instead electing to double the sentence to 10 years. Meanwhile, an angry mob of about 2,000 Muslims surrounded the courtroom demanding Diab's death.

Before President Obama had Hosni Mubarak ousted from office, at least Christians had some legal protection. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood and Salifas are running the show, violent mobs have had unlimited power to attack Christians and burn their churches.

The Christian Reaction

When Christians in America learn of events like these, they immediately feel empathy for the victim, followed by sadness or anger due to the violent acts against their Christian brothers. These feelings have a tendency to leave lasting impressions of bitterness toward the Islamic faith. Therefore, it’s understandable why Americans feel the way they do when they learn about a school district that celebrates a Muslim holiday or when a high school in Fort Collins, Colorado became the first to end the Pledge of Allegiance with "One nation under Allah". When you take God out of the pledge of Allegiance, the natural reaction of conservatives is anger, disbelief and betrayal.

Christians do not fear Islam as many liberals contend. What they fear is the government that sends our troops to war against them, but then warns the American people that we must accept them and be sensitive to their communities and culture. What Christians fear are the people in power and the left-wing socialist democrats who want to put severe limitations on the right to freedom of speech. They fear those who would outlaw words that could be considered offensive toward Muslims. What they fear is being charged with a hate crime for simply stating their Christian beliefs

Why some Muslims Become Radical

To understand why radical Muslims feel so much hatred toward Christians, one can look no further than to western foreign policy. The United States has been instrumental in dismantling Arab borders, controlling its natural resources, not to mention a hundred years of vilifying Muslims for crimes and acts they had nothing to do with.

The frustration and anger of Muslims is understandable, however, the recourse of action they have chosen is reprehensible. Christians are being targeted for atrocities carried out by the US government. When you consider that prior to President Obama having Hosni Mubarak ousted from office, Christians in Egypt at least received some legal protection by the government. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood and Salifas are running the show, violent mobs have wielded unlimited power, attacking Christians and burning their churches.

Can You Really Blame Christians?

As Islam continues to grow in America, Christians will continue to become more apprehensive about the increased presence of Muslims. Until the government stops demanding that Americans be more accepting of Muslims, while sending their sons and daughters off to fight in 2 wars against them, how can the government expect American citizens to accept an entire culture of Middle-Eastern Muslims, when we currently have 27,000 soldiers deployed across 9 Arab nations?

For many Christian Americans, being told that they must be sensitive to Islam is too much to ask. When you factor in the backlash they get from liberals who wave the “I told you so finger” in their faces, claiming the fears and apprehensions Christians have toward Islam show how racist they really are, it’s understandable why the Christians in America are upset with liberals.

First hand, the accusation itself is a conundrum. If someone doesn't like Muslims based on nothing more than the fact they don't like the Islamic faith, than you can't accuse that person of being racist. Islam has nothing to do with race. It’s a religion, not a skin color. The meaning of the word “racist” or “racism” has evolved in this country to mean something that goes way beyond conventional thinking, reason or rationale.

You Can't Have It Both Ways

Over the last 8 years, the rules about Islam have changed in America. Employers are now required to accommodate the hijab, and it's now mandatory for high school and college students to learn about the Islamic religion and culture.

Furthermore, Federal institutions have given Muslims prayer times during the work day and allow them to speak openly to others about the Islamic faith. Normally this shouldn't be a problem, however when you consider that American Christians are not allowed to pray during the work day, nor are they allowed to speak openly about Jesus, it just goes to show you how reverse discrimination is condoned, if not encouraged by this administration.

Many Americans have been caught off guard by the shift in policy, as the White House basically takes a "do as I say not as I do" approach to Christian-Muslim relations in America., It seems they simply expect Americans to just forget all about 9/11, and the 1500 years of war and aggression that Islam has waged against Christians and the Jewish people. Yet we have 30 US soldiers deployed across 5 separate Islamic countries.

For the government to all the sudden expect America citizens to simply forget about all that makes me question the whole democratic process. This president obviously cares nothing about what the majority of Americans want, nor is he willing to budge from an agenda that appears to be geared toward a dictatorship.

The audacity to expect we should simply forget what happened on 9/11 so we can somehow make nice with people who really don't like us, leaves me to wonder who we really have in the Oval Office. He says he's a Christian, but that is obviously a lie. Any 8 year old could figure out that the man is a Muslim.

The federal government’s message from the day after 9/11 until just after Obama was re-elected was one that supported a patriotic and defiant stance toward our enemies. We were allowed to want revenge and our soldiers are getting it for us. We were allowed to want justice for the 3,000 Americans who died that day.

For me, the 26 people who jumped from the 65th floor of the North Tower, they are the ones who need justice more than any. Nonetheless, this administration has made it clear that they no longer seek such justice and care nothing for those who died. They've proven this in a policy that now bans any criticism of Islam, considering such an act as hate speech, which could be considered a hate crime within itself, and therefore punishable by a possibility of prison time. It's no wonder why Americans are confused and disgusted with this government.

Since September 11th, Muslims have been seen as the enemy by many American’s. According to the FBI, violence against Muslims surged to record numbers after 9/11 as negative stereotypes fueled the hate that much of America had for the Islamic community. During the same time, anti-Sharia law legislation was introduced all across the country and institutional policies perceived even American Muslims as a possible threat. It should be no surprise when I tell you that FBI training manuals released during that same time depicted Muslims as people belonging to a violent and anti-American religion.

Outlawing Criticism

For many conservatives, their perceptions of Islam are based on negative connotations of 9/11. The general attitude is one of anger, viewing Muslims as radical extremists with the ultimate goal of jihad against America. Many Liberals on the other hand defend Islam and contend that those who harbor ill-will against Muslims are racist.

If criticisms against Muslims are an act of racism, are we then supposed to emulate the courts of Egypt and punish the accused under hate crimes legislation? Many Americans can’t believe, nor can they accept such a notion. The scary thing is that some liberals actually want such laws passed and are petitioning Congress right now to see that it gets done. Even more alarming is the fact that lawmakers are actually considering it.

Let Me Know Your Feelings About Islam in America

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    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      I would like you to know, I believe Christian and Israeli Zionists did 9/11.

      The problem in my mind is not Islam, but them!

      Can you give me the same respect, and honor my anger towards them?

      If so: I can honor yours.

      If not--you deserve no respect from me, either.


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