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Understanding Failure Leads to Success

Updated on May 25, 2015


Everyone was created to be successful...and failure simply is a crossroads in the path toward that success in any endeavor. To become frustrated and enter down the wrong road may seem right at the time...but that decision may come back to haunt one in the form of regret in later years.Failure may create an identity crises for the victim because they may begin to see themselves the way they were never designed to be seen.In the garden of Eden, failure began with the disobedience of Adam and Eve; and the identity crises was of such that their eyes were open and they saw their nakedness and were ashamed.God had created them to be naked and not ashamed because everything that he made was good ...and very good when it came to the creation of man. So then one of the drastic things that failure creates is a false perception towards oneself. How one sees themselves will either fuel...or park one on the side of the road out of gas. Failure is also trying to fix something that doesn't need fixing...the fig leaves were only a temporary solution for a permanent problem, and that will never work. Trying to fix something that only God can... will always lead to failure; so we must come back to him and let him cover the situation through his omniscience and his omnipotence. Failure is also never learning from your mistakes and so God must call one into question so as not to repeat past failures. For a person to not answer the question of where they are, in any failure... will keep them from correcting future mistakes.Knowing where you are means one must be honest with their present position...if they are going to get where they need to be. Failure is also the refusal to take responsibility for ones own actions because of the false assumption that one is always right. No one knows everything...and to not be willing to take constructive criticism may lead to false assumptions which is nothing more than failure in disguise. Failure is also not knowing the source or root of the problem at hand...because if the source of the problem is not dealt will continue to cause problems.

Process Failure

A process failure is when a goal has been successfully met, but the core issue has not... leaving the person dissatisfied because the underlying process is perceived to be below expectation. The rich young ruler in Mark chapter ten falls under this category because he had everything going for him positionally and financially but he was still not satisfied.This type of failure also keeps one running toward something or someone trying to find answers. The rich ruler came running to Jesus... because failure is having the things that one thinks will make them happy and not having the things that will actually make them happy. Failure is having a beautiful house...but a separated home,instead of a beautiful house and home. Failure is having success...but no joy peace and happiness that should go along with it. Failure (in an area not in our power to control) is having wealth without health to go along with it. Failure is having all of the above successes without fact Jesus says that a mans life does not consist in the abundance of things that he possesses.Failure is unanswered questions that never seem to get answered, leaving a person feeling incomplete. Failure is questions that "are" answered in a relevant way, but not adhered to...therefore keeping a person from reaching their full potential. Failure is failing to see what really matters in life and trusting in something that can be gone in a moments time... while ignoring what... and who will be there no matter what.How many people walk away from something or someone that they know is a vital part of their life while ignoring the emotions inside that are telling them they have made a mistake... and they live life full of regret because of it? Failure is the refusal to admit you were wrong in any situation because no relationship is worth losing over pride.Failure is the refusal to change directions if one is going in the wrong direction... only to find out later that what was needed at the time may no longer be available later. Many people want to change, but are unwilling to do the things that are necessary to change... and so they continue to live a life of failure. That old saying...someone's trash may be someone else's treasure can be seen in the saying that someone's failure may be another's success...for example... a parent try's to give their child valuable information that they have experienced (past failure) to keep their child from going down the same wrong path. Trusting in something or someone who is not trustworthy may prevent you from entering into something else that what is one to do? unload all of the baggage... which may be separating from friends, or anyone else whose vision toward success contradicts yours.

Nonperformance of something due, required, or expected

Our gifts talents and abilities were given to us to fulfill our purpose in the earth and to make a difference in our life and the lives of others. So then failure is when a person fails to realize what they have been given to work with to empower their life and the lives of others. Our gifts make room for us and bring us before great men, but failure is when men try to make room for their own gift and will cheat trick and do anything else to further themselves. Gifts will elevate you...but only character can keep you in that place of elevation.Another failure factor is the misappropriation of time. The secret to your success will always be in what you do daily,so make every moment count and don't waste time.Have you ever noticed that when you are doing something that you love to do,that time is not an issue...well in the same way...use your gifts talents and abilities that God has given you and you may just find yourself further ahead in life than you could do without them. Failure is burying your talents and making excuses as to why you have done so because further down the road of life just make look back with regrets. The talents mentioned in Matthew chapter twenty-five was actually money, and God gave one 5 talents and another 2 talents , and another 1 talent according to their ability to handle them. Our own gifts talents and abilities also equal money...there are people making large amounts of money by using their gifts of art, music, personality, acting, skill and numerous other abilities. Notice God gave the talents according to their several abilities which means he will never give you what you cannot handle. Failure then is taking on something that you do not have the gift talent or ability to handle and while engaging in that... missing out on what you do... have the gift talent and ability for.

Consider the Ant

The size of something or someone does not dictate its failure or fact out of every other created being that could have been used to represent success...God uses a tiny ant, something that we would not even glance at. First of all the ant avoids failure because it does not become distracted with many other things which only lead to mediocre at best...but it focuses on and becomes proficient in one thing... and that is the task at hand. Second ...they hold themselves accountable for their own actions because they work without supervision and do not require another supervisor ant to follow them every second of the day (smile). Failure occurs when a person does not hold themselves accountable for their own actions...because in reality, no one can follow another every second...but the person holding themselves accountable can never leave themselves. Third ...the ant gathers its food in the summer which means it knows its most productive season to produce. For example... toy companies do most of their advertising close to the Christmas season which is their most productive season. This whole example is talking to the sluggard or lazy slothful then failure begins with laziness. The ant also knows how to diversify its strength and unify as well as work alone which is to its advantage.

Consider The Ant...

The condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short - Don't stop reaching

Have you ever tried reaching for something that seemed to be in your grasp...but as you proceeded to reach you found yourself falling short? The frustration of only being inches away from your is like that... and people experience failure when they for whatever reason refuse to continue to reach. By reach I mean the attitude of stretching until you have reached a specific goal...reaching toward, a career, a relationship,etc. The very act of stretching automatically means that things will be tight for awhile, for example if you stretch a rubber becomes tight. So then failure may occur when people are not willing to sacrifice for the sake of reaching their goal.The attitude of "having arrived" is another trap that can cause failure... because a person stops becoming all that they can become. Marriages end in divorce because of this attitude... because during the dating season of a relationship, the couple puts their best foot forward...but after the wedding, they feel they have arrived... and end up cruising along in the relationship, instead of working as hard, or even harder as they did during their dating season. So then failure may occur when a person feels they have arrived. The attitude of arrival replaces work,(which is a vital part of avoiding failure)...with inactivity and boredom. The dictionary meaning of arrival is the act of reaching a place from a distance. When you go on a trip or get settled in and rest after the long trip, but then you begin again after being refreshed and rejuvenated... to do what needs to be done in order to get the most out of your trip. So then failure may occur when seasons of rest are ignored and weariness sets in. Also reaching a place from a distance can be tricky because from a distance something may look satisfying...but once you get into close may find out it was not what you really thought it was, and all the time and energy was for nothing...causing frustration, one gives up. So then failure is when a goal is not carefully evaluated and investigated to find out if it is really what one wants.

Are you using failure as a stepping stone?

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