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Understanding Meditation

Updated on July 26, 2009

So you want to meditate? Well! That is a good thing, but where did you get the idea from? For most of the people the idea has three sources:

1.       Local ads.

2.       From the internet.

3.       Watching some martial art movie.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I think that watching a guy meditate and then fight supernaturally is way too bizarre a concept and too far away from reality. Besides, watching a guy sitting like a sage with legs crossed to standing on one foot in water is again a bit of an exaggeration. Similar is the case with internet ads about meditation.

Tell you the truth, all those who get attracted to meditation for these bizarre reasons are usually the ones who quit meditation pretty quickly and gain nothing out of it.

Before taking up meditation I would like you to understand what this is all about. It is definitely not about acquiring some super natural powers. Nor it is about becoming a heavenly guy who cuts himself from the world. That used to happen but not anymore.

We all live in this world which has its own day to day problems. Whatever they may be, the end results of most problems is a stressed mind. It doesn’t matter if you are an executive of a large multinational company, or a hardworking guy in a factory or a mom at home. Come to think of it most of us face stress in our daily lives because of one thing or the other. Some have business targets to achieve, while the others have bills and child support to pay. But the net result is stress.

This is where meditation comes in. meditation is a way to set your mind free of worries and stress. This is like any other form of exercise that you have to learn and practice. You may not feel any results in the beginning but as you progress you will feel the change. I may add this as well that not only you, but others around you will also feel the difference.

If you are a mom of preteens or a teenager, ask your kid after a few days of practice and you will get the reply that you have become a cool mom. Your colleagues and your subordinates will definitely notice the change in your attitude and performance.

How meditation does that? Well! It’s not a magic trick but a way to consciously free your mind from all thoughts and worries with a few concentration exercises. These exercises have religious importance for some while none for others. But the benefits are for all. With a practice of some breathing exercises and concentration exercises, you can learn to concentrate and relieve you mind of all its stress. This makes you more energetic as stress makes you lethargic.

Meditation also sets you free from many stress related diseases of which some are fatal also. People are known to have beaten Diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiac problems with meditation.

If your aim is clear then there is always a chance that you will succeed in achieving it. so clear your ideas about meditation and you will get better results.


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