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Religion and Superstition, Synonym or Antonym

Updated on October 4, 2014

Understanding the fundamentals of religion and superstition

Religion is age old, when mankind achieved the state of a civilized society. It is a set of beliefs and non-beliefs of a person, of a group, of a community or of a society. They started believing in something with a reason that helped them in their improvement as a person, as a community or as a society. They lived in groups, in the society that requires discipline also. They believed in the notion of simplicity and peace to progress in life. Therefore, religion is a system of belief of rights and wrongs for a secure future. A religion is based on faith, believing in good deeds, showing the path of progress to the humanity

Superstition is also believing in something but it is irrational, myth, magical. Superstitions involve many unseen objects like ghosts, many inanimate things, graveyards, all sorts of magical tricks. Superstition tends to make a person fear of certain actions. The person fear of doing actions which bring certain negative magical force that can harm its life.

There are differences also as similarities in religion and superstition. Religion is the belief concerning the cause and nature of the universe. It defines the purpose of every particle exists on the universe, its source and energy. It tells about the divine forces responsible for the creation of everything in the universe. Superstition is not credible, it is just a sort of rumor, it is irrational. It usually connects the events of past to the future, some of these events of the past have no relevance of the future.

Both are synonyms and antonyms of each other

Have you ever observed any similarity between religion and superstition? Religion and superstition are both believing in something. If you stand outside the religion and give an unbiased view on these two subjects, you will find some fundamental similarities between these two subjects. As we see both religion and superstition are non-materialistic in nature. Both believe in some immaterial force which control their lives and the world. In both the cases, people tend to fear some actions which can endanger their smooth lives.

An atheist assume that religion and superstition are synonyms, but actually they are opposite to each other. Similarly, they believe religion and science are opposite, however, they are strikingly similar, both tend to understand the causes of every action around us.

Superstition caused the mankind many difficulties to achieve today's advancement. This does not mean superstition is the history now. For many centuries, doctors were prohibited from examining the body of a human to reach the root cause of a disease and its cure. This was because of the religious fundamentalists who declared dissection of human body is against the religion and if done would bring trouble to the people. Here, we can see that religion and superstition go side by side. Doctors were made to believe the the superstition, that going against the religious principles would bring trouble. This was a mere superstition only that prohibited the people of that time to work against the belief of the society. However, today's medical advancement is the result of some courageous and brave scientists who went against the wishes of religion and dissected the bodies of human to find the cure and root cause of diseases.

Superstition is a belief, belief in something which is not seen. It can be a rumor also, it can be a co-incidence also. Those people who believe in this, claims of achieved superior knowledge and evidence of their own scientific, philosophical, or religious convictions.

It is not necessary that everyone who is religious is superstitious and who is superstitious is religious. A person who is very religious is not necessary that he will change his path if crossed by a black cat, or a person who is a complete atheist can be seen not comfortable walking past the road crossed b a black cat, even if there is no one on the road to harm him. Here, we see that the superstitions are also positive and negative. There are some myths or superstitions that ask a man to perform some actions to get desired results and some actions which yield negative results for others. Superstitions includes irrationality, primitiveness, childishness.

A religion performing some actions can be a superstition for some, and some superstitions can be an act of religion for some. Christian regard many Hindu practices as superstition and vice versa. Superstition can be cultural, religious, personal. A school boy if writes a good exam with a pen, from then on that pen becomes his lucky pen. All the important exams and applications are then tried to be completed by that pen only. Many of us had or have gone through this experience.

Religion and superstition are both equally non-materialistic. Religion tries to make the man to understand the every particle of the nature, its actions just like science. Superstition tends to believe in something irrationally.


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