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Understanding Witchcraft Techniques

Updated on August 10, 2010

Understanding Witchcraft Techniques

 In various anthropological, historical, mythological and religious contexts, term witchcraft is used to describe certain kinds of magical or supernatural powers.  Using the power in order to inflict damage or harm to the other people or their property is also referred to as witchcraft.  Wicca is the old English term for the witch, and was used when the witchcraft was practiced as a religion.   Witchcraft is the religion that respects Mother Nature, and is neither completely negative nor totally positive.

 Spells are the series of prayers and rituals that are used by Wiccans, and are performed in the witchcraft to seek divine help in various aspects of life.  Wiccan Rede is a witchcraft code of conduct, and all the spells used to dominate, manipulate or control any person are forbidden.  In Witchcraft, the spells can be adapted or changed to suit the personality and wishes of Wiccan.   While performing the witchcraft and casting a spell, the witch takes on the responsibility on to herself.

 In witchcraft, the witch uses the chants to focus on a specific intent or goal by repeating a phrase, word on a poem in a rhythmic manner.  You are then ready to explore the magic to raise and channel the energy within you to bring it in harmony with the energy in the nature, and achieve desired results.  The basic principles of witchcraft include casting circles, calling quarters, invoking Gods, raising and channeling energies and in the end, grounding, centering and closing the circle.  Write down your own rituals and dedicate yourself to witchcraft, and always be particular about safe practice.

 It is important to know that Wicca or witchcraft is not a cult and does not worship demons or Satan.  Witches have a strong belief in the Law of Three which claims that anything sent out into their world returns back to them three fold, either bane or good.  To practice the art of witchcraft, get someone who is willing to give you the hands-on experience and knowledge, but beware of the organizations or people charging huge fee to teach anything.  Each spell has a specific goal, and hence the person doing the ritual needs to raise the relevant energy in order to cast it.

 In the recent years, the use of herbs to heal the people has been rediscovered, hence make use of valuable healing properties of herbs.  Meditation is a good way to look within yourself, and discover your own powers.   While practicing witchcraft and spells, it is important to know the phase of the moon, and it is best to do the spells of destructive or banishing natures in the waning of the moon.  Prior to using any of the witchcraft tools, consecration must be practiced.


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