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Understanding the Bible and Its Contents

Updated on January 17, 2019

Should The Last Day, Or The Doom's Era Signifies Jesus Christ Second Coming?

General Belief

A reasonable number of Christians believe that the Last Day as explain and theorize in the Bible marks the coming of the end of time and the Earth. There is also the belief among Christians that Last Day signifies the period when God will destroy the Earth.

Christian’s think that, in the Last Day, so many natural calamities and atrocities will take place periodically and there will be unimaginable changes of events on earth. Additionally, nations will engage in war with one another. There will be an emergence of different form of sins. And bad things will evolve at a high rate.

Christians and non-Christians view all these “negative” events as signs that show the coming of the doom’s day or rapture time.

Our Society Today

In the society today, all the social evils mentioned above are happening everywhere. As a result, it appears to be true that Christians and non-Christians believe that doom’s day or end of time is nearing to fruition. However, if we take a closer look at the lessons in the Bible, we can determine that the last day does not mean the Total eradication of Earth.

If Christians and non-Christians truly understand The Reason of Creation, they will be able to realize that the Last Day, the Doom’s Day, and all the harmful activities associated with the phenomenon are not exactly signs of God’s eradication of Earth. Instead, these are signs that align with Jesus Christ second coming to Earth to fulfill the Reason for Creation, where God wishes to build a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

According to the Bible

In (Gen. 6:13), the verse explains that God wanted to purge the Earth to rid it of the corruption filled in it in the Last Day. Now, the question is, “Did God intending to destroy the existence of the earth?” Well, it would be fallacious to believe that God intends is to obliterate the earth. The statement of the above verse is a Biblical remark, to mention that God actual intention is to flush out all the bad created by the disobedience and fall of Adam and Eve and fill in good, which Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will restore.

Let us take a moment and look at some examples or an excerpt from the Bible.

In (Eccl. 1:4), it states, “A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever.”

In (Ps. 78:69), it states, “He built His sanctuary like the high heavens, like the earth, which He has founded forever.”

God is Eternal

It will be worthy to note here that God is eternal, and therefore, His founding and creation must be ever-lasting as well. God is omnipotent and omniscient, who founds joy in everything He creates; His design from humankind to the animals to the birds, the rivers and the trees. His creation, He had created with the mindset to build Earth and make it a Kingdom that will be precisely like the Heavenly Kingdom.

It is not God wish or intention to build Earth and have the planet taken over by Satan through the disobedient behavior of Adam and Eve. If God had predetermined that Satan will take over and rule the Earth, He would not create Earth in the first place. Remember that Satan used to be an angel, who was under God’s authority during the time God created the Earth. Satan rebelled against God after the creation of the Earth.

The Right Way to View the Doom’s Day

It will be right to state at this point that the Last Day, or the Doom’s Day, is a transition where one sovereignty is being replaced or overthrown by new independence. In (Rev. 21:1), the verse speaks about the destruction of a nation with old sovereignty and erecting a society with new freedom. In other words, destroying the Earth means to overthrow the sovereignty of Satan, and establish a new Earth with new autonomy under the command of God.

The True Purpose of Creation & Reason Why It Failed

God sent Jesus Christ to Earth to purge the sinful Earth, which centered on Satan governance. Jesus Christ visited to restore Earth to its original state, which is establishing an Earth-centered on God. Jesus Christ previous coming is the Last Day. In (John 5:22), Jesus says that He came as the “master of judgment.” We can also liken the meaning behind John 5:22 to the lesson message in Malachi prophecy, in this verse, Mal. 4:1.

About The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

However, Jesus Christ could not accomplish the mission God had sent Him to fulfill. The failure to achieving God’s purpose through Him is due primarily to the disbelief and faithless of the people. For Jesus Christ to be able to establish God’s sovereignty on Earth, the people have to fulfill their share of responsibility, which is to believe in God, have solid faith in Jesus Christ doctrines and teachings.

If the people had fulfilled their portion of dependability, then Jesus Christ mission on Earth in restoring Gods sovereignty would have taken place according to God’s will. Because of the failure, there is delay and extension in the process of establishing the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. As a result, there will be the Lord’s Second Advent or Jesus Christ Second Coming.

On a final note, the Last Day, the Doom’s Day, and the end of time are signs that explain the anticipation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


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  • jonsswagger1978 profile image


    8 years ago from Birmingham Alabama

    I love your hub, two thumbs up my friend.


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