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Understanding the Grand Trine (Astrology)

Updated on February 25, 2012

If you're interested in delving further in the meaning of your own personal natal chart, you may have discovered that yours contains a grand trine of some sort. Personally, I've got a Water Grand Trine in my own. You might have the same, or you might have a Fire, Air or Earth Grand trine in yours. The grand trine doesn't automatically bestow greatness, or anything of the sort, but it does make some things extremely easy if you are willing to put in a little bit of effort. And while that might sound very easy to do, in practice it can prove difficult for some, because there can be a tendency to sit back and be happy with everything being pleasant enough in that particular area of your life. The challenge is to get up off the sofa and challenge yourself to make it the best that it can be, and stop settling for what's been handed to you on a silver platter. Mind, this is not to say that people with a grand trine are born with happy, easy going lives. They may be, and they may not be. But they *will* have some aspect of it that comes so naturally that those around them think they are really blessed with some particular talent. The trick is to take that talent as far as it can go.


Grand Trine in Water

This the grand trine I've got in my own chart. The grand trine in water indicates a highly developed sense of intuition. This ability will always be present, from childhood, but it's easy for those with this sign to take it for granted and only rely on it in emergencies, so to speak. As they grow older, they may take an interest in expanding it into something that can aid them in other areas of life, but that will come relatively easy as well, which can result in the process ending right about there. Those born with a grand trine in water should make a conscious effort to develop this ability and then use it to help those around them. Excellent career choices for those with this aspect in their birth chart include being any sort of therapist, counselor or social worker.

Grand Trine in Fire

The grand trine in fire represents a person who can move the earth if they so choose. Literally. These are the most dynamic movers and shakers on the planet -- when they want to be. Again, it is necessary to make an effort to fully tap into this ability and use it for the highest good, instead of just for the purposes of meeting the individuals daily needs and wants. People with this grand trine can get so much done if they want to, they just need to learn to harness the ability. These folks can be innovators and inventors of the highest magnitude.

Grand Trine in Earth

Those with the grand trine in earth are a true force to be reckoned with. When they've pushed themselves to edge of their seats, the universe falls into place for them. These people have stamina, they can see the path in front of them, and they can see the very end of the road as well. They know exactly how to get from point A to point B and they are relentless in their pursuit of whatever cause they throw themselves behind. While everyone can contribute something to the development of mankind, whatever these folks set in motion will still be round at the end of time, because they make sure that every action is thoroughly grounded. These people make great politicians, activists, and leaders of all kinds who can see the bigger picture.

Grand Trine in Air

Anyone with a grand trine in air is going to be considerably psychic. It will be a talent they possess from birth and will also seem as natural as their sense of hearing or sight. However, this sign will really need to push themselves hard if they want to develop it to its greatest potential. Not because it's out of reach, but because air signs are innately flaky and easily distracted. Therefore, this ability will have this energy interfering with it as well. Those with this aspect will need to keep themselves on track long enough to reap the rewards waiting just round the bend, and not give up just because something entertaining popped into view elsewhere. Grand trines in air make great psychics, counselors, advisors, communicators, inventors and their ideas alone could really move the planet forward in terms of science.


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