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Understanding your Spiritual Self

Updated on August 1, 2014

The Polarity of Life

The Polarity of Life is an essential element of your spiritual evolution. And although it will challenge you throughout your lifetime, always remember to be grateful for the Polarity of Life. Whether you give a prayer of thanks or thank the Universe through meditation, be sure to remain grateful each time you exit one of life’s challenges, regardless if you feel successful or not.

The Polarity of Life exists in absolutely every aspect of our world. For every human thought or emotion that exists, there is an opposing one. You cannot recognize good without having knowledge of bad, kindness without cruelty, triumph without failure, light without dark, love without hate, or joy without sadness. And you must experience the negative to recognize and fully appreciate the positive in order to grow spiritually.

Life happens for you, not to you, so it is important to understand that the Polarity of Life does not consist of opposing forces, but rather complimentary values that are interdependent. So when negative experiences challenge you, understand that it is life presenting an opportunity for spiritual growth.

An important aspect of spiritual growth is gratitude through reflection. Always try to look past the pain of a negative experience to find the teaching within. Then embrace your new found knowledge with gratitude and store it in your core where it will serve to strengthen you and lift you up as you continue through life's journey.

Your Spiritual Core

People often use expressions such as, "the core of my soul" and "the core of my being." But what does that mean? What exactly is your core?

Your core is that place inside of you that no one can visit but you. It is the place where you store your deepest thoughts, dreams, aspirations and life-logic; everything that makes you who you are. It is the single most important aspect of you because it is within your core that your mind, body and spirit converge. And because it is where your mind, body and spirit merge to rejuvenate, it can also be the place where your spiritual beauty is diminished or destroyed.

You – and only you - are responsible for protecting your core. And protecting your core should be a daily priority because it is where you evaluate, define, and redefine yourself as you travel through life.

Your best defense in protecting your core is a strong mind, because you can easily render yourself spiritually defenseless if you allow your mind to become cluttered with negative influences.

Every reflective moment of your life is crucial to your spiritual development, because when you reflect or engage in insightful thoughts, you are stepping into your core to judge, condition or recondition how you view yourself. So every time that you access your core through thought or emotion, be wary of negative thoughts or energy so that you can protect the beauty and perfection of your divine self.

The outside world will present toxic elements to you, but they can only damage your core if you allow them to, and this can only occur if you question the logic and validity of your intuitive voice. When you choose to lend validity to the harsh or demeaning words of others, your mind opens the door to your core, and your core becomes polluted with negative energy. And although it only takes seconds to allow that negative energy into your core, it can require a great deal of time to remove that energy and restore your core to the beautiful and positive energy you were blessed with at birth.

This is why the immediate dismissal of hurtful thoughts and actions from damaged people is so important. It is imperative to understand that if someone lashes out at you in anger, they are damaged. Someone hurt them and they let that pain into their core. They allowed anger from someone else to diminish how they perceive themselves and diminish the beautiful soul they were born to be. And if they possess a diminished ability to see their true self, they cannot possibly be capable of seeing the true you, so their words are without merit.

Your Intuitive Voice

You are born with everything you need to succeed in life. You are blessed with the insight and fortitude necessary to accomplish your life goals, therefore, your success can only be challenged if you allow it.

All of this beauty and insight exists within your core in the form of your Intuitive Voice. It comprises your innate reactions and gut instincts. Your Intuitive Voice governs your core to balance and protect your mind and spirit. If your mind and spirit are in balance, they are at peace and your body will enjoy the positive release of energy that results. The more cluttered you allow your core to become, the harder it is for your mind and spirit to balance and support each other, and your health will suffer.

Everyone has an Intuitive Voice. It is a gift from the Universe that guides you through your life to help you discover your talents, passions, and life mission. It is the voice that warns you of danger, calms your fears, and helps you make sense out of situations that seem to hold no fairness or logic. It is the guiding force of meditation and prayer, and the voice of hope and faith that draws forth from your core the emotional and intellectual fortitude to overcome every obstacle life throws at you - without ever giving up.

Humans are simple but life is complicated, which is how life provides us with the struggle necessary for spiritual growth. Because the Polarity of Life presents us with situations that challenge our weaknesses, we sometimes ignore our Intuitive Voice and the innate guidance that it provides.

When you choose to ignore your Intuitive Voice, your mind becomes weak because the guiding force you were born with is stifled and you are left to navigate the complexities of life on your own. People who find themselves in this position struggle with day-to-day life, and often suffer from the deterioration of their self-worth through self-doubt. When this happens, their weakened mind and polluted core become vulnerable to further attacks from negative influences.

The weaker you allow your mind to become, the more easily your core can become polluted, and the more your spiritual worth will be diminished. The more diminished your spiritual worth, the more unbalanced and vulnerable your divine self becomes.

If your self-worth is low it is because someone took it from you, and you allowed it. Why would you give someone the power to take your worth away? Only a weakened soul allows this to happen to them.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is time to acknowledge that someone you trusted has abused your love and betrayed your trust. And by believing their words and thoughts you have allowed them to transfer their negative energy to you, damaging your core and diminishing how you see yourself.

Always remember that if someone does not believe in your potential, that is their burden to carry, not yours. And your belief in your potential is the only opinion that counts. Too often we allow the discouraging words of others to hold us back from pursuing our dreams.

The ugly truth is that you will run into people throughout your life who resent your talent and accomplishments, and do not want to see you succeed. These individuals have chosen the easy path of jealousy and resentment over the path of endurance and enlightenment. Through their own choices, they have stagnated their spiritual growth in order to placate their own insecurities. Acknowledge that they are damaged and reject their abusive opinions. Protect your core. Then embrace your spiritual self, and rejoice in the divine being you were created to be.

Never stop searching for the joy and passion that awaits you in life, and respect yourself every day for the kind and loving spirit you were created to be. Rejoice in the love and joy your life holds, and share your goodness with those around you. This will help to repair your damaged core and restore that governing voice of light and inspiration that is your Intuitive Voice.

Let me know what you think!

If you have questions about your spiritual self that were not covered in this hub, please let us know.

© 2014 Karen Redmond


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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      "your self-worth is low it is because someone took it from you, and you allowed it. Why would you give someone the power to take your worth away? Only a weakened soul allows this to happen to them.

      If you find yourself in this situation, it is time to acknowledge that someone you trusted has abused your love and betrayed your trust. And by believing their words and thoughts you have allowed them to transfer their negative energy to you, damaging your core and diminishing how you see yourself."

      would your words apply to our society believing the words given out to us by the medical establishment, telling us they know our body better than we [the soul in the body] do? and their telling us bacteria and viruses are bad and disease causing, when in fact they play a huge part in communicating our ongoing new beliefs [DNA}to the rest of our cells,

      all that the 'medical establishment' has learned they gained from watching and analyzing the workings and processes of our bacteria and viruses and they continue to place bacteria and viruses in the role of the Parasite, while they present themselves as the "good guys and hide their doings from the rest of us under the "cloud of we care for you" while

      downloading us with a "Belief Structure"that put a KINK in our pattern of evolution. Taking our soul from us while we were still in an ignorant stage of development..and nurturing fear and hate toward our REAL Companions the microorganism. If we have a core understanding of energy interaction, there is no need to place our "health in the hands of a Parasite called the Medical Establishment." who claim they can know the body better than the soul within it? how can we let an outsider tell us they know our body better than the one living within it? esp when they belief structure they downloaded into us was "labeled" from a one sided


      Microorganisms help us in exchanging the old patterns of DNAs into the new pattern of our evolutionary continuous pattern of perception..sure we can clear energy , but if we continue to live the establishments belief pattern, we will end up right back where we were cleared from...needing their assistance because they placed within us the belief that the microorganisms are the :bad guys: and Parasite when in fact they themselves are the Parasite,

      Read up on how bacteria and viruses live at certain frequencies and do not enter higher vibrations,,,unless invited with an invitation of belief to do so. they arrange themselves according to our own beliefs.

      Thank you for your time and space...i really enjoy your energy exchange

      love and light itisMe


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