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Unexplained: A Real Life Miracle or Just a Coincidence: Life Saved by a Stranger!

Updated on April 2, 2023


In the early 1920s, the famous psychologist Carl Jung introduced a term called, "Synchronicity." He described them as meaningful coincidences. After he coined this term, it became a household concept and was used to explain many things like premonitions, clairvoyance, telepathy etc. The scientific revolution 2.0 was dawning and people were fascinated by the advancement of technology and the promises it brought. Slowly but surely the aspects of extrasensory perception were taking a back seat. But when an incident like the one I am just going to share happens, the human mind is bound to ask a question. Is it just a coincidence?

This story of an unusual road accident consists of many uncanny events connected with it. This incident relates to a 28 year old girl named Pam Carter, a resident of USA. Pam took her car for shopping to the market. She was busy preparing for a party that was due the next day. Pam had had a very busy day having spent more than 10 hours at her workplace, which was a material company. The dark night had taken over as it was almost 8 pm. It was a cold November night in 1996. She was driving on Blue Grass Parkway when suddenly she had a bout of short sleep which was so strong that Pam was not able to shake it off and it took her into its embrace. It was not until the car had banged into a culvert that Pam woke up with a start. The car had swerved to the right and had got off the road heading down into a field. She had got no time to recover from the shock of realizing that she had hit something as quickly, the car bounced on the slope, making Pam fly out of the car and land in the field where the car landed on top of her, resting on her hips, just under the waistline. She became unconscious.

Steve Campbell, of the US army on the post of a sergeant was heading towards his parents home about 950 Kms from his place of work. He had his three children, two boys and one girl with him. Campbell was in the habit of always filling the petrol tank of his vehicle, before leaving for a long journey, and then he would fill it again, before it reached the quarter mark. He drove on maintaining full concentration on the road. While he was driving Westward, Pam had regained consciousness and was now able to realize the trouble she was in. Though at that moment she was in no pain, she knew that she had to get out of there as soon as she could. At first she tried to drag herself out from under the car. She was depressed to note that this effort of hers was ineffective. She was not sure of the time she had lost due to the fact that the accident had rendered her unconscious. She was lying several meters down the road. She called for help, but no one had seen her accident take place. She tried a lot of ways to get herself out of the accident site but in vain. Pam then grabbed a stick lying nearby and tried to dig a small hole under her abdomen, to give her some space to get out. She found that there was solid earth and under that were stones, so the thin stick that she had was not able to dig any more than a centimeter of earth, breaking eventually.

Campbell and his children were heading on the road at high speed. Campbell realized that his patrol tank was nearing the quarter mark. He decided to get the tank filled at the next petrol station. He passed many petrol pumps, but all were closed because of the late hours. Steve was getting a little anxious. The night was growing cold and Steve was running out of petrol slowly.

Pam had started feeling lonely. She had been trying for a long time but was not able to get herself out from under the car. The night had become increasingly cold and in spite of her nominal insulation for the cold (she was wearing a thin sweater and an open jacket) she was not feeling the effect of the sub-zero temperatures. This was due to the fact that she suffering from hypothermia. Hypothermia hits a person when his body temperature drops below the normal standard or sometimes even below the temperature of the atmosphere, making the person feel warm, in spite of the low temperature of the atmosphere. This is a very dangerous stage. It can also be fatal. Pam was now beginning to lose heart. She thought that she was now about to die. Suddenly she saw the image of her dead father standing near her. She pleaded to her father to get the car off her. She was not scared in any way as she had been feeling increasingly lonely and knew that she was in a fatal position. In fact she was relieved to see her dead father. She asked her father to help her, to which he answered that he had taken care of things.

Campbell was relieved to see the sign board saying that he was three kilometers away from Elizabeth town. He was unaware of the fact that sometime back, Pam had also read the same board before having the terrible accident. Campbell’s petrol gauge was now below empty. His van spluttered and stopped. He had run out of fuel. Now he was a little worried. He was in the middle of nowhere and he had run out of petrol. He told his elder son to push the van with him while his younger son sat behind the wheel. In this way Steve thought that they would reach Elizabeth town, where he would find some open petrol station.

On the other side Pam had another vision of her father who told her to be calm. He reassured her that she was about to be rescued now. Feeling some relief, she carried on with her digging. It was then that she heard some voices coming from the highway. It was Steve and his children. Pam cried for help. Steve’s elder son heard the voice of distress and told his father. When Pam cried out again, Steve heard the sound loud and clear. He climbed down the road, and found Pam who was now in safe hands. She had been rescued. Her father’s apparition was right. Steve got her out of the wreckage and stopped a truck back on the road and asked him to get an ambulance. When he asked Pam the time when she had the accident, they both realized that she had been lying there for more than eight hours.

Do you believe this report can be more than just a mere coincidence?

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Pam was immediately taken to the hospital and it was not until noon of the next day that Pam was declared stable. It had become difficult for the doctors to raise her body temperature as it had fallen several degrees below normal. She went through nine operations which saved her legs. Her doctors said that it was a real miracle for her to be alive. Within four months she was able to stand back on her feet but with some help.

I believe that it was destined for Steve to run out of petrol in order to save Pam’s life. For a person like himself, full of army discipline, who never ran out of fuel, was not it more than a coincidence? I believe so, and so do Campbell’s and Pam’s families. What do you think?


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