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Unexplained Mysteries - Over the tea cups

Updated on August 27, 2013

Mysteries unexplained

In the pursuit for knowledge man has discovered many weird and wonderful things about our universe and everything in it. At least, everything they know that is in it. However, there is so much more that is not known and perhaps may never know. In the sciences of the mind, man has not made much progress in discovering what is not known. Perhaps what is known seems to fall short because of what is not known. The mind of man, for me, is one of the most intriguing unexplained mysteries of all.

Throughout the years nearly everyone I have met no matter what walk of life they have come from, have an unexplained mystery to tell. Below are some of these mysteries relayed to me first hand over a cup of tea or two. A bit of light reading you might enjoy, with a fun exercise at the end of each story.

The funny clothing Jerry was referring to



Jerry lived with his grandfather on a tiny little island in the Pacific Ocean, called Palmerston. Thirty or so other people inhabited the island with Jerry and his grandfather. Jerry remembers when he was six going to the main Island of Rarotonga to see his family. On the main Island his grandfather was holding his hand as they crossed a bridge. He spotted two white men crossing from the other side. He spotted them because they looked odd. They were wearing funny looking hats and funny looking clothing. He watched curiously as the two men walked toward them. The two white men seemed to be talking to each other but he couldn't hear what they were saying. They were passing them in the middle of the bridge when he heard his grandfather yell. BE GONE. He looked up at his Grandfathers face and then spun around to look at the two men. They had vanished. He ran to one side of the bridge peeking through the rails but couldn't see them. He ran to the other side of the bridge and couldn't see them. He looked to where they came from and they were not there. He went back to his grandfather. Where did they go he asked his grandfather. His grandfather was a mean old man and yelled at him saying Back to where they belong. He yanked Jerry to follow. Jerry obeyed and the incident was forgotten.

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Omen in a dream?

On another visit to the main Island when Jerry was much older (around 11ish) they had not long arrived at his parents house. His mother was telling his grandfather about a dream she had the night before they had arrived. In her dream there was a storm on the Island. The front door flung open and a black sheet of some kind flew in through the door and covered Herself and Jerrys younger brother and sister. In her dream she managed to get her and Jerrys sister out from under the black sheet but as she was trying to get his younger brother from beneath the sheet she woke up because there was an actual storm on the Island and their door had flung open. She was afraid and waited for the sheet to fly through the door but it didn't happen. Jerrys grandfather did not say anything.

After eating that night the adults decided to play a game of cards. Terry sat with sister at the table watching his parents and grandfather play cards. His younger brother lay sprawled out on the floor, head cupped in his hands smiling and watching the card game. After a few games his grandfather spun around in his chair to look at Jerrys younger brother. His younger brother was still smiling, head cupped in hands and seemed to be still watching the game. Jerry looked from his grandfather to his younger brother. Something about his grandfathers look puzzled Jerry. Jerry's mother looked too. She too was equally puzzled. His grandfather stood up and knelt beside Jerrys younger brother. He put his hands over his eyes and closed them. Jerrys Mother let out a startled cry when she realized that her son was dead. Jerry was confused until his grandfather announced his younger brother was dead. He told Jerrys mother that her dream was a bad omen and if she had got him out from under the sheet he would not have died. He has gone back to his maker. Jerry dared not cry, if he cried his grandfather would have beat him. His grandfather was a mean old man.

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Mind playing tricks?

Belinda had just left her sick mother in the hospital. The doctors and nurses urged her to go home and get some rest. Belinda had been there all week and did not want to leave her side. According to the doctor her mother was stable and they would have to wait till the morning to administer more medicine. There was nothing more Belinda or the medical staff could do till then. They assured her that they would ring if there were any changes. On her drive home all the stress of the week was suddenly waning. She started to feel much better as she got closer to home. On the motorway just before her turn off. She saw a tree. Her mother was hanging on the tree branch by one leg upside down and waving and laughing at her. She stopped the car, shook her head, blinked her eyes. Still her mother hung from the tree laughing.

No, she thought. My mind is playing tricks on me. She shook her head again blinked her eyes, rubbed her eyes and looked again. Her mother was still there. Right she said in her mind, this better be real Mum or else. She jumped out of the car and headed toward the tree. She could hear her mothers laugh. As she got closer to the tree, her mother faded away. She ran to the car and sped home. She raced to the phone to call the hospital. Her husband asked how her Mother was but she waved him away as she eagerly waited for the hospital to answer. A nurse on duty was surprised to hear from her so soon. Is my mother all right she asked the nurse. Last time I checked, she was doing fine, the nurse replied. Can you check again Belinda asked. Why said the nurse. Is something wrong? Please just check my mother she asked. The nurse was gone for about five minutes. Belinda, said the nurse, I’m sorry but your Mother has passed away. Did you know? asked the nurse. Kind of said Belinda. How did you know? the nurse asked tenderly. You would not believe me if I told you Belinda said with a chuckle. I'll see you in half an hour or so and hung up.

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Super Hearing?

Karen was an Accountant working for Harold and Barbara, a husband and wife Company. Karens office was down the end of a 2 or 3 meter hallway. At the doorway of the hallway the reception was to the left. Karen could not see the reception but she could hear any conversations at the reception desk.

One day she was preparing the wages and had a query about one of the workers time sheet. The workers times were usually approved by Barbara before they got to Karen. One of the time sheets was not approved. Before this person could get paid she needed Barbara to confirm whether or not it was an oversight on her part or whether she had not seen the time sheet at all. She knew Barbara had gone out earlier that morning so she rang her on mobile. The mobile was busy so she decided she would ring back later. She busied herself doing other things.

About 10 minutes later she heard Barbara at the reception talking to the receptionist. This is the conversation she heard.

Barbara: What job are Harold and them at

Reception: They should be at ABC company. Do you want me to check.

Barbara: No, Its all right. I thought I might drop them off some lunch but they can wait. (Barbara laughs) Awww, no I better go and feed them. (Barbara laughs again) I won't be long I'll just go feed them and I'll be back. See you soon.

When Karen heard she was going, she grabbed the pile of time sheets and quickly walked to the reception while sifting through the time sheets to find the correct one. Hang on Barbara she called as she walked down the hallway. (Takes about 3-4 steps to get to the end). She looked up as she arrived at the reception to see the puzzled look of the receptionist Gemma. Has she gone already Karen asked Gemma. Who asked Gemma. Barbara replied Karen, Karen proceeded to walk to the stairs to look. Gemma looked confused. Shes been gone since this morning. Gemma advised. What do you mean asked Karen. I just heard her. Isn't she going to take some lunch to Harold and the boys? Gemma eyes widened as her mouth opened involuntarily in disbelief. Yeeesss... but how do you know that? Asked Gemma. I heard her say she was. Wasn't she just here? Says Karen greatly perplexed. Noooooo but she was on the phone. Said Gemma. Oh Karen giggled. So you had her on speaker phone? No we don't have speaker phone on any of our phones. You would have to have super hearing to have heard that says Gemma. Tell me what you heard Gemma challenged. Karen relayed the entire conversation to Gemma. Yep that’s about it says Gemma. You are one freaky lady with your super hearing. They both laughed. Super hearing.... fancy that Karen remarked. I go from partially deaf to a super hearer. who would believe it.

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    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Indeed moneyfairy. Perhaps they were. Thats what some of them believed. Thanks for stopping in.

    • moneyfairy profile image

      Money Fairy 

      6 years ago from New Woodstock

      Wow interesting mysteries! Thanks pennyof heaven. maybe they were seeing ghosts?clairvoyant without knwong it? maybe reguarding the first story. The others are a mystery.

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      That is the same feeling I got when I was told the stories. Maybe because his Grandfather was not a very nice man in his view. Yet he had something strange and mysterious about him.

      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the excellent feedback Randy, I do appreciate your visit!

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 

      6 years ago from Southern Georgia

      Wow! I found the first two stories very interesting, Penny. They seemed to have a certain darkness about them. But then, this was what you intended. Enjoyed!


    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Nell, strange indeed. Thank you so much for the vote!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      6 years ago from England

      Strange stories penny, the superhearer may be because of the acoustics of the room, or maybe not! lol! loved the polls though, voted up!

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Haha yes indeed embrace it makes more sense. Thanks for visiting and giving the positive vote!

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 

      6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I believe in the spiritual realm. There are things in this world that can not been explained. I think it is easier for people to dismiss it, than to embrace accept it! Real spooooky! Voted up!

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Glad you enjoyed the fun polls. Just goes to show some things can be explained as in yours and Karens super hearing. Thanks for stopping by

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Interesting article. Enjoyed the fun polls. I have super hearing so i can understand that phenomeon..Thank you..

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      No Karen didn't have autism as far as I am aware. I just googled hypersensitive hearing and it seems to be quite common for sounds at a distance. I must ask her if she has had any other experiences since then which was round the late 90's. I am sure she will be glad to hear it is common.

      I also came across hyper taste and hyper smell. Fascinating! I have always had hyper taste and was always thought to be a fussy eater by everyone.

      As I have gotten older my sense of smell has increased exponentially and I just put it down to the rise before the fall type thing. You know before my ability to smell disappears all together haha.

      Now I have a scholarly explanation. Thanks!

    • getitrite profile image


      6 years ago

      Mysterious?! Maybe!!! But I have to say, regarding the super hearing story: Did she have autism? Have you seen anything on autism, and hypersensitive hearing.


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