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Unexplained Mysteries

Updated on August 9, 2016

What Is An Unexplained Mystery?

You might be saying "I already know what an unexplained mystery is", yes, they are coming back into the spotlight now, you go to Reddit's r/unexplainedmysteries subreddit and can see all of them there, but here, I am going to give you some of the top unexplained mysteries.

This list will include disappearances, links to references and other medias, paranormal happenings, and many more sorts of mysteries that just do not add up.

Elisa Lam in Elevator
Elisa Lam in Elevator | Source

The Death Of Elisa Lam

The year was 2013, at a hotel. Don't worry, things get strange here.

Elisa Lam was spotted in a hotel hallway acting almost as if someone is following her, she seems uneasy. Here, we see her enter the hotel elevator and look out into the hallway again, as if someone is watching her or after her. This was the last we saw of Elisa.

A while later, hotel residents were claiming a foul taste in the water they were drinking at the hotel...crews were called to checked the water tanks, and that is when they found Elisa Lam. No one knows how she died, how she got into the water tank, this case still remains unsolved.


In 1922, a very disturbing murder took place in this small farm 70 km north of Munich, Germany. Six people were murdered. Supposedly a week or so prior to the murders, a neighbor noticed footprints leading from the woods to the back of the family home. But oddly enough, and maybe tragically enough; not leading out of the house.

The day of the murder, they had a new maid working in the house. She was murdered alongside the family. The murderer, never caught. Even since the large scale investigations they held after the events of this small rural farm.

First Missing Child On Milk Carton Still Missing

September 5. 1982, twelve year old Johnny Gosch went missing after leaving his Iowa home to deliver the mail on his paper route. Never to be seen again. Around 7 a.m his parents Noreen and John began receiving phone calls from the local community to state that the newspapers had not been delivered that morning. Prompting them to begin to worry about what has happened to their son.

Half a block away, John had found Johnny's mail wagon full of papers; but no Johnny. They called the police, and they then informed the other paper boys of the abduction. They claimed to see Johnny talking to a man in a car but the police gave only sluggish disbelief remarks.

Two years later another Iowa paper boy Eugene Martin went missing, and both their names were put onto everything from papers, billboards, windows and even milk cartons. To bring these topics to the kitchen tables to get people talking. And so they never forget.

Johnny has never been found.

© 2016 Birdy Lindstrand


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