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The Unimaginable

Updated on May 25, 2011
Face the Landscape of the Future
Face the Landscape of the Future

One day there is going to be an incident on this earth. Everything as we know it today will become part of our distant memories and a few generations later all our modern day technologies might be seen as folklore. Is this really possible?

Today we are living in a world where it is not even possible for us to imagine a life without technology. If there is an incident and we lose our ability to generate electricity and operate computers; humans would have to start all over again.

Is such an event even possible? The shocking answer is - yes, actually there are a number of possible scenarios. First and foremost are a number of different solar or cosmic events that could make BBQ of all our electronics, major volcanic eruptions, etc.

If we today loose our computers we are going to be in big trouble. No fancy modern transport, no big shipping, no electrical plants, no oil refineries, no factories, no telecommunications . . .

Can you imagine life on Earth? We all know how to use microwave ovens, mobile phones, banks, money, internet - but suddenly it is all only useless. Are you hungry? Ok, you go to the supermarket to buy food - there are only empty shelves. You are thirsty, where will you get water? Remember - all these modern amenities are totally depending on electronics and electricity.

Does the electrical engineer know how to make copper wire? Does the building constructor know how to make cement? What does the supermarket manager know about food cultivation? Imagine you have a brand new car in your drive way, but no fuel available - do you know how to get around?

There is not going to be food - unless you are a farmer. There is no usable water - unless you live far away from the city. There is no fuel thus no transport unless you have a bicycle. No communications unless you write a note. Eventually - what are you going to use for writing if you can't get any pens in the supermarket. On what are you going to write if there is no paper? Where are you going to get clothes from?

Ok, so we lived through the event and there is hope. Can you milk a cow if you see one in the field? Do you know how to cultivate land for food? Where are you going to get the seed for such plants?

In case of such major incident, life in our big cities will go on - for less than 3 months. Then, I do not know what will happen. In general agriculture vegetables needs more than three months to cultivate. As if that is not a big enough problem - where are we going to get water from? ALL water in, near and under our big cities are polluted beyond human use; it will take a few years to get clean enough for use.

Four or five generations after such event - our remaining human race would be back in technology similar to that of the humans 10,000 years ago!

How prepared are you for a future IF you are one of the few that does survive the Incident?


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