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Unity behind the apparant diversity!

Updated on January 2, 2013

Let all the worlds become Happy!

Realize the Unity of human race!

Once Brahma and Vishnu (Hindu gods who create and sustain the creation) were proud of their individual powers. Brahma boasted that the creation emanated because of him. Vishnu said I sustain the creation. Mere creation won’t do. The created beings have to be fostered and hence I am greater than you. Thus they were arguing continuously. Suddenly there was a pillar of fire manifested in front of them. Brahma and Vishnu started examining the pillar of fire but they could not discern the source. Brahma changed himself as a ‘swan’ and flue to the heights to find about the top. Vishnu become a wild boar and started digging the earth to find the place of origin of the fire. But both the gods failed miserably in their attempts to find the origin and end of the fire. Their egos being subdued, Maheswar appeared before them and advised them to remain ‘egoless’ and asserted that all are equal and none is greater!

If this is the case with Gods, what to talk about human beings? Hence there are rivalry, jealousy and cut throat competitions everywhere. The Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man is forgotten by man. We feel that each one is separate and alien. Jesus Christ had come into this world to remove the fundamental ignorance that assails human beings. In spite of his illumined speeches and sermons, people continue to remain ignorant of great truths about human life. This condition is aptly described by Saibaba as ‘miserable little prison individuality’. Let us examine the statement of Saibaba. We feel that we are separate from others and hence we feel miserable when we meet failures. We fear that none will help us in times of need. Hence this false assumption of individuality is the cause of all troubles in this world. We are all connected in souls. None is really separate from the rest. Bodies may remain aloof and different. But the bodies are like water bubbles which will burst at any time. The soul which occupies each body is the indweller of the temple. When body is considered as a temple of God, the soul is the Eternal principle enshrined in the temple!

We might have read a story of a teacher and the students. The teacher asked the students to bring a stick of bamboo. He asked them to break it. The students could easily break the stick. Then he asked them to bring more such sticks. He tied them as a bundle. Now the students were asked to break it. None could break it since the united sticks have become strong. Hence Christ preached Unity. Actually we are all one like the thread that passes through a garland. The thread is not visible. Only the flowers which are tied to the center thread are visible. But without the central thread, the flowers will fall off. Hence the soul or God is the principle which unites the entire humanity as one. We must feel the unity in our hearts and behave as an integrated race.


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