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Unity could be achieved by pursuing spiritual goals!

Updated on October 14, 2016

Forbidden fruit

The mind that seeks money

Thinking is associated with the mind, talking with the mouth and acting with other limbs of the body. Most important one is thinking after which actions follow. Who will vet the actions of the mind? It is the intellect, but the mind bypass the intellect in getting things done through the body! But a mild warning known as ‘conscious prick’ takes place in all the human beings. Most of the people brush aside the conscious prick and follow the commands of the mind which are senses friendly! The senses easily entice the mind to their fold by attracting it to the pleasures offered by them!

This is actually the beginning of the story called ‘life’! Even in the Bible, there is a story of ‘forbidden fruit’. But curiosity always defeats reason. Hence, the warning from god was set aside by Adam and Eva, which culminated in immense suffering to all. This first trespass resulted in many agonies and even now people are affected due to the first temptation of the first creations. There is only one way to get out of these bindings to earth. As we tie a rope around, we have to untie it to get release! If we deeply ponder, it was desire which prompted them to aspire for the ‘forbidden fruit. Today many things are forbidden but we go for it. Hence human society is suffering from many ills today. But everything started from the first mistake. Imagine a situation, ‘had Adam and Eva obeyed god’s command, they would be in the paradise forever. But it was not to be and hence the suffering! Today, the list of desires of mankind is unending. First in the list is money! For the sake of money, man commits many evil deeds and atrocities. Money has become more evil today. Honesty has been given the go bye. Corruption has become the root cause of evil throughout the world. It is difficult to locate honest people in a corrupt society! Previously, the situation could be compared with one bag of rice with a handful of stones. Now, the situation is we have to search for handful of rice within a bag of stone!

unequal society breed corruption

Nature retaliates evil by calamities!

A million years might have elapsed since the growth of civilized society. But the evolution of human being remains bleak. Instead of improving himself to higher status, man has descended to animal level. But animals never loot, animals never plan harm to others. If it is its nature to kill, it will do so only for filling the belly and not more. A hoard of deer may be roaming in the grass but the lion or cheetah will target only one deer!

It is sad that most of the members of Parliament are multi-millionaires. Poor people could never represent in Assemblies or Parliament. This shows that government will be supported and guided by the rich, who won’t be interested, much in ordinary people. They will promote such policies which will benefit them in future. One third of elected members have criminal background. With such a situation, how can we expect justice to the poor?

Hence politics is a fertile ground for corruption and nepotism. How can we expect sterling character from the Ministers who were elected by majority of rich? I don’t conclude that all those elected were corrupt. There may be few people who are morally upright, honest and pure.

Nature is polluted due to the actions of man. When such pollution go beyond certain limits, nature retaliates with natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, tsunami, tornadoes and volcanoes. In fact, god never wishes such calamities on humanity. It is man’s own actions and thoughts which results in calamities and catastrophe. Many nations are blaming each other for the atmospheric pollution by greenhouse effect. They are not aware that more than these pollutants, the evil design of crooked individuals contribute to atmospheric pollutions. Every thought from each individual go out in the sky. They reside there forever. If evil thoughts accumulate in the atmosphere as it happens now, these create abnormal activities of natural forces like earth, air, water and fire! In a devastating earthquake such as Latur or Nepal, many thousand people were killed, many were maimed, and many most last their habitat. In Latur in Maharashtra, entire town was buried under debris. None would have forecast such a devastating catastrophe. Whether it is in India or abroad, calamities cause extreme mental grief to those affected. The extreme sufferings purge the souls of all evils and render them pure. This is how our ancient sages and saints viewed the natural disasters.

Thus said Socrates

Suffering is the detergent to cleanse our soul

When clothes are soiled, we wash it in the machine or give it to the launderer. The purpose of the same is to get those clothes cleaned. In a similar manner, grief and pain wash our souls for purity. God is not a sadist to inflict sufferings on others. There is a specific purpose. Nowhere in history could we read a peaceful society since the time of civilization. Wars, pestilence and epidemics were more common in each century. There will be always imbalances in society. Not all will be poor neither all rich. Inequalities in society are more common in every generation!

Philosophy and scriptures are capable of answering the riddles in human society. They recommend ways for peaceful co-existence and mutual co-operation of all people. This is how ancient societies thrived in spite of common problems. If you consider the example of ancient India, people of all races and religions converged there since secular ethos prevailed in society. Each one was allowed to pursue their own religious practices. Hence in each and every village of India, people co-existed with harmony and tolerance. But today, politicians thwarted the atmosphere of amity and harmony. For their personal ambitions, they set people of different religions against one another and fan hatred in society. This policy of “Divide and Rule” was practiced by Britain during colony days. Wherever they went, they set people against each other luring them with gold and land. Thus India too becomes a divided one. Only after Independence, Sardar Patel, the then Home Minister, united the different ‘samasthans’ into one United India. Otherwise, India might have ended as another USSR. This unity has bonded different small kings to ascend to the Indian Union by compensating them with “Privy Purse”.

We have to learn to live with others amicably and peacefully. Each nation should become friendly with other neighbor nations. The foremost need is Unity!

Be united in humanism

Affluence can never grant peace and harmony!

Do you feel that the rich and powerful can bring peace in society?

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