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Universal Color Associations for Magickal and Color Therapy Healing Purposes

Updated on April 6, 2016

The Seven Chakras or Energy Centers

Different colors have different medical benefits/magickal uses.


Pink is connected to the Love Goddesses. It is Disconnected and Relaxing.

The color pink is associated with Softness, Tenderness, Romance, Caring, Nurturing, Youth, Peace, Friendship, Femininity, Emotional Love, Emotional Healing, Stress Relief and Relaxation. It calms aggression.

A positive effect associated with the use of the color pink in Feng Shui or color therapy is Appetite Suppression.

There are no known negative influences associated with the color pink.


Magenta is Devoted Love. It is Balancing.

The color Magenta is associated with Magnetism, the ability to Attract or Speed Up Results, Life Purpose, Life Path, Gentleness, Relaxation and Soothing feelings.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color magenta in Feng Shui or color therapy are Peace, Relaxation and the Balancing of emotions for both the over and under emotional.

Too much Magenta in your environment may cause too much relaxation leading to Laziness and Boredom. This is especially not good for those who are chronically Depressed or Introverted.


Violet is connected to the Spiritual Self, the element of Spirit, Angels, Gods of Divination and Prophecy, and Psychic Abilities. Violet is cooling.

The color Violet is associated with Divination, the removal of negativity and/or black magick, reversing curses and hexes, Psychic Healing, Psychic Power, Inspiration, Meditation, Spirituality, Spiritual Power, Astral Projection, the Third Eye, Creativity and Beauty.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Violet in Feng Shui or color therapy are Appetite Suppression, enhanced Artistic Ability, Generosity and Selflessness, reduced excitement and irritation, Calmed Nerves and Strong, Deep Sleep.

Too much violet in your environment may cause stagnant or suppressed emotions, Depression and Insecurity.


Indigo is connected to the Unconscious Self. It is Cool and Calming to the Nervous System.

The color Indigo is associated with Understanding, Imagination, Stillness and Serenity.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Indigo in Feng Shui or color therapy are accurate Perception, greater Intuition and Awareness, greater Imagination and Strong, Deep Sleep.

Too much Indigo in your environment may cause Depression and a sense of Separateness from others.


Blue is connected to Holistic thoughts, the elements of Water and Air, deities of the Sea and Sky, and Truth and Wisdom. It is cold and acidic.

The color blue is associated with Peace, Tranquility, Calmness, Truth, Wisdom, Justice, Counsel, Guidance, Understanding and Patience, Loyalty and Honor, Sincerity, Devotion, Healing, Femininity, Prophetic Dreams, Protection during sleep, Astral Projection, Health, Vitality, Creativity, Knowledge, Personal Expression, Communication and Decisiveness.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color blue in Feng Shui and color therapy are help with hyperactive children, Calmness, Peace, Mental Relaxation, help with Insomnia, clear Communication and Confidence in Speaking.

Too much Blue in your environment may cause Cold Naturedness, Depression, Insecurity, a lessened level of energy and Pessimism.


Aqua or Turquoise is connected to Expression and is Cooling.

The color Aqua or Turquoise is associated with Openness, Calmness, Confidence, Soothing feelings, Purity, Changes, Intellectual and Intuitive Insights, Inventions and Originality, Renewal, Brotherhood, Humanity and Oratory Skills.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color aqua in Feng Shui or color therapy are Sensitivity, Relaxation, better and more Restful Sleep, Loving Expressiveness and a sense of Freedom of Expression.

There are no known negative influences associated with the color aqua or turquoise.


Green is our Direct Route to Unconditional Love. It is connected to the elements of Earth and Water, Nature, Mother Goddesses and Fertility deities. Green is Refreshing and Cool, and is the Master Color.

The color Green is associated with Life, Growth, Love, Hope, Harmony, Peace, Renewal, Balance, Nature, Fertility, Rejuvenation, Recovery, Healing, Harvest and Abundance, Prosperity, Home, Plants, Animals and Self-Control.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color green in Feng Shui or color therapy are Relaxation, Rest, Stress Reduction and Calmness. The color Green brings a sense of Balance and Normalcy into our lives.

Too much Green in your environment may cause Laziness and Boredom, if not applied properly.


Yellow is connected to the Mental Self, the element of Air and deities of Trade, Travel, Knowledge and Magick, Vitality, Change, Progress, Contact and Communication. It is warm to hot.

The color Yellow is associated with Inspiration, Self-Esteem, Mental Clarity, Wisdom, Cheerfulness, Confidence, Joy, Learning, Knowledge, Speaking and Writing, Visualization and Optimism.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Yellow in Feng Shui or Color Therapy are Increased Energy, help with Anxiety and/or Depression, Increased Confidence, Sharpened Memory and Concentration, Empowerment, Courage, stimulated Curiosity and Interest, enhanced Communication and aided Discernment and Decision Making. Yellow enhances Learning and Moods.

Bright Yellow is a great color to wear to add Sunshine to your life on dull, dark or rainy days. The color Yellow signals Love, Light, Warmth and Wealth.

Too much Yellow in your environment may cause Hyperactivity and Superficiality.


Orange is connected to the Emotional Self and deities of Good Luck and Good Fortune. It is Warm and Joyful.

The color Orange is associated with Sociability, Social Confidence, Resourcefulness, Happiness, Charm, Kindness, Encouragement, Stimulation, Optimism, Abundance, Prosperity, Feast and Celebration, Achieving Business Goals, Investments, Legal Matters and Success.

Positive effects associated with the color Orange, used in Feng Shui or Color Therapy, are removal of Inhibitions, increased Optimism and Cheerfulness, increased Joy in Relationships, Inspiration, expanded Interests and Activities, Success in all arenas and increased Prosperity. Orange is also an excellent Anti-depressant.

Too much Orange in your environment may cause slight Frustration, Irritability and Increased Appetite. Orange can be quite overwhelming if overused.


Red is connected to the Physical Body, the element of Fire and deities of Love. It is Stimulating, Exciting and Hot!

The color Red is associated with Courage, Strength, Passion, Vitality, Vigor, Ambition, Alertness, Sexuality, Pioneering Spirits, Willpower, Determination, Speed, Assertiveness, Masculinity, Independence, Physical Strength, Sports, Competition, Conflicts, Health, Sexual Attraction and Potency, Love and Passion, Fertility, War and Aggression.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Red in Feng Shui and/or Color Therapy are the releasing of negative thoughts, Boosts in Self-Esteem, Appetite Stimulation, a renewed sense of Power and Self-Control, Self Confidence, feeling of Security and Safety, Mental Awareness and settled and Balanced feelings. It is also a proposed cure for Tourette Syndrome. It Boosts Spirits and Stimulates Creativity.

Too much Red in your environment may cause Anger, Impatience, increased Aggressiveness, Irritability and Hostility. Red increases Perspiration, Blood Pressure and Muscle Tension.

People are more likely to eat, spend money and gamble in a Red environment, which is why it is found in the d├ęcor of many restaurants and casinos.

Red rooms feel Warmer, Heavier and time seems to pass more slowly in them. Since Red increases Passion, Anger and Restlessness, it is not the best color for the average person's bedroom.

The wearing of Red garments conveys Energy, Power and Leadership. However, dependent on the particular garment, it may signal Romance and Sensuality. Red accents can perk up your image, but too much Red can be quite Over-Powering.


White is connected to the element of Spirit, Angels, Gods of Wisdom, and Divination and Prophecy.

Positive effects of the use of the color White in Feng Shui and/or Color Therapy are Purification and Cleansing on all levels, contact with your Higher Self and Spiritual Helpers, Aura-Healing, Truth Seeking, Consecration, Spiritual Enlightenment, Protection against negativity, breaking curses and hexes, Exorcism, Meditation, Divination, Inspiration and Clairvoyance.

White is Universal and can replace any other color, at all, in Ritual or Ceremony. The color White is related to Purity and Cleanliness.

White is a sign of Innocence, portrayed by the wearing of White by Brides at Weddings, Babies at Christenings and Angels in White Robes. White clothing is also often used as a sign of Authority in dress i.e. Doctors' and Scientists' coats.

Good Magick is called White Magick and is in entirity for the Greater Good. White is a very Positive color. However, too much White in your clothing can accentuate already very pale skin and may be Overpowering, too Bright if overused in our environments.

Our eyes are quite sensitive to the very high level of brightness of the color White, compared to its surroundings. White is void of hue and grayness and is the extreme end of the visual spectrum. The high contrast between White and Black is often used to represent opposite extremes i.e. Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine.


Black is connected to the element of Earth and deities of the Underworld.

Positive affects associated with the use of the color Black in Feng Shui and/or Color Therapy are the Repelling and Banishing of Evil and Negativity, Protection, Breaking Free from bad habits and/or Addictions, Deep Meditation and the opening up of Deep Unconscious levels.

Too much Black in your environment may cause rooms to seem a lot smaller in size and appear to have dimmer lighting. However, it will also make its surrounding colors pop!

The wearing of Black garments can convey any number of things. Black is Conservative and can be Serious and Conventional or it can be Mysterious, Sexy and Sophisticated. It goes well with just about any other color with the exception of other very dark colors.

Shades of Black include: Coal, Charcoal, Onyx, Soot, Sable, Ebony, Raven, Obsidian, Ink, Jet, Lampblack and Midnight; and is actually the absence of color. However, it may appear to make other colors brighter.

Black can be associated with Mourning and Rebellion; but, can also be used to convey a touch of Mystery, Elegance and Sophistication.

While a lot of stereotypes are placed on the color Black, there are many upsides to using this color in your clothing and Interior Design. Black's meaning is deeper than many can master without an open mind. It's kind of like the Death card in tarot...It doesn't actually mean a Physical Death; but, rather, that Change is coming in some form. It could herald the Death of an Abusive Relationship, a Change in your Employment or in any other aspect of your life. Many people think the worst of the Death card and the color Black. The reality is that they are probably the exact opposite of what you were thinking...


Gold is connected to Sun deities, Solar Energies and Masculine Energy. It is warm.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Gold in Feng Shui or Color Therapy include Boosts in Self Confidence, Creativity, Financial Richness, Success in Investments, Perfection, Luxury, Worldly and Magickal Power and overcoming bad habits and/or addictions.

Gold is a cousin to Yellow, Orange and Brown. It screams Riches and Extravagance, and can be either Bright and Cheerful or Somber and Traditional. It symbolizes Power and Wealth; and mystically, is said to bring Wealth, Happiness and feelings of Comfort into our lives.

Gold is a mineral of Spirituality, Magick, Understanding and Attunement to Nature, as well as an attractant of Positive Energy, and has proven itself to be a wonderful Healing mineral. The stone is Masculine and projects its properties onto other minerals and crystals whose power increases when set in Gold. Topaz in Gold dispenses Enchantments, while Ruby in Gold may be Refreshing to the body through the absorption of Energy from the Sun. Gold aids in the prevention of Spiritual corrosion, adds in our Understanding, clears away negativity and has the ability to alter Energy.

Too much Gold worn on your person or used in your environment may bring an element of Greediness to the soul. Please be careful and cautious when using the color/element of Gold!


Silver is connected to the element of Air, the direction of East, the Moon, Moon Goddesses, Ice and Stars. It is a Female color and its day of the week is Monday.

It is associated with Female Energy, Cycles, Rebirth, Reincarnation, Healing of Hormonal Imbalances, Emotional Stability, Purity, Protection, Potential, Fame, removing or neutralizing negativity, Intuition, Dreams, Psychic Abilities and Psychic Workings.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Silver in Feng Shui and/or Color Therapy are aid in Divination, Guidance, Clairvoyance, increased Energy and Inspiration, boosted Popularity, Defense against negative energies and the repelling of spells and psychic attacks.

Copper or Bronze

Copper or Bronze is connected to our Love Goddesses, Venus, the element of Water, the Queen of Heaven, Love and Passion, Relationships in Love, Friendship in Business, Career Promotions and Successful Negotiations.

Copper/Bronze is reddish colored, and has a high Electrical and Thermal conductivity. Therefore, mystically, it is considered to be the conductor of the Spiritualist's Belief System, having the ability to conduct Spiritual Energy back and forth between Individuals, Crystals, Auras, the Mind and the Spirit world. Copper and/or Bronze is a Receptive Energy.

Copper is also said to have the power to Amplify Thoughts when sending or receiving Psychic Communications. Therefore, it makes sense that many people use this color and/or metal to Strengthen and Increase the development of Psychic Awareness. It is also used in the physical and mental Healing Rites of many people in our world.

Positive effects associated with the use of Copper or Bronze in Feng Shui and/or Color Therapy are the Healing of the Mind and Body, alleviation of cramps, promotion of the smooth functioning of our glands, the prevention of wear, tear and calcification of the joints, Stimulation of the Psychic Energy flow, Overcoming lethargic tendencies, Vitalization, Amplified Thoughts, increased Memory Functions, increased Self-Esteem, Freedom from Mental Burdens, assistance with Arthritic and Rheumatic Diseases, improved Blood Flow, increased Energy, Detoxification, reduced Inflammation, stabilized Metabolic Levels and improved Oxygen use.

Magically, Copper or Bronze may be used to direct Energy, Heal, bring Luck, Love, Protection and Money. Copper or Bronze may be used in conjunction with any other Luck bringing stones for more Powerful Rites and Rituals.

Copper was humanity's first metal and dates back to 3900 B.C. Many Christian rituals to date call for the use of Copper. It has long been linked with the Divine and is also an essential nutrient to all high plants and animals. It is found in the bloodstream of animals and humans, and is a co-factor in various enzymes and pigments. In large amounts, copper can be poisonous and even fatal.


Brown is connected to the element of Earth. It is also connected to the element of Wood and the directions of Southeast, East and South in Feng Shui. Brown is a very warm and comforting color.

Brown is associated with Stability, Grounding, Conservation, Protection of Household, Family and Pets, Healing Animals, finding lost objects, buildings, material increase, making Marriages and/or Relationships solid, increasing Decisiveness, heightened Concentration and the attraction of help in financial crisis.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Brown in Feng Shui and/or Color Therapy are Increased Energy.

Too much Brown in your environment may cause a lack of ambition. Be careful to ensure that the color Brown is well-balanced with other colors. Extreme laziness can and will occur around too much Brown.


Gray is Neutral and Balanced. It is Cool, Conservative and Emotionless.

The color Gray is associated with Brains, Intellect, Elders and Senior Citizens.

Positive effects associated with the use of the color Gray in Feng Shui or Color Therapy are the Neutralization of Negative Influences and putting a Halt to an Action.

Similar to Black, Gray is also used to express Mourning and is a Formal color. Gray is a Sophisticated color and is not stigmatized like its darker counterpart, Black. Gray tuxedos are popular at Weddings.

Too much Gray in our environment may cause Dullness, a feeling of Aging and Water Related Problems within the home or office.

The Healing Power of Color

The Chromotherapy (Color Therapy) Color Wheel


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