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Universal Truths

Updated on May 10, 2011

A devide where there should be none:

Gravity explains the motion of the planets but it does not explain Who set the planets in motion. - Sir Isaac Newton

There are two trains of thought which I have difficulty grasping and they are: 1) “It's been scientifically proven so the Bible must be wrong.” 2) “Scientists don't know what their talking about because the Bible says differently.”
Why does the most popular belief have to be that science leads you away from God? Why can it not be that science leads you towards God? Charles Darwin, for example, left his faith because he had “proven the Bible wrong” with the theory of evolution, when in fact, the mere notion of “natural selection” implies a higher, non-human intelligence governing the environmental adaptation of all living things on this planet. Sir Isaac Newton, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the most brilliant minds in human history and did you know that, apart from being a highly intelligent scientist, he was also an extremely devout Christian.

I think the slippery road that many teachings about the Bible takes, is the one that it should be read verse for verse, without gaining a greater understanding for what God wants to reveal to you, personally, from within its pages. It's true, God is in the details, but most people get so distracted by what they perceive those details to be, that they will probably never experience the realization of the true greatness of God. There are some scientists, on the flip side of this coin, who simply just love to believe that God doesn't exist for the reason of being unable to prove it. These scientists are so nonobjective that they choose to ignore an incredibly important scientific principal which is: An absence of proof, isn't necessarily a proof of absence.

No matter on what side of the divide you find yourself, or if you're walking the middle ground, I hope you will stick around long enough to finish reading this hub and maybe, just maybe, you'll have a realization of how infinitely great God is.

Only a select few people in the history of mankind, have been fortunate enough to see the earth from outer space and even fewer from the moon. Although I haven't had the privilege to a firsthand experience such as those, it recently dawned on me, while watching a documentary about the topic, how unimaginably immense the universe truly is. When we listen to reports on robot vehicles being sent to Mars or watch artistic interpretations of how the Voyager space probe shoots past Saturn, it's easy to think of those planets as the little balls mounted in a model on a school teacher's desk.

Allow me then to put it into context for you: South Africa, where I live, is 12 895 kilometers (km) away from the United States. So if I were to hop into an airliner jet and flew to the US at an average speed of 710 kilometers per hour (km/h), it would take me approximately 18hours to get there. Now, let's pretend, for the moment, that there's no such things as rockets and that airliner jets are capable of flying outside the earth's atmosphere. So, if I wanted to fly to the moon, which, as we all know, is our nearest celestial body, it would take me 22 days and 13 hours. “Oh,” I hear you say, unimpressed, “it's not that far if I pack a few cooler boxes and a ceg or 2.”

So let's take a slightly longer trip to see the tracks that Spirit and Opportunity has left on our neighboring planet, Mars. We jump on the jet again, just as Mars passes closest to the earth and we presume it stops dead in its tracks as we depart. This time our one way journey takes us a mere 8 years, 278 days and 8 hours. Wonderful! After a little more than 17 years we get back to Earth to show our friends the photos we took while site seeing, and we stock up on all the latest electronic gadgets before we depart for Saturn to go surf its famous rings. This time, I suggest you take along your spouse and a few other married couples, because, given the average human life expectancy, you'll have to produce two generations of offspring on the way, in order for someone in your family to complete the mission; It would take a mind blistering 192 years, 94 days and 9 hours to get to Saturn at the speed of a commercial airliner.

“What does all this mambo-jumbo have to do with the greatness of God?” you'll respond. Well, when we think about creation as we read it in the Bible, we tend to think only in terms of the earth, the sun and the moon. In the above mentioned examples, though, we had not even left our solar system, let alone touched on the distances between solar systems in our galaxy or the distances between galaxies. Because the nearest mall or our places of work are the types of distances to which we are used, our minds have difficulty comprehending the enormity of the universe and yet, as astronomers have discovered, everything in the universe was set in motion from a single point; The “Big Bang” as they call it; The Point of Creation.

If God then, from a single point in space, could have created something so vast, so mind blowing in scale, just think how wonderful it is that He took the time to create the human race and still takes the time everyday to hear our prayers and care for us.


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    • Maxume profile image

      Maxume 6 years ago from South Africa

      Thanx for the kind comment. Yes, I agree, it makes one think about the scale of things, doesn't it?

    • DDelport profile image

      DDelport 6 years ago

      If this doesn't make all your problems and concerns seem insignificant, I don't know what will! Truly humbling. Thank Maxume