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Universal densities, consciousness and soul

Updated on May 29, 2013

Reincarnation and consciousness development

When you don't learn your life lesson, you keep reincarnating until you do. However with each reincarnation, your starting vibration gets lower, so in a sense you get farther from the goal of raising vibration here at third density. With the lower starting vibration during each reincarnation, you finally get to the point where your new starting vibration is would be lower then the required minimum to be in third density. I think that is because third density is the first density required to have a soul. To have a soul you need a certain amount of consciousness, below that you only have consciousness, that can also vary is size, which limits your further development (ascension). When you reach that minimum vibration/consciousness, you have two choices. These two choices are unique, because on the two lower densities you do not have that choice. I think that has to do with third density is the first density where you have a soul. So if you reach the minimum starting vibration at third density, according to Ashayana Deane you have two choices; to restart on third density of have a complete reset.

If your soul and consciousness after your death chooses to have a restart, I think what happens, is that you start with the minimum vibration on third density, so you do stay on third density, and in a sense, that is an increase in vibration, and consciousness, because you don't go lower then third density minimum requirement, although your past Karma you would actually require you to do so. However. all your past life experiences, and past life memories (even subconsciously) is deleted. You also start with the minimum consciousness required on third density and with a baby soul like what it was, when consciousness first formed your soul as a new being newly entering third density. In a sense that is also kind a like gambling, because if next time you get to this minimum requirement, you might choose the same thing again, and you are kinda stuck on third density (it is always primarily a matter of choice out of free will).

According to Ashayana Deane, the other option you have is when you reach the minimum required for third density is to choose a complete reset. During a complete reset, what happens is all your consciousness is dispersed in all the universe, maybe also in the multiverse. So the consciousness that you have doesn't cease to exist, but it is spread out evenly in the universe. Also all your memories, skills, and experiences are spread out and I think that they become part of the Akashic records. They, in a sense are all recycled. It is kinda like a droplet of water dropped in a lake, it ceases to exist as a unit of water, but all the atoms and everything that makes it water is evenly spread out in the lake. I think that your soul ceases to exist, because that was a creation of the consciousness that you held. Your consciousness becomes part of the universal consciousness, which is the sum of the consciousness of God, plus all the dispersed consciousnesses, the units of consciousnesses, and the past memories and skills of being that once has be in this universe, but now are living in another universe.

Now I will discribe the process of the growth and development of consciousness, soul, and the different density levels of the universe. I will try to do so in as much detail as I can, based on my research and logic.


This is where space and evenly spreadout consciousness. Energy here is without form, and probably even has 0 frequency. 0 frequency basicly means that there are no different frequencies, and no different vibration levels, they are all merged into a single frequency. This could mean that on Density 0 there is no polarity. If we look at the different densities as a circle divided into different arches (like the wheek of Ages in antient calendars), maybe Density 0 is not only the start, also the end. Could Density 0 be the density of Source/God/Allah/Krishna?


Consciousness starts as the spread out Universal consciousness. Einstein said that everything bends spacetime around it, and the extent of the bending depends on the mass of the objects. Stars bend spacetime more then planets, moons and asteroids. Note that mass what counts, not density; neutron stars as small, but dense because they have most of the mass that it had, while it was a bright star. Also a quick note that stars are not fusion reactors, they emit too few neutrinoes. I think that in the inside they are like weak black holes that attract surrounding energies (maybe even dark energy and dark matter), and then that energy condenses into the lower frequencies of quarks, then protons, neutrons, electrons, and then form atoms. Note that my reasearch says that black holes at the centers of galaxies bend spacetime so much that at the depest point of the bend, it actually breaks though the fabric of spicetime, which then create giant wormholes into other universes (into only one other universe per galactic black hole). So when a new star is born (not the supernova, which is just recycling) a weak black hole forms, which heats up energy spread out in the universe, heats it up, and around the black hole, basicly a thich celestial corona is created. I think that process of bending spacetime also applies to bending and thus collecting the spread out counsciousness in the universe. So black holes attract the surrounding consciousness. Galactic blackholes not only attract surrounding consciousness, but exchanges some that are in the other universes that each galactic blackholes are connected to through the wormholes that they create. These galactic wormholes could lead not only to other matter universes, but to antimatter our universe's antimatter polarity universe. So, the star is born and the consciousness it attracts to it condenses into a unit of consciousness. Then I think what happens is that the new star grows, and it is able to hold the increasing size of the consciousness. However, because in its immediate surrounding there is nothing else, and the closest star system to far. That bodies in that closest star system also attract to it some or the surrounding consciousness, but even that are too far. So our star grows, and attracts to it the surrounding counsciousness, when the surrounding counsciousness becomes too scarce, the consciousness cannot hold more matter in it and after a while the matter becomes to much and the star and the unit of consciousness explodes, creating a supernova. A supernova is basicly all the matter, in the form of space dust, and consciousness that made up the star. From the space dust, and the consciousness of the first star that became a supernova, a second, smaller star is born and around it planets, and around planets, moons. Each of the moons, planets and the new star has a counsciousness, that is part of the original, that went supernova, star. Each of the objects in that new solar system, has different densities. Here, I would like to mention surface gravity. According sources that claim extraterrestrial origin, surface gravity depends on the radiation from the star around which it orbits on an elliptical orbit. The side of the planet or moon that faces the sun has a higher surface gravity then the side that faces away from it. I think the way that it works is that the radiation from the star presses down on the surface. At the lowest point of a walley all the radiation is collected making the surface gravity higher then on the top of the surrounding mountains, which are pointy, and thus the radiation kinda slides down into the bottom of the walley. When such sources say that the pyramids are weights so to stabilise the movement of the axis of a planet or moon, the principle is this. Also as a planet revolves around its axis surface gravity changes depending on whether where that side is; facing to, or away from its parent star (or stars in binary star systems).

The amount of consciousness can hold depend on how much matter the object in space has. Thus basicly is a component of both density and size. Instead of matter, I could say that energy the the object holds, because they are basicly all energy balls. Or energy eliptics. Or energy in whatever form the object has. So a star has more consciousness that a desolate moon. Having said that, a little correction needs to be made because density, and also surface gravity, determines the complexity of lifeforms that the object can sustain. Individual lifeforms, according to their complexity, can hold, and share, if they are complex enough, some of the consciousness with the planet or moon that they live on. So although a consciousness of the star is bigger then the consciousness of one of its planet, it there are many very complex lifeforms, like humans, on or inside it, the total consciousness of the planet plus its resident lifeforms might exceed the size of the parent star's consciousness size. Complex lifeforms not only have their own set of consciousness, they can also increase it by taking in consciousness from the consciousness of the universe, and if they are really complex and developed, (largly has to do with the number of active DNA strands) they can increase their own consciousness from multiple universes, and thus indirectly increase the total consciousness of the planet or moon that they reside on. If they live on a spaceship, they can indirectly increase consciousness of their space ship. Everything that is made up of matter has consciousness, even an a rock, although very tiny consciousness. Living things or parts of living things have more consciousness, for example an apple has more consciousness then the same sized rock, or even then of a somewhat larger rock.

I have now described consciousness on the first density as I understand it. Density 1 is basicly everything non living, that is, non organic materials.


Density 2 is all of the plant species, and all microscopic sized animals/organisms. Their physical body are more complex then the bodies of non organic objects, so they can hold proportionately more. A one celled amoeba can hold more consciousness, because they have DNA, per atom then a rock, although, because a rock is much larger in size probably has more total consciousness. In the previous sentence, I briefly mentioned DNA, I would like to elaborate a little more on DNA. DNA is important because it is like a communication device, that can attract, and emit energy, and the more complex the DNA it the more of it it can do. By complexity of DNA, what I mean is basicly the number of active strands of douple helix DNA. Us, humans have two strands of double helix, and some entities, whose vibration level is high enough can has as high as 48 strands of DNA. Vibration is key in the development of DNA. Science has proven if you expose DNA under high frequency radiation, it changes, by activating more functionality. So that is why it is vital to increase your vibration. Back to DNA as a communication tool, there was and experiment where eons have been introduced near a strand of DNA. The randomly placed eons rearranged themselves and lined up along the DNA strand so that they covered up the DNA strand. Then the scientist removed the DNA strand, yet the eons that were lined up along the DNA remained in place and so they were renamed "phantom DNA". So DNA attract energy to it, more then simple atoms do That is the difference between organic, and nonorganic things; organisms can manipulate energy around them (eons of light are particles of energy), and even our science has proven that everything is energy. Einstein had a famous equation: E=mc2: which means that energy equals to mass times the square of the speed of light. Matter dematerialises (its frequency increases), when it reaches the speed of light, that's why we cannot travel with the speed of light, and for celestrial travel we should use wormholes. What wormholes do is that they bend spacetime, and in effect takes us out of time, and so it takes no time to travel any distance. Back to atoms, it has also been proven that an atom is 99.999999% empty space. Also the nucleus of an atom is made up of smaller ball shaped things called quarks; and according to string theory, insided quarks are just pure energy. So what we can say is that atoms are 99.999999% and the rest are different frequencies of energy. Strings of energy held in place by lower frequency (longer wavelength) energy called quarks, which are held in place by even lower frequency energy called protons and neutrons). So you now see that even matter is really energy. DNA can attract to it energy. The more complex the DNA is, it can not only attract to it energy, but it can also restructure and reshape it, thus it can also change matter. That is the phisics of though manifestation is. So the more you increase your vibration, the more more advanced your genes become, which means more DNA strands, which means more DNA functionality at your disposal. All living organisms on earth have 2 strands of double helix DNA (chimpanzees have 24 chromosomes, humans have 23 but 2 of our chromosomes are fused together). Allegedly our inactive chromosomes are responsible for all the phsycic abilities. Maybe a third strand is needed for the thought Manifestation ability.

Sources say that second density is plants and lower level animals.


Above, you read about DNA of organisms. You also read that all organisms, in terms of DNA are pretty much the same. So, what is the difference between Density 2 and Density 3 organisms such as humans. Just for the sake of investigation, let us suppose that there are no other third and higher density extraterrestrial being on and in earth, and lets just put us aside that humans were genetically engineered (fractured DNA structure and two chromosomes fused). Every major religion says that humans are the only entities on earth that have a soul. Other animals have feelings but no soul. So what makes a human so much different from a chimpanzee? What are the requirements for having a soul? How are they created (obviously there is a minimum amount of consciousness needed)? Where does a soul reside within our bodies? How does a soul look like? What is the difference between a beings consciousness and soul? These are all very valid questions, and I try to elaborate on it in a logical and scientific manner. Just saying that a soul is invisible and that God created it is not going to get us any further. So here we go!

First, lets examine what makes us different from a monkey on a makro scale (without all the DNA and such). When we compare animals and humans one thing that stands out is that humans are highly creative, which means that they are able to create new things (wheel). Although humans do adapt to their environment, they also modify it to better suit their needs from the materials and things that are available to them. Humans record things for the future generations. We have a more complex communication system then most animals (whales and dolphins are better in that; they have a trinary language system). Humans are capable of phylosophical questions, like what is my life purpose?, or Who am I. In general humans when they observe their surrounding, we as the question why things are the way they are. Another major difference is in our use of tools; while other animals do use tools also, we are unique in that we are able to combine multiple tools into a single, more complex too, like putting wheels on a container, which would turn it into a cart. We feed and grow other animals which we later eat. We make plans for the future to make future more comfortable; Humans percieve time as components of past, present and future, whereas animals tend to mostly "live at the moment" (its not entirely true, but compared to human time perception, they pretty much do). There are many other differences, but the biggest difference is how think in a more complex way; humans differ mostly in our thoughts, not in our body. There really is only one thing in are bodies that no other animals have: our mouth and tongues are are the most complex, and we are the only ones that are able to shape our lips in almost any ways, anabling us to produce more types of sounds, which are the basis of spoken language. However, spoken language really is a manifestation of the more complex thought patterns that we are able to produce. We can safely say that our head is what makes us so different from other animals. In fact, probably human newborn babies have the largest head in proportion to the rest of the baby bodies. That is really the reason why it takes so long for human babies to learn not to crawl, but to walk upright; the body has to catch up to the way to heavy head.

Now we have examined the difference between humans and animals. The difference is our head. Our consciousness is larger then of any other animal, which is in line with a bigger brain. All religions, and esoterics teach that only humans have a soul hear on Earth. Now putting the three together; humans have a more developed brain, which can support a larger level of consciousness, and our consciousness is large enough to house a soul. In other words, humans have a larger consciousness, which created a soul in us. Some religions say that everything has a soul, even rivers. I personally don't think that everything has a soul, although everything, as described above, has a consciousness. Maybe religions that teach that everything has a soul, in reality refer to consciousness, and not to soul. As I see it, a being/entity has to have a minimum amount of consciousness to have a soul.

We now see the source soul, the next question is: What is a soul? Obviously, a distinction has to be made between consciousness and a soul. Consciousness is a required to have a soul also, in a sense, consciousness is the mother of soul. Note that I wrote mother and not father. I believe, just like God/Source is feminine, consciousness (which really is originally part of God) must also be female, because it creates something (soul), gives birth to soul. Consciousness is really the knowledge of self and as consciousness grows, the self realises that it/she part of something called universe, which is part of God. If you observe our world, at least on third density, everything is made neutral by the sum of a duality. For example, Positive and Negative charge, Good and Bad, Mother and Father, Female and Male, Hot and Cold, etc. We now now that consciousness on third density and in higher densities are feminine. In first and second density, because it hasn't created the soul yet, must not be feminine (feminine gives birth to something). What this must mean is that on density 1 and 2, because of duality, is actually neutral, because it is BOTH a female and male. It is NOT neither a female nor a male, because of duality, that would mean that consciousness on Density 1 and 2 does not exist. We have proven that consciousness DOES exist, so the only option that remains is that consciousness is BOTH a female and a male. When on third density consciousness gave birth to soul, the act of giving birth (creating) turned consciousness into a female. That can mean only one thing; consciousness split its dual gender, and became female, so its offspring, which is soul, must be male. So, we now have a female consciousness, and a male soul.

So, now that the fact that the soul is male (masculine), we have to observe the characteristics of masculinity. The very first characteristic, and probably the most prevalent one, is strength. What is strength? There are many definitions but probably the one that desribes it the most is (that could apply to soul) that strength is the ability to exert excess force. Generally speaking, force is the concentration of energy at a particular space. So, probably, a soul serves the purpose of vitalising the physical (biological) body with energy that maintains and help grow and develop the body. It is more like an energy source that not stores energy like a battery would, but rather like an electric wall socket, it adds more energy from an external source. The soul is the life force for the body. It is kinda like this; you have a lamp. The lightbulb is the Brain, and the rest of the lamp is like the rest of the body, when you plug the lamp in the wall socket (which is the newly created soul) the external electricity (galactic energy) gives enough external energy to the, body, so that it is redirected and most of it goes to the lightbulb, and all that new energy lights up the light bulb. Soul is created when the baby is in the womb, and as the fetus grows, the soul inside it also grows. The seven main chakras sytem is gradually formed. Because the very first organ that fully forms is the heart, and then the fully grown brain, the first chakra that formes is the heart chakra, the second chakra to form is probably the crown chakra, not the third eye chakra. The chakra system usually is depicted as being on the front of the body, but in reality, chakras are start along the inner side of the spine (the central nerves), and project all the way to the front. Chakras are basicly the doorway to the energies outside of the body, and thats where external energies enter the body. Actually, having seven chakras is not entirely true; the seven chakras are the MAIN, and largest chacras. There are literally thousands of interconnected chakras within the human body. They are what traditional accupuncture use; the metal needles conduct nearby external energies (mostly from aura of the body), and directs in into the chakra in which it has been put into. More modern accupuncture use laser, which is a more direct input of energy to the chaktra, however the principle is the same. All of the chakras (both minor and major ones) are part of a network that interconnets them. A less direct, and thus less efficient means of transportation of energies within the body is through the nervous system. Chackras are basicly little vorteces, of energy, which if open enough and energised enough, create tiny wormholes (hence their multidimensional nature), and if they work together in harmony, they can that the energy body, which is what the soul really is, out of the body. This probably is what we call astral traveling/out of body experience. It is interesting that when someone is in astrals body only (out of biological body), the biological body is unable to think, but the astral body can. This must mean that when the astral body leaves the biological body, consciousness also leaves; meaning that the astral body/soul houses the consciousness, and the biological budy houses the soul. So consciousness, which created the soul, lives inside the soul, and the soul protects, and nourishes the consciousness. Probably, when external energy becomes part of the soul, that energy itself grows the consciousness too, so energy in the universe houses the consciousness of the Universe/God/Source. Another note about the Astral body; when having and Out of Body experience, the Astral Body/Soul is still connected to the biological body through the main chakras, probably mostly by the higher main chakras. So Ascencion (when you are not connected to biological body) is different from (more permanent) then Astral traveling. Also when Astral traveling, soul leaves body through wormholes of chakras, in Ascencion, soul leaves body altogether, and lives and shows what the soul really is, energy.

Note also that all ancient religions, and the major ones today, make a clear distinction between soul and body, they all say that a soul and the physical body are two separate entities, although soul lives inside the body, in other words it houses it. They make another clear distinction between the two, soul is immortal, body is mortal. Another thing that they say is that the body is a lower type of creature, then the soul. This principle of a lower type thing houses ( gives a frame around) something of higher type, remind me something that I have already briefly mentioned, the structure of subatomic particles. For example a quark is energy that houses a higher frequency energy, that is theorised by string theory.


Density 4 is the first density with unified time. What is Time? What time really is is another dimension, or parameter. For example, when you arrange a meeting with someone you need to provide the east-west, north-south, hight (which storey of a building, if it is inside a building), and what time intersection. Note, that dimension and densities of the universe are not the same; dimensions exist on all densities, at least on the first three. Time can here on third density and lower can be viewed as a numberline; it has a begining, but no end. It is important to be clear with the beginning. The beginning is the very beginning of the universe when it was first created; any subsequent Big Bangs are just some events on the numberline, albeit very important ones. Our science theorises that the universe is expanding only until a point, and then after that collapses on itself, and a new Big Bang happens, after that the universe reexpands itself, collapses again, and the process keeps repeating. Maybe consciousness of highly developed beings can influence that process.

What Density 4 looks like? Imagine it like this. Density 3, Density 2, and Density 1 are like different lanes on a highway. Lane 3 (Density 3) is where you are allowed to drive the fastest, and Lane 1 (Density 1) is where you can drive the slowest. Density 4 is like the a field of grass and flowers next to the concrete highway. On that field you can stop, go forward, or go backwards. The field itself is Density 4, or unified Time, and when you go backwards, you go into the past, when you go forward on the field, you go into the future, and when you are standing on the field, time freezes, that is no time passes. The concrete of Densities 3, 2, and 1 separate those on the grass of the field. What this means is that densities lower then 4 are separate planes of existence from 4. Probably the first 3 densities are on one single plane.

When you are in fifth density, in your head you can picture any past and any future events, or you can see what any place or person/people looks like at the present on any of the lower Densities, probably even the same places at different Densities (remember that densities are different vibrations of the same universe).

Wormholes, and teleportation, utilises the still time of Density 4. For example, if you want to go form New York to Los Angeles, or from Paris to Shanghai, or eve from Earth to planet Pluto without any time passing by, you need to go through Density 4. Using the highway lanes analogy, its like this: From lane 3 (Density 3), you drive off the concrete to the field (Density 4), on the field you drive to your from Los Angeles to New York, and in New York you drive onto the concrete of Lane 3 off from

the field. Remember that in because time is still (time doesn't pass) on Density 4 you can go anywhere at any any time. You can go from Los Angeles of now to New York of yesterday. This is what time travel is.

Density four is also the first density with unified consciousness, where the being will know what is currently happening somewhere without anyone telling him/her the news.

On Density there is only individual karma, no group karma. Karma is basicly all the negative vibrations that are accumulated in you, probably in your soul. On third density your soul also collects some of the low vibration energy of your environment, that is the collective karma of people around you. So if you are mostly around people with high vibration, then you also will increase your vibration If you are mostly around people with bad karma, than your own bad karma increases too. This all applies to third density only, neither on lower, nor on higher densities then third densities. The reason you are not affected by group karma on the first two densities, because your soul collects all of that low vibrations, and below third density you, as a unit of consciousness, do not have a soul yet. On fourth density and higher, the average, general, vibration of your soul (which is a higher frequency energy body then your biological energy body), so the soul is strong enough to shield himself from the low vibrations of the environment.

Most, if not all, sources say, that stay on fourth density can only be temporary, not permanent. The question arises here; Why can stay on fourth density only temporarily, not permanently? To find an answer, we have to search for something that only temporarily affects earth. One thing that affects our (binary) solar system and earth is that earth is aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and thus we pass through the Photon Belt (which is emminated from the galactic center). But this lasts only a few years (depending on the source, it is 1-7 years starting on December 21, 2012). This is what the whole Ascention phenomena is all about. The Photon Belt contains high frequency energy originating from the accretion disc of the galactic black hole. This high frequency energy upgrades our DNA and this new DNA structure (biological body can draw in more energies from its environment through the DNA) enables us to exist not only on Fourth, but also on fifth density. What about personal karma on fourth density. I think that what happens is that the vibrational frequency on fourth density during the photon belt radiation is about the normal radiation frequency of the fifth density. When earth leaves the photon belt, the average frequency on fourth density returns to its normal vibration, which is between fourth and fifth density. Those, who enter fourth density prior to the galactic alignment, will be enabled to move onto fifth density. This that enter fourth during the photon belt will be automatically fit for fifth density because photon belt frequency is at least that of the fifth density. In other words, if your soul's vibration on third density is not high enough, while fourth is in photon belt, you cannot enter either fourth, nor fifth density. After the photon Belt of fourth is over, fourth returns to its normal, lower vibration, that is between third and fifth density. At that point you can still enter fourth density from third density, however, because of the low vibration of the environmental group karma on third it will be getting harder and harder to do so. It will be harder and harder as time passes on third density earth, because those that had higher vibration to raise the environmental vibration have already left to fifth and fourth density. Third density then is left with only the low vibration people. Those on third density, out of free will, can allways make the decision to raise their frequency, but because their normal frequency becomes lower and lower, and because there are no galactic higher radiation to assist them, the amount of frequence that is needed to get to fourth density increases. As the average vibration of souls, and thus the decrease in individual units of consciousness, decreases, I think what happens is the that gradually all humans will either have a consciousness restart or a reset (review the begining of this articles, if you don't know what they are). The time and the rate of that happening is the decision of those on third density regarding their own vibrational frequency (they can induce a 100th monkey effect if they want to).


In Density 5, the perception and use of time is completely different then on Density 3 and lower. The many sources I have looked through are unclear about the nature of time on Density 5, but I think that time still passes on Density 5, however anybody can jump back and forth in time, or freeze it just by will of thought. EEG and such devices in our healthcare system are widely used, so it is a well known fact that the brain emits wavelengths of energy, meaning that thought itself must be energy (feelings are also energy,because our body is energy too because the illusion of solid matter). If our though, which is energy, can influence the flow of time, that must mean that time itself is energy.

The vibration (frequency of energy) on Density 5 is a lot higher then on Density 3. As mentioned before, DNA, when exposed to energy, it starts to develop, so the constant higher frequency of Density 5 means that beings on Density 5 have a more developed DNA. Most, if not all,m sources say that on Density 5 phsycic abilities are everyday part of life. One example of phsycic ability is the communication through telepathy. Telepathy is misunderstood, it is not reading others thoughts through "looking into their brain". Each thought has a different vibrational frequencies, for example fearful thoughts have the lowest frequencies. During telepathy one reads the wavelength of the energy emitted by the tought of the other. Some sources also say that the thought sent to the other has different colors emmited from the forehead through the third eye chakra, which is located inside the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is in the middle of the Brain. During telepathy actually the wavelength, or the color of the thought is read, and then the recipient's brain automatically interprets and converts it into thought inside the brain of the recipient.

Beings on the Fifth Density have a stronger and bigger soul, although still inside their biological bodies. This means that their soul is able to attract more energy inside the body through the chakra system. That external energy nourishes not only the soul but the biological body also, thus less sleep, and less food is needed on Density 5.

The most developed beings on the Density 5 (those with highest frequency, thus most advanced DNA) have the ability of thought manifestation. This means that they are able to manipulate the energies around them so that what the think about becames a physhical object. For example they think of an apple and the apple appears in their hand.

There are 14 more planets in our solar system in fifth density (instead of the third density 13 planets). Jupiter in Density 5 is a light blue star.

The color spectrum has 223 color instead of third densities 72 colors.


Density 6 is like a tipping point; until now, the phisical body/matter was needed to nourish and enable the soul/lightbody to grow and devolop. In density 6 physicality becomes a hindrance, and holds back the soul from further growht. Kinda like a fetus grows inside the womb of the mother, but after a while the fetus becomes too big, and so it leave the womb (the protective and nourishing shell around it), so that it can continue to grow, and develop.

Also many sources say that Density 6 is the first density where the concept of individuality, and the concept of I, doesn't exist any more

The male soul and the female reunite again, and become consciousness again. This is in line with having no duality any more on this density and higher.


D1: first unit of consciousness,

D2: first biological lifeforms

d3: first souls

d4: first unified time

d5: first unified consciousness

d6: first light body lifeforms

d7-d12: no detailed knowledge about these densities, but in general, you become less and less dense. Mostly the soul-light body grows.


In total, there are five dimensions, and in each of the dimensions there are twelve different densities. We are currently in the first dimension, which is where the most limitations are.

Please note that I don’t claim to have extraterrestial sources, or anything like that. I just used a lot of different sources, that I have researched in the past few months.


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