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Updated on January 3, 2011

Somewhere there is a flow or a current, of thoughts and ideas, emotions and passions, pleasures and wonders. It is a deep, satisfying river brimming over with the best of bests.

All around the world there are people, happy people. People who are plugged into this current, this power source, this grid. People who's hearts daily are filled with the emotions so many seek... peace, hope, love and joy.

And there lies a cord, right next to the wall, mere inches from the source... but unplugged. There it sits, the gateway to energy, hope and inspiration... but untapped.

Pick it up, open The Book, be inspired.

Is this a fairy tail world? Some made up ideal to which we should all aspire... but never reach. Or is it truth? Are the happy people really happy? Or do desolation and death lie thinly veiled behind smiling faces and sparkling testimony's?

Or is it, perhaps more likely, that it is a twisted combination of both? Take a nineteen year old boy's naïve understanding of a neat reality, a reality where there are visual signs of hearts invaded by Christ. Now smash it into a harsh wall of contrary evidence, read that story after looking at a world full of fallen people. Do you come out with a tangled mess of both worlds? Or just a place where everyone does what they will and begs for forgiveness later...

Now you say “no one is perfect”... but do we pretend to be? Why do people who have God himself in their hearts struggle so much in doing what God would do? Why do people who read and quote such lofty ways of living, continually fail to live what they read?

What is Christianity really? Is it a do what you please, get out of hell free card packaged in a religion? Or is it a real relationship, a real tangible connection, with a real tangible power, that has real tangible effects? You tell me, better yet... show me. So that as I grow into adulthood, I may be plugged in.


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