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Holy Sanctified Boring Pretense Induces Consecrated Fixed Notions

Updated on September 26, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

It's All A Matter Of  How You Look At IT!
It's All A Matter Of How You Look At IT!

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: How To Worship Humanely

In order to embrace that which is the elevated sacred part of your flesh and bone make-up, that you refer and define as God, you must dissolve any singular ‘superimposed’ idea you have about him/her/it.

Your preset 'pretty unruffled' ideas preclude any semblance of validated truth you may be able to gather from the mind altering body liberating soul infusing experience of peeling back the layers of conditioned thought and accumulated religious debris.

 It’s not hard to do; just scary. When you are so identified and attached to certain consecrated notions, the mere mention of shifting them around brings on the feelings of desecration, blasphemy almost to the point of ‘devil’ worship.

Your existing belief system is so fragile, just a mere whiff of a strong wind of the unsavory, unconventional, unaccepted, and unappeased flavor sends your house of worship crumbling. Touch anything you have but not your precious devout convictions!

God, (no matter how referenced) does not give a flip about your prized cherished holy convictions! As astounding and paralyzing as that may sound to your dainty little ears of resolved sincerity, “…Truth (God) is no respecter of persons…” (Paraphrased)

 It’s a new day and a new hour. And, with this newness arises the compelling truth that ALL-including every little devastating, devoured, debased, demoralized, demented, and destructible facet of life’s bitter and callous journey is part of the impenetrable glorious renderings of God.

You either accept ‘all’ of your life as completely unalterably beautiful and divinely perfected or you dispense of the notion altogether. The idea of good things happening and bad things happening is not only erroneous but fictitious, as well.

We are all doing our time on earth! There are some of us who literally remain behind invisible bars all of the days of our lives. Then, there are those who are figuratively placed in confining jail cells, yet are more free than we. Why should this be the case?

It shouldn't. But, as long as we have a 'lust of result' we will remain locked up forever in the cell of expectation and outer validation. Freedom is NOT something imposed on us from the outside but experienced deep within the boundaries of our own creative minds.

When not tied to outer circumstances and in need of the praise from others, we are truly liberated and content. That can be our terminal predicament of joy unspeakable of full of glory!

When you try to dissect various parts of your life into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, you have committed the unforgivable sin. There’s not a banner under which events are categorized as significant and insignificant. ALL is beneficial and correct, no matter how much you want to believe in your personal interpretation.

 How vainglorious you are to think that God pays attention to your particular requests. As if, the other person’s requests are not just as important and valid. If the farmer prays for rain but you just suffered through 14 inches of the drowning mess, whose plea is recognizably more worthy to be answered?

You must come to that ‘not yet defined’ place in your life whereby you are able to recognize, appreciate, accept and apply ALL of the covert actions, reactions, and surprisingly unexpected aspects offered in your somewhat heartbreaking existence.

Praise is designed as a ‘natural and convenient’ constant unceasing mantra for the miraculous opportunity to be alive. It does not afford us the superiorly stupid necessity to moan, groan, belittle and ‘wish for things to get better.”

This as good as it gets, sister. Whatever is occurring, has occurred and will occur is ‘top notch’ perfect for your particular walk. No other roll in the hay is allotted for you.

Life is a mysteriously complex set of zig zag circumstances and events that fit together in a unified cohesively faultless paradigm. In the ‘whole’ picture, {which one must incorporate when delving into appropriate superficial meaning of existence} lies the unfashionable worm no one wants to handle.

To be human is to be wrong. To be human is to be less than what you imagine yourself to be. To be human you are god in unfulfilled expression seeking experience as the means to evolve. God is no more static than that of the atmosphere. Stoic, ‘maybe’, not static. [JOKE]

In essence, we are the surrogates of the divine’s pleasure excursion. We are the vehicles of daily back log of unprecedented experience. No limits. No boundaries. No withdrawals. No deposits. We are here doing what we do best: pretending to be supremely idealist manifestations of proficient privilege.

We act as if we’ve ‘got it all together’ so much so, we have positioned ourselves in a comfortable ‘high and mighty’ perched loft of inherent goodness, righteousness and supposed self-denying servitude, whereby to extend the self-proclaimed right to be able to tell others how they should live. [Down right sickening.]

We ‘act’ (key word) so pretentiously, inventing various scenarios of importance. We plod, plan, prepare, purpose, and prevent so-called unpleasant events we believe we can from happening all in the name of considerable living. But, what for? Why do we do what we do?

Every action is selfishly motivated. We don’t have a clue how to respond uninhibitedly. We are so programmed with ‘pre-meditated thoughts of gain’ and consumed with ‘rehearsed fears of pain’, our ingrained repetitious lives of contingent despair should be fattening.

God is not a concept on the outside of us. Sacredness is not something apart from us. Sanctity is not what we do but who we inherently are. It’s not a matter of being ‘holier than thou’ but responding capriciously authentically ‘natural and convenient’ in circumstances to all people.

There is not mold for the jell to set. No bag to fall out of with romanticized instructions to follow. No method to establish as a conventionlized pattern of right and wrong. Respond to the situation in the situation by the situation.

If a person has been in prison, give him/her the same respect you would the pope. That is true honor! The masters of old realized with full certainty that all of life is continual suffering.

Emerson said one of the things he had learned quite well was how much “shallowness grief embodies.” (paraphrased)

To glamorize unnecessarily certain events in your life is nothing short of idolization. I think somewhere in the scriptures, it is written, “…Thou art to have no idols before me…” (Paraphrased).

Ideally, you are to experience EACH of life’s events fully conscious without infrared comment or thwarted interpretation. The importance and significance of your life lies in the ability to be truly 100% human.

Remembering how to be an extraordinary god is simple. Remembering how to be an ordinary unpretentious human being requires little more effort. You are not here just to win a race, brand a trophy, build an empire, and leave a legacy.

You are here to interact with others on the same blemished almost intolerable/unbearable journey. You are to realize, actualize, and apply the ‘real to life’ facts (so remarkably totally lucidly clear) that in the piles of ‘atrophied guts and fermented maggots’ are the indisputable places where you essentially will find god.

Too Many Options!
Too Many Options!


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