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Unseen The Master's Hand Pen's Joy.

Updated on November 10, 2009


Unseen the master's hand pens joy.


Unseen the master's hand pens joy
each day his words they flow
through countless souls and onto screens
with wisdom all should know
he wove the colors of the world
in rainbow hues and then
he settled in to bring it's praise
in prose and verse to men
a little humour loosens up
all ivory teeth once clenched
a work of comfort full of hope
restores a heart that's wrenched
like a conductor he directs
accompanied by us
we lift our pens or find the keys
to offer love and trust
we bend language to make it fit
he uses us as tools
while madmen rave and leaders boast
we work to calm the fools
he knows that poetry exists
in babbling brooks and lakes
the singsong sound of pebbles sprayed
the ripples stones can make
the choirs of his precious birds
each morning as we rise
the glory of his long brushed strokes
of sunsets cross the skies
he made the poet more aware
of all that this world holds
we're born as poets from the womb
as poets we'll grow old
to document the trails of youth
the pain of age inflicted
to write our feelings is a drug
to which we're all addicted
you see my favorite muse is God
inspiring me with love
he posts his thoughts through all of you
I.M.'ed from far above


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    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 8 years ago from Near the Ocean

      So many pretty lines here, and I thought they were yours. But his, eh?