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"Up One Level" The Book. A realistic analysis of humanities religious insanity. (The Preface)

Updated on February 19, 2012

The Beginning Or The End. It's Your Choice.


I wrote the book "Up One Level" with the intent of warning humanity that we are all in grave danger of self-annihilation at any moment. I've come to this conclusion for two simple reasons. One: For the very first time in history, we now have the technology to wipe out most, if not all, life on earth in a matter of days. And second, being born in 1941 and witnessing the countless wars and failure of the human race to evolve to a degree that our weapons of mass destruction have, it's only a matter of time before some religion crazed, suicidal group of madmen decide to pull the cork on a test tube crawling with smallpox or start a nuclear holocaust that would please their god and earn them all those virgins just waiting in martyrdom for they're arrival.

Stupid isn't it? Stupid or not, it's true and we damn well better realize it now and do something about it now while we still have the chance.

Below is the entire preface of "Up One Level". This is my first book on any subject and you might consider me a literary nobody at this point in time. However, I strongly suggest you all look at "Up One Level" as though it was an all time best seller because if you don't read and act on what I've said, it's not likely you'll be reading anything at all in the near future.

I'm 68 now and I'll be moving on before long but I've got four children out there that I'd like very much to live a full, war free, peaceful life and that goes for the rest of humanity. You all witnessed the devistation of 9/11, that was just the beginning of what's to come if we don't end our ancient religious beliefs that are unquestionably the paramount reason why we humans still hate, kill, and destroy. Remember, we don't fight with rocks and sticks anymore.

See below for UOL's website link.

"Up One Level" The Preface

Dec.25th, July 4th, Dec.7th, and Dec.31st, are dates most Americans know well. Now there is one more date to add to the list… Sept.11th. Not a religious holiday or someone’s birthday, just another sad day Americans will always remember when one group of human beings scored a spectacular mass murder against another.

Unfortunately, we took the hit this time around but you can bet your history books it’s only just begun. Soon, weapons of mass destruction brandishing a capital “M” will make their debut in our world's killing fields which happens to be just about anywhere these days. If not in this current “Allah verses the infidel’s” insanity, surely in the next war when mankind decides his brothers must die by the millions and all of his accomplishments be reduced to stone-age delineation’s. The urgency of this book will then become crystal clear to those that remain apathetic in the event there are any literate beings still alive in the near future.

The title Up One Level was born of the 9/11 slaughter. Months following, throughout the world, television and radio broadcasts were inundated with ceremonies, speeches, conferences, religious choirs, and talk shows. All lamenting 9/11 and what ought to be done about it.

Most of the world's political and religious leaders had their day in front of the camera, even the extremist's and their "Allah is great" recitations. They all voiced their opinions of 9/11 but curiously, not one dignitary mentioned the 2.2 million men, women, and children hacked to death in Central Africa over the last few years, or the countless hoards of children that die from malnutrition and pestilence each and every week. Not one president, king, or religious leader asked why is the human race still butchering each other nor did any of them propose a permanent cure, just business as usual.

It would seem Moslem extremists wish to kill all the infidels on the planet which they might just pull off one day soon. Unfortunately for them, smallpox virus, deadly poisons, and nuclear fallout have no religious affiliations.

There is nothing new here; indiscriminate religious killings have been a way of life for thousands of years. Except now, the religious fervor to kill has engulfed our planet and weapons of mass murder have evolved way beyond our ability to control and contain them.

History is no stranger to us, why have none of our world leaders taken their plane of thought Up One Level and planned a final cure for this fratricide? Why have none of them dared mention that war has always been sanctioned and encouraged by our gods? Why have none of them realized history repeats itself time after time with only minor script adaptations and focused their abilities on bringing an end to war for good by eliminating the root cause? Why have they not, seen the main reasons this carnage continues and worked to change the status quo? Why have they not seen that it's our gods, like generals on distant hilltops, ordering and directing the killing?
One could not ask for a better example than what is happening around the world as I speak. Religious hate is killing our people throughout the world and threatens to annihilate humanity at any moment.

There is no evidence showing a secession of hostilities in our future if somehow, we manage to have one. On the contrary, we continue to broaden and radicalize religious secularism guaranteeing future hostilities. The World Trade Center would still be standing and thousands of people would still be alive if it was not for Allah vs. Jesus.

I am here to judge right from wrong make no mistake about it and I will lay blame where I see it cut, dried, and right to the point. You will hear my solutions to some of our global problems in the last chapters of this book. The paramount reason for writing this book is to make the world aware of the root causalities of war. Without an awareness and understanding of these root causes, humanity is doomed to repeat its mistakes. Mistakes we must find solutions for right now, before our own technology consumes us all. Replace a blown fuse in a TV set and chances are it will soon blow again if the original problem is not found and rectified. So it goes with humanity and war. Unfortunately, Allah and Jesus do not see eye to eye. Moslem extremists have reasons why they do what they do, and we are no different. They believe they are justified in their thoughts and actions and so do we. So it has been with both sides in any war ever fought. I am not aware of any warring leader that actually considered himself an evil son of a bitch.

Organized religion is the backbone of all societies as far back as you wish to investigate. Religion is the catalyst that binds a people together as a society. It is the chancellor of all moral and civil laws, an incontestable entity that eventually isolates one society from another. First fostering difference and isolation, then sooner or later, hate and war. War over land, money, food, water, religion, politics, resources, and even women so its been told. Curious though, wars are almost always fought by groups with vehemently opposing religions. It is the root causes of war I wish to illustrate. Root causes that once understood must be eliminated.

The fact is, war will continue as it has since mankind first picked up a rock and crushed the skull of his brother until we eliminate not just the present day hostilities, but the root causes. There is only one difference this time around after thousands of years of killing… we don't fight with rocks anymore.

We must come to understand our weapons of today are capable of annihilating all life on earth for the very first time in history and that yesterday was the time to change our ancient ways or face certain extinction by our very own hateful hand. It is absolutely critical that we realize religious secularism is, and always has been the number one root cause of mankind's continued destruction of himself and all he survey’s. In this book, I intend to prove just that.

Included, you will find several chapters on various injustices suffered by this country and others around the world for way too long. Due to our modern transportation and communication abilities, our once isolated countries are becoming more and more interactive and dependent on each other. Because of the collective effects of these selfish, moronic, hateful, and destructive practices, moral clarity is rapidly deteriorating on a global scale especially among our young, without which there will be no chance of elevated and progressive achievement.

At varying degrees, we all suffer many of the same social plagues and causalities no matter what language we speak. In order to put an end to the ongoing insanity of war and destruction we must first understand what causes us to kill our brothers and sisters. The Up One Level thought process, forces us to see these ills and demands we change what needs to be changed once and for all, while we still have the opportunity.

I have been told that writing this book in hopes of changing the world is a fantasy. A colossal mistake that will cost me a year or more of my life and provide an even more despondent outlook of our children's future but what would I be if I didn't try?

“The man who makes no mistakes, does not usually make anything.”
John Edward Phelps-1889.

If humanity is to survive and evolve to a fraction of the level of civility most of us believe we already possess, we're going to have to transcend the ways of our suckling millennia, our gods, and even Mother Nature. Dying on your knees, begging for mercy, is a pathetic way to go my friends, especially if no one is listening. Stand up! take a long look at reality for a change and at least give our children a fighting chance.

With this book, I pass on a lifetime of observation, conclusion, suggestion, and solution. Right or wrong, it’s all I've got. After you digest these pages, it will be your turn, what will you do?

Click below to go to "Up One Level's" web/info/order page.



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