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Uranus in Taurus: Unexpected Chaos Impacts the Environment and Economy

Updated on March 17, 2019
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a passionate astrologer and numerologist, who continues to study and expand her knowledge of astrology with the purpose of educating others.

Uranus the planet of chaos and revolution has moved into the astrological fixed sign of Taurus, where he will reside until 2025. Uranus is known as the great awakener and disrupter, who’s awareness creates an innovative spin on all things out of the ordinary. Unexpected change will be experienced without warning bringing forth ground-breaking radical shifts, establishing freedom and independence. The dispassionate demeanour of this explosive planet begins with the structures and restrictions set by Saturn, (both co-rulers of Aquarius), however Uranus encourages stepping beyond the confines of restriction-separating us from the boundaries of conformity, the obvious, or what we deem circumstantial. His wilful nature doesn’t “go by the book” or “rules,” rather it demonstrates ultimate freedom in which some may view as being irresponsible. However, stretching beyond the limitations of traditionally out-dated belief systems, allows us to stand in what we fear the most, our authenticity… When we dare to explore the unchartered realms of Uranus, we discover the freedom to express our thoughts, actions and differences. It’s liberty through individuality, taking risks, walking the path less travelled and breaking free from the binary collective ideology of society that we know today. Step out of the comfort zone (Taurus) and into the unknown (Uranus).

Taurus is about sensuality, it governs touch and the use of our senses, it rules the second house on the zodiac symbolising money and our financial abundance. This house is a representation of resourcefulness, self-worth, all things of beauty, the environment and economy. Taurus encourages connecting with nature, it’s strength lies in its realistic perspectives, amazing stamina and focused determination-this passionate sign is grounded, tangible and stable due to its earth element which anchors itself deep into the far reaches of one’s cores values. The ingression of Uranus into Taurus, will awaken and disrupt the steadfast demeanour of this sign, shaking it to the core. By house and sign, Uranus creates chaos and stress in order for change and evolution, in Taurus we will experience turbulence with our values, moving from what we know as the creature comforts and focused attention to the stability of our environment.

We have entered a brand new eighty-four-year cycle with Uranus when he began his transition into Aries on December 21st, 2012. Even though the unexpected emerges through Uranus, with this transit, we can expect upheaval with regards to our environmental structures, including erratic weather patterns and planetary shake-up and break-throughs. This disruption will affect how we grow, source and consume our food and its supply across the earth in order to create innovative and progressive ways of production without harm to the environment. To this point there’s a reason why alternate therapies currently take a back seat to the pharmaceutical companies and why certain institutions control the masses monopolising the market!! A controversial topic for another time perhaps.. Monumental changes will be implemented, overseeing the handling of recyclable items and rubbish disposal, where our waterways and oceans have been contaminated way to long by ignorance- Uranus in Taurus will hold us accountable as our planet will rebel and retaliate. Taurus is a money sign, therefore the structures surrounding our economy will change how we use money, our relationship-mindset and complexity to it, the loans, mortgages and credit card debts people enslave themselves within, how money is printed, or if its continued to be printed at all! After all, Uranus governs the internet and technology and the majority of our banking has become a digital process. These changes extend into the stock-exchange, land value, real-estate and the exuberant taxes paid on earnings, Uranus in Taurus balks at tradition and the paradigm of enslaving people to debts encumbered from governments, organisations and the likes across the globe within the out-dated systems. The reality is apparent, our current systems are breaking down and failing. Times are changing rapidly through the discoveries and revolutionary expression of Uranus-humanity is awakening and rebelling, especially in terms of an individual earning a living outside the confined parameters of enslavement, Uranus in Taurus will change your perspectives in innovative and surprising ways creating alternate lifestyles and financial freedom. Uranus rules communities, Taurus rules the land, nations and cultures will come together forming new ways of building and implementing new foundations, structures and systems through global communities, enterprises and networks.

On a personal level, you may experience changes with what you once valued. The conservative and patient disposition of the untamed bull wants to break free. Taurus is a sign with a fixed modality, meaning it doesn’t take kindly to change or disruptions to its safety and security, unless it’s on the bull’s terms-I highly recommend complying with the changes implemented by Uranus, otherwise you will be up-rooted and moved which won’t be pleasant! You will find yourself uncomfortably removed from your comfort zone which will be exhilarating, scary and liberating all at once.. Remember, this a seven-year long transit. Venus the planetary ruler of Taurus will express a more rebellious nature while Uranus visits her ruling sign. We will see many expressions of interest and change within women’s movements and gay and lesbian liberation across the globe with more objectivity based on rights for value and equality. Uranus will find a strong base within Taurus, which will then extend beyond its boundaries.

Many may look at this with the expression of “well I am not Taurus, so how does this affect me?” it’s simple, while this transit will have more of an impact on those folks who are Taurus Sun, Moon, Ascendant rising and any personal planets in Taurus, along with the fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius (Uranus ruling sign) and Leo, everyone has Taurus and Uranus somewhere on their personal natal chart by sign and house. If you would like to know more on a personal level, with regards to which life area this next seven-year transit will affect you, I highly recommend consulting an astrologer for this information. The above mentioned information is a general overview and does affect everyone on these levels as Uranus is the first of the Transcendental Planets (along with Neptune and Pluto) governing the collective consciousness of Mother Earth, better known as Gaia.


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