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Urgent Care

Updated on September 16, 2017

Urgent Care Defined

“UC, hmm.” That term hadn’t immediately grasped my attention at my first entering the hospital ER that Monday afternoon for somewhat of an urgent care checkup.

Checking in I then seated myself in the waiting area, and waited. I noticed a lighted board on the wall sharing the names of those waiting with me. There was my name, at check in, waiting for my triage, ah, that meaning, medically speaking, “the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.”

Soon, the nurse called me in for my triage. The severity determined I waited once more, this time for the UC Provider.

“UC,” there it is again, as I read on that lighted board. But what does that mean? I thought and thought. Then another person entered the ER. Walking to the desk, I heard him ask, “Is this where one checks in for urgent care?”

Dah, it struck me, of course, “urgent care.” And so I continued waiting for the UC Provider who would examine me.

A few hours later it was over; basically I was found to be “a-okay.” Praise to Jesus!

Urgent Care Experienced

Hiking one hot summer day at South Carolina’s Table Rock State Park, I must confess it was not so easy-going; I found it a bit of a struggle when coming upon the rocks and roots and ruts along the upward way, and down again too. Need I emphasize, "hot"? Ninety degrees and above! As probably all who have ever hiked a rugged mountain trail will also realize for sure it's not so easy-going.

Up I went, walking somewhat with a friend. He a faster walker than I, he reached the height ahead of me. I eventually joining him, we rested a bit. Deciding not to journey to the top, being too steep a climb, a little while later we started back down.

Half way down, at a designated sheltered area, there resting was an out of state Boy Scout troop. Ah, Boy Scouts, in my youth I was one myself, and thus so familiar was I with the Scout motto, oath, and law, and their training in such as hiking, camping, first aid… First Aid—hmm, urgent care. Unknown to me then, but God knowing all, knew what I would experience from that Boy Scout troop practicing some UC upon me.

Further down the mountain I experienced it—heat exhaustion and dehydration. A little rest and water I figured was what all I needed. The Boy Scout troop coming upon me thought differently. One having dialed 9-1-1, an ambulance soon was waiting down below; I then continued on a stretcher my rugged hike down that mountain.

Lying in the ambulance, the paramedics checked me over—blood pressure, pulse, and temperature—finding me to be okay; they then suggested rest and water, there not really any need for a visit to a hospital ER. Praise to Jesus! The ambulance expense was enough for me; I cared not to experience the expense of a hospital visit too.

Urgent Care Evermore

“Rocks and roots and ruts”—in the faith life too there are such to wade through and trek over, and that also may not be so easy-going at times. As Jesus promised what I may come up against in trekking through this physical temporal time, troubles and trials and struggles and sorrows; Jesus have never promised His faithful followers a “rose garden” for their leisurely wallowing in, just His loving and affectionate care—evermore—and His gifts of grace and peace to carry them along. And in Him, through it all there is a continued UC experience of real joy as well.

In so trekking over the rocks and roots and ruts through my journeying this vale here below, Jesus is right there with me, lifting me up all along the way. May the world know of His gifts of grace and peace and joy and love as He so shines through me, and others of His faithful followers too.

Urgent care. Asleep that evening, the term again rolled through my sub-conscious, defining afresh the UC term. In all of life there is no greater “UC Provider,” than God Himself, who became one of us and lived for awhile among us, and coming again—King Jesus.

© 2016 Charles Newcombe


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