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Use of Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Updated on June 10, 2012

Nakshatra are the stars in the sky we see which we see on a clear night when the sky is viewed. Brihat Parashara Hora shastra mentions three different types of celestial bodies to be considered for vedic astrology. The 3 celestial bodies that he mentions are grahas , upagrahas and nakshatras. The celestial bodies that emit light of their own are known as stars of nakshatras. The grahas have no light of their own , but have a physical mass , whilst the upagrahas neither has mass nor have light but are just mathematical points calculated in the sky.

Nakshatra is a group of stars , placed in the Bhuvar Loka , where the gods and demigods reside. There are total of 27 physical nakshatras and 1 divine nakshatra known as Abhijit , which is good for any and all known purposes. Of the many different dashas and chakras in astrology , some use the 27 scheme , whilst others use the 28 scheme. Each nakshatra has 4 padas and can signify either religion , wealth , service or spirituality within the native depending on which quarter the nakshatra the native was born in. The ascendant nakshatra is most powerful , as it shows what dominates the native and also determines their temperament.

For example , a person born with Bharani nakshatra in Ascendant , whose lord is Venus , will always have infatuation for the opposite sex , women , comforts and glamorous things in life. A person born with Krittika nakshatra in the Ascendant , will have fiery temperament , hasty in nature , proactive and always bent on action. Such natives are valorous in nature and do not believe in destiny or luck. Even if they fail , they never stop trying.

Thus , the nakshtra determines the nature of the individual , which is dependent on the light of the stars that reaches the native upon birth and grasps the individual for their whole life. The nakshatras have a direct impact on the mind and are very powerful and potent in giving results. A deep study of the nakshatras is highly recommended in vedic astrology and in future articles I will show , how to do this.


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    • profile image

      subhas ch. mitra 3 years ago

      good information on ascendant nakshatra & its impact on life as per Vedic astrology.

    • theastrology profile image

      theastrology 5 years ago from New Delhi

      Good information about Vedic Astrology! vote up.