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Using Evil for Good: God at Work

Updated on May 14, 2016
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I’m Gracie, a Freelance writer from Ajax, Ontario in Canada, I write on politics, health, sports, animals, social issues and spirituality.

Genesis 50:20

"But as for you, you thought evil against me, but GOD meant it to good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive"

Unfair circumstances

Often, we go through circumstances, situations which seem brutal, unfair and quite frankly - difficult to comprehend. The human mind naturally rejects the situation, tries hard to block it out as a form of self-defence. Adverse circumstances however, do not dissipate of their own accord; they are very present and some in fact hang around for a long, long time; many often returning over and over again.

Facing a crisis
Facing a crisis | Source

Coming to grips with the trial

Our mind goes through interesting stages - shock, disbelief, horror to complete rejection, gradually settling down to grudging acceptance. Even then, we try to fight it, in our own strength - and fail miserably. After struggling to overcome, we either choose to place the difficult circumstance in GOD's hands (many times we hand it to Him out of sheer exhaustion), or our response is one of weary resignation and we carry on like zombies in a dazed manner, waiting for the trial to run its course. (So whither the Christian faith?)


When adversity struck me...

A few months ago, I was laid off work; part of inevitable restructuring and organizational changes within the company - or so it seemed. My inner voice, however began speaking to me becoming louder each instance telling me that there was more to it than just simple restructuring. It was hard to accept it - as I was supposedly one of the "stars of the organization', "hard working", "dedicated" member of the team with "high work ethics". As a believer in Christ, I attached immense importance to working diligently and staying focussed on my tasks, leaving little or no time to "schmooze" or "hang-out". Allowing myself to dwell on the injustice done, I reflected on all that I had done for the firm - those extra details, never saying no, listening to my co-workers with respect, going "above and beyond". And yet - now this!

Seek after God with all your heart
Seek after God with all your heart | Source

Seeking the Holy Spirit

As I began praying and releasing my hurt and confusion to the Holy Spirit, a sense of peace and calm began descending upon me. Gradually my mind quietened and began seeking better things. Over the next few months, GOD brought old acquaintances back into my life - I didn't want to re-connect with anyone, initially. Slowly, I stopped resisting and began enjoying catching up and spending time with my friends, once again. The Holy Spirt began working through them, healing my wounded spirit and began revealing certain truths which I found difficult to face. I learnt that the woman I respected so much, had used organizational restructuring as an excuse to get rid of me. Stunned, I continued seeking the Lord to understand my part in this.

As moments and scenes began unfolding in my mind, I began to understand why it had all come to this - and with understanding also came compassion for the woman I understood to be responsible for this turn of events. It was a blow to realise that she had perhaps never liked me and had been looking for opportunities to transfer me out or to make things tough, so that I would quit myself.

Jealousy, is a negative emotion and will cause the most balanced person to act in unreasonable ways. Positive reviews I had been receiving for my hard work and the time I was devoting to my new responsibilities spurred her to make certain decisions that went against me.

God is in Control

When Satan decides to attack you, he invariably uses someone close to you, someone you have trusted and looked up to. That's why - the fall is harder, truth almost impossible to bear.

However, scriptures remind us in Isaiah 14:24 The Lord of hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand".

I reminded myself, God had planned it - so he had a purpose behind it and was using it to mould me, grow and develop me and bring me to a better place. He uses people, circumstances, situations to bring our attention to a key issues, I had become so engrossed in "completing and doing" what was on my plate, that perhaps I had failed to notice glaring flaws in the situation and also within me.

I was tired and stressed, my working day had extended itself, I needed to be reachable 24 hrs a day (not ideal), taking time away from my family and from myself. All my thoughts centered around tasks to be completed and people to be kept happy, my time with the Lord suffered as well. When God allowed the relationship to be severed, He acted for good, to bring me out of a toxic situation and allow me to examine it with fresh eyes. I clung to verse Roman 8:28 "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose", to bring healing to my soul.

Did God create the Universe?

Evil purposed for Good

Fellow believer, don't fear when evil is intended your way; God will take anything and use it for our good and His glory - you need to continue trusting in him and believing in His plan. Joseph from the Old Testament is a great example of unfailing faith in God's plan, even in the most unimaginable situations Joseph never stopped worshipping his Creator. God honoured his faith and not only did he exalt him in the foreign land, He also allowed him to come to his brothers' rescue. God used Evil for his great plan.

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© 2016 Gracie


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