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Law of Karma & Law of Attraction

Updated on July 18, 2013

Karma and Law of Attraction

Do you believe karma affects the law of attraction?

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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction with Karma

Have you ever wonder how karma plays out with the Law of Attraction? Have you ever question how you can create our own reality, with karma breathing down your back? Perhaps, you have question if we truly are co-creators with this Universal Consciousness? If this is truth, how would our karma, dharma and destiny fit in? Can we just ignore our own spirit – life-plan?

Karma often is a mislead word. How often do you hear someone say, they will get their karma? We often see karma as a punishment. However, is not a good deed karma? Is not living life to the best of our ability karmic? Karma is neutral. It is cause and effect. We create the situations in our life that come back to us, and no one is exempt. As we evolve through our lifetimes, including this one, we set up lessons for growth. Growth is the measure of our evolving. We each possess polarity within us; yin and yang. We cannot have one without the other. Our Earth is a polarity, and it too cannot have one without the other. Karma being neutral is brought to life through our own actions. Cause and effect is felt daily by all of us in some type of measure, as we grow on our spiritual path

.Law of attraction is an activity you do daily. It is neutral, as is karma. With the awareness of the Law of Attraction, excuses and blame become known as misconceptions. Our thoughts do create the present day reality that we live in. Our thoughts are govern most of the time through our sub-conscious. This sub-conscious is our program computer that is not emotionally invested in you. It only plays old tapes as you present it with a situation. In permitting this, you are activating karmic situations, cause and effect for your future. It is a well-oiled machine, if you think about it. Thank goodness for awareness and our consciousness. These two can create better causes, and attract opportunities that enrich our life.

This hub will discuss three types of Law of Attraction: Law of Attraction as a Group Conscious, Law of attraction as destiny(Dharama) and the law of attraction most people seek on an individual bases.

Belief, Law of Attraction and Your Health

Law of Attraction and Karma

Law of Attraction on 3 levels

Law of Attraction as a group conscious is when thoughts create a motion that ushers in a manifestation. You are privy of seeing this daily. The primary areas we view this is in politics, religion and society’s standards. This is expressed often when a group of people proclaim their way is the true way. They use this as a justification to use certain means to spread their perfect vision of the world. Like has to attract like, which is the Law of Attraction. This type of conscious is a group conscious, and we can read or watch any media to see how it has played out in history, as well as current affairs. As we can easily summarize from this there are many groups on the earth, each holding their own group consciousness. These are not divided equally, but often this type of group conscious is based on false truths that will not be looked at for validity. People will hold dear to their beliefs, and refer to a certain book or a person(s) that they follow.

Law of attraction as destiny or dharma is also a group consciousness, which created a plan prior to this lifetime. Throughout a person’s life they will meet like- minded people, who they have a dharmic path contract. Their meeting is destiny. Dharma is a group activity, which is agreed up prior to each person’s incarnation. This is done to help benefit the human evolution. Their destiny can involve horrible historical events, to help show the people of earth that evolution of the spirit is important. This we have seen through those who have suffered persecution throughout our history. This is one example, and not all destinies are only pertaining to war, persecution or other areas that many people call evil. The female liberation, gay rights and race equality are dharmic paths. These areas were planned prior to the period incarnation, though it could very well have been over decades before the events took place, as well as events happening afterwards to help elevate human consciousness. The internet is an active networker, with many dharmic groups gathering. This though, if we examine it closely, covers ideas that often do not co-exist, but usher in more obstacles. The polarity is found in this area of Law of Attraction as well.

Law of Attraction on a personal level is the area, which most people are most familiar with, and is daily distributed through the media. There are hundreds of books, newspaper articles, blogs and internet material on this type of Law of Attraction. Our society has an empty whole in it, and we seek to calm that emptiness with the soul-mate, perfect house, job, and children, to name a few. This we feel will make us happy and through this we can finally experience pure joy. Most of this information does not inform you that we are a polarity being, and you can’t have one, happy, without the other, sad. We keep going back to these types of materials, and perhaps this is why you have chosen to read this hub, to see if you can learn that hidden key to attracting all you want in this life.


All 3 levels of Law Attraction are Interwoven

This last type of Law of Attraction is interwoven with the first two types. Our group conscious beliefs, as well as the dharmic principle is very active here. Karma, as mentioned earlier, is cause and effect. Your beliefs and your destiny is very active with your cause and effect of what you are attracting. Our subconscious is made up of records or tapes that have been passed down to us by our family, which were passed down to them. The breaking of these tapes is what changes your cause and effect-karma. I will share a few events from my life to help clarify this for you. It has been several decades since I learned about the last type of Law of Attraction. I did have some success with this. One was attracting a house for my husband and me. The description of the home came about, yet it was not our ideal home. Thank goodness it was only a rental, without a lease. Six months after we moved in, we moved out. This taught me that my thoughts can bring about what I sought, yet my beliefs still played a major part. I continued throughout the years to sharpen my thoughts, to bring what we sought, or what I sought after his death. Each time my thoughts created what I sought, yet my own beliefs on life distorted the outcome. This has lead me to the discovery that the Law of Attraction is more than just the personal level. The first time I had a smidgen of this was when I was invited to Hawaii to learn the Ho’oponopono by a wise woman. In my learning progress, I learned about how our thoughts are tied into our ancestors. This was a new concept for me, and one that took years to totally understand. There are others who teach this, and you can find information on the internet.

I learned in the 1980’s about the subconscious acting like a tape recorder, by attending a seminar given by Dick Supthen, and reading or listening to his books, audio-books and hypnosis tapes. Recently, through listening to Dr. Fred Wolfe, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispensa, all part of the Quantum physics movement.

The destiny aspect I came up through my own meditations. I do believe that I was attracted to these Laws of Attraction more as a dharmic group function, and have been led to other people who I have a destiny contract with prior to this incarnation.

Ho'oponopono for cleansing old thoughts

Ho'oponopono chant and music

Cleansing the past karmic conditions

The Ho'oponopono is a great method to cleanse away past and ancestor karmic conditions. I have listed two videos to help you begin.

Opening the Door

You currently are applying Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is real and you are currently applying it. Today is the summation of your past beliefs, which are recorded in your subconscious. Tomorrow will hold today's’ and yesterdays’ beliefs, unless you decide to make a conscious decision to change our own tapes. This is done through reprogramming it by actively using our consciousness. As long as you permit your subconscious to run your life, you might have some success on one level, like the examples I gave you, but your experience will always be limited. We need to reprogram ourselves, and this includes what our parents, family, society, religious leaders, political leaders and all their ancestors have programmed us through this life. Karma exists, because we cannot get away from cause and effect. Karma though is neutral as is your subconscious. Both are not out to get you. They are not emotionally involved with you since they represent a machine. They run systemically. We also need to remember we have yin and yang. This is program in us, as well as our earth and universe. There is no exit out of this. You will have times of bless, as well as times of conflict. Our way handling both will change though, as we begin to release these old programs. Creating your reality is a given. You have been doing it throughout your life. The Law of Attraction is a reality. We attract what we believe on a deeper level than what we see.

If you have chosen to read this hub, with the anticipation to discover the hidden key to get the Law of Attraction to work for you, all I can give you is to observe what your self-talk is telling you, without judgment. Do not judge your family for your dilemma for they are living with their own subconscious tapes. If you are looking for an easy and lazy way to attract what you desire, you will always come up empty handed. This takes work, you can’t find a way around it. Affirmations are not a key factor here. The only word you need is any word that will stop your tapes. This can be stop, halt, change, or any other word that will work for you. I have listed throughout this blog links to authors who can explain how the subconscious works. This, for me, way the key to put the Law of Attraction puzzle together. When I had those missing pieces, I was able to make concrete sense out of it, versus the fluff we are often subjected too on our search. This valuable information is out there; you just have to look for it. I believe fully that the Law of Attraction dharmic groups are alive and active bringing different levels of awareness to us. Yes, there are many of these groups, and none are right or wrong. They are fulfilling their dharmic purpose. We all do have one purpose, which is to help humankind to evolve, though our ideas might not always be the same. This is a positive, since there is more than one road to enlightenment. When we can embrace others ideas, yet choose the one that works for us best, we are walking the road of evolving our human state. If you wish to begin your own adventure of evolvement, there is a lot of information on You Tube, Google or at Amazon. In closing, this is not to be seen as a destination, but as a journey. In seeing it as an adventure, the process, for me, has made the struggle easier


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Tebo. Regarding the doubt, it does creep in, but we can be aware and see how it rules our life each day. With awareness, we are led to taking steps to walk through the doubt.

      Again, thank you for commenting.

    • tebo profile image


      5 years ago from New Zealand

      You have explained the law of attraction from a different angle and I do understand your perspective. You can't let any doubt into your mind when you are trying to attract something into your life. This is a very interesting hub and I enjoyed reading your work.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Carol. Yes, this has been an area of interest to me for quite awhile. I have recently been able to put a couple pieces of my puzzle together, through study quantum mechanics.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Most interesting and worth reading. You did a great job in sharing this issue of the law of attraction. I do think we are what we think and how we feel about life and ourselves. I think the Universe is the strongest transmitter there is. Well done.


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