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What's In Your Hand?

Updated on January 26, 2016

The prophets, disciples and apostles in Jesus’ time and before his time spoke in truth but never in anger. Many heard the words of the prophets but few actually took their warnings seriously.

We can minister all we want, but if we do it in anger, no one will hear us! It is better for many to hear for the purpose of saving a few, versus saving none because of words that were spoken in anger, or meant to instill fear.

While we should be God fearing people, we should also be God loving. While we should speak His truth, we need to make sure it is in fact His truth and not our own convictions.
You’ve all heard the old saying, “Think before you speak.” Well. . .
Pray first.
Be still and listen.
Wait for God to answer.
It is only after He has spoken, should your mouth also be opened to speak.
What good are His words if they are twisted?

The overall goal is not to win friends or to gain popularity. The overall goal is to win souls. The goal is to mend the broken-hearted. To reach into the dark and cold places where sad and lonely people go to dwell, pull them out and show them there is a life worth living!

What better way to reach a nation one person at a time than to give each individual a tool they can use in order to help them to reach others.

The saddest part of all is the fact that we don’t even realize the tool that God has placed in our hands to use.
We are so busy admiring the tools that have been placed in everyone else’s hands that we overlook our very own gift from God.

Realizing Your Talent

Think of the movie Tinker Bell. In the very beginning of the movie, Tinker Bell was surrounded by an assortment of different tools. She went around to each one of them until finally the tool that was meant for her glowed and sparkled in an amazing spectacle in front of everyone!
Throughout the rest of the movie, she does everything she can to try to become something she is not.
Because her gift was not water, she couldn’t carry the delicate dew drops.
Because she was not to a light fairy, she could not collect the warm drops of sun to feed to the hungry lightning bugs that would fill the night’s sky.
Because her gift was not to work with the animals of the forest, she ultimately failed at teaching a baby bird to fly and it fell…

Her calling all along was to find lost things and to fix them. And finally, after all the struggles and disappointments, she realized how meaningful her purpose was by using the tool that was gifted to her from birth.

God Didn't Leave You Empty Handed

In my own personal experience, I too overlooked my own gift. I was too busy admiring the painters, sculptors, singers, dancers, etc. … All this time I spent wondering what my gift was. I dug deep and searched, and found nothing. I started to think that maybe my calling or my purpose was no greater than to be a mother and wife. And although I desired something so much more than that, I had to learn to be okay with it. I adore my children and husband; being a mother and a wife is the best ministry there is. But I just felt there had to be something more.

Finally, God showed me what I had all along and so easily overlooked. I have the gift of an outspoken nature, and an ability to articulate my words well in writing.
It only took me until I was nearly 35 to figure it all out.
Just remember, it doesn’t matter how you begin; it only matters how you end.

Remember, you already have the tool in your hand. God didn’t forget to put it there, you’re just too busy looking at everyone else’s.
Once you find it, don’t underestimate what you can do with it. God gave it to you for a reason. And when the time comes, you will know exactly what you are supposed to do. But be careful to do as God intended, and not as the world would have you do.

1 Peter 2:9

"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light."

God Bless.

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