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Read Tarot like a Professional

Updated on November 10, 2016

Discover Your Own Answers


D.I.Y Tarot by Renee Abbott

I am a retired psychic, medium and tarot reader, with over forty years experience. I enjoy teaching D.I.Y. tarot. This hub will reveal two spreads that will create a wealth of information for you. Take your time and write your answers in a notebook. I advise to leave space for any comments you might wish to jolt down.

4 of Cups

The Tarot 4 of Cups Reveals Why You are Stuck

The wonders one can find in the Tarot 4 of Cups. This card poetically reveals a person staring into space, with three cups scattered beside them. The cups are ignored. Boredom has filled each cup. The person in the card has grown apathetic, and restless. They have shut down their senses, and are not aware of a cup being offered to them. Something or someone is offering them a new beginning. We are being offered an opportunity that will raise our passion within and breakthrough the claws of apathy. The reality though is we have become stuck and do not see this cup being presented to us.

Let’s take a closer look. 4 of cups is a water element card. Though we might not physically see the opportunity there is a tug inside us. Something is stirring, but we are clueless to what it represents. If I would inform you that there is a way to predict this opportunity, would you wish to have it unveiled? There is and I am going to relay a couple short layouts to help you to discover your new opportunity. As a teacher of tarot, one rule I implemented was there would be no use for tarot books. I taught through increasing one’s psychic as they learned to tune into the cards. This though is not required when using a specific card to seek an answer. If you wish to use a book, please feel free too, but do take the answer and meditate on it for at least a couple days. As you meditate, seek to understand how you can utilize the meaning in your life. You might wish to write your thoughts down, and even begin a game plan on how to achieve your goal.

A Three Card Spread

First Spread-4 of Cups Spread

The first layout is 3 cards.

You will shuffle the cards and when they feel ready, go through your deck and find the 4 of cups. After you have located the 4 of cups, take the card prior to it and after it within your deck. Lay them in this order: The card prior the 4of cups is on your left, the 4 of cups is in the middle and the card after is on the right.

The first card indicates what has put you into this ‘blue-funk’. It is good to know why you have become disassociated with life. The next card will indicate what action you will need to take. This action usually is in form of a new idea, which you can place as a goal. I have drawn three cards from my tarot deck to help explain this.

1st card representing what has put you into the dispirited mentally is Queen of Swords

2nd card representing our present naturally is the 4 of cups

3rd card representing the action you need to take is the Justice card.

The Queen of swords is a woman who is single. She can be a widow or divorced. Her family is not living with her. She does listen to others’ problems, and often can find resolutions for them. The Queen of Swords sometimes lacks tack and often is set in her ways.

We can see what now has brought the 4 of cups (you) into your present-day humdrums. Are you too set in your ways? Do you feel as if a relationship would be more dishearten because you are used to doing things your way? Have you shut a door, so new possibilities could not entice you? These are the characteristics of the Queen of Swords. You can take them and meditate on them, and see if they have hinder or helped you.

The third card Justice is directing you into looking at life in a more balance way. If the Queen of Swords suggests being stuck in one’s way, you will need to work on being more flexible. What else does Justice inform us? Libra is the astrological sign, which rules over Justice. This sign speaks of the ‘we’ verses the’ I’. In astrology Libra is the only sign that is focused on the ‘We’. This is a major clue to us. We already know the Queen of Swords is use to thinking just about her needs. She seldom thinks about the needs of others, especially if it interferes with her daily structure. A meditation on how being self-contain in one’s habits, can shed light on how she is blocking out people in knowing her inner world. Justice is indicating she needs to balance this with letting a few people into her private world.

Ocean Meditation

For your listening pleasure

I do encourage listening to music, while meditating.

The Devil Spread

Spread Two-Devil Spread

The second spread is used for spirit advice and consists of two cards.

The card is the Devil. You might find this odd. What kind of spiritual path can one have with this card? The Devil informs us, on how we are creating our own prisons, and crushing our dreams. The other card pulled with the Devil will offer you suggestions on how to release the hell you have surrendered too ages ago. It might be time to free yourself from useless beliefs that are limiting you. As you can see, the Ace of Wands came with the Devil. Ace of Wands is career, business, and a passion for creating. Standing beside the Devil, it becomes a flashing red-light. There is a fear of success or failure going on, in one’s mind. How long has this been occurring and how has it put blocks in front of you, would be two questions I would instantly ask.

Your D.I.Y. Tarot Teacher


D.I.Y. Tarot Learning

These two tarot card layouts can offer you a wealth of information. You can use either or both spreads as often as you wish, if you need direction. There is endless information awaiting you, about yourself, your world, and what you need to do.

I do hope you will incorporates these spreads, and get to know the tarot.A tarot notebook will be a great companion, as you review your own readings. For those who do not read, I will be offering more D.I.Y. Tarot readings to help you, as you explore these cards.

Enjoying the Experience

Were these spreads beneficial to you?

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Tarot Recommendations

Any Doreen Virtues Tarot Cards I recommend. They are gentler and have meanings on the card. The cards in this hub are from my Spiral deck.

I hope you have enjoy this D.I..Y. See you soon, for another D.I.Y. teaching.

Spiral Tarot is what I recommend for people who have trouble learning tarot


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