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Spiritual Gifts

Updated on February 17, 2012

I have had the opportunity twice to study spiritual gifts, in depth, at my church. As a christian, I really find this fascinating, and would like to share Peter Wagner's list of spiritual gifts:

  1. Prophecy: The ability God gives to some to receive and communicate an immediate message, by God, to His people.
  2. Service: To identify the unmet needs involved in a task, and to make use of available resources to meet those needs.
  3. Teaching: The special ability to communicate information that is relevant to the body of Christ, in a way that other's will learn.
  4. Exhortation: Ministering words of comfort , consolation, encouragement, and counsel in a way that people feel helped and healed.
  5. Giving: Contributing material resources to the work of the Lord freely and cheerfully.
  6. Leadership: A gift that God gives to people to set goals , according to His plans for the future and to communicate to others in such a way that they want to work together to accomplish those goals.
  7. Mercy: A gift that God gives to certain people that they will feel genuine empathy and compassion for people, who suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally, and to translate this into cheerfully-done deeds that show God's love and alleviate their suffering.
  8. Wisdom: To know the mind of the Holy Spirit in such a way as to know how given knowledge may be applied to specific needs that arise among Christians.
  9. Knowledge: To discover, accumulate, analyze, and clarify information and ideas which are relevant to growth and well-being.
  10. Faith: To discern with much confidence the will and purposes of God for the future of His work.
  11. Healing: This is a gift God gives to certain people, that through God, can cure illness and heal conditions and diseases supernaturally.
  12. Miracles: Is a gift God gives to people, so that, through Him, powerful acts can be performed.
  13. Discerning of Spirits: A gift some have where they can know with certainty whether certain behavior is divine, human, or satanic.
  14. Tongues: This is a gift God gives to certain Christian's to speak in a language they have never learned and/or to receive and communicate a message from God to His people through a divinely anointed message through a language they have never learned.
  15. Interpretation: The special ability God gives to certain people to make known what the message in tongues was saying.
  16. Apostle: To assume and excercise leadership over many churches with great authority in spiritual matters.
  17. Helps: To invest one's own talents in the lives and ministries of other's, enabling them to increase the effectiveness of their own special gifts.
  18. Administration: To understand clearly the goals of a particular phase of the Christian body, and to make effective plans for the accomplishment of those goals.
  19. Evangelist: To be able to share the Word of God with unbeliever's that they become responsible Christian's.
  20. Pastor: A pastor is able to assume a long-term persomal responsibility for the spiritual life of a congregation or group of people.
  21. Celibacy: Someone who is able to remain single and enjoy it. And not suffer a lot of sexual temptation.
  22. Voluntary Poverty: To renounce material comforts and adopt a lifestyle like those living at a poverty level.
  23. Martyrdom: To be able to suffer for one's faith, even if it means death. And, they are able to be joyous.
  24. Hospitality: A gift where people are able to provide their home to those who are in need.
  25. Missionary: A person who has a gift where they can minister in another culture.
  26. Intercession: A person who has the special ability to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis, and be able to see frequent and specific answers to other people's needs to a greater degree than the average Christian.
  27. Exorcism or Deliverance: The special ability God gives to certain one's to cast out demons and evil spirits.

In Conclusion:

The important thing is that, we as Christian's, use all the gifts that God has given us. Also,

that we use our time, talent's, and abilities, as well; whether that be helping in the kitchen,

helping clean, the church, or whatever it may be.


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