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Updated on October 1, 2016

Vedic Himalayan Tradition Promoted Matriarchy

Shakti or Woman Power has been so amazing in changing society for the better. The original Vedic tradition was quite matriarchal compared with most of modern India. This tradition is called the Vedic Himalayan tradition. The Meditation Center in Minneapolis follows this tradition. Swami Veda was one of the founders and he has passed on to the next life. Swami Radha and others are keeping the tradition alive at the Meditation Center.

Consider that the Rig Veda has many female authors and writers who were Rishikas or female Rishis. Women were educated and did not marry until they were 18-21 years of age. Some of the Rishikas were married, like Ghosa, Maitreyi and Lopamurda. Some were single all their lives, like Gargi, and dedicated themselves 24 hours a day to reading Vedic texts and teaching disciples and students. Women were highly respected and honored in India during Vedic times. This changed when the invasions came, and so women lost status and were treated more like property. Gandhi revived the tradition in the Indian Independence Movement. Many strong female leaders ran the Movement and later became MPs, prime ministers, governors and cabinet ministers. Unfortunately, women's leadership and roles declined after these women left office. It is time to revive the original Himalayan Vedic tradition again.

Dowry murders and rapes are unacceptable. Women need to be respected as human beings not treated like a piece of property. Sadly, most dowry murders occur in the middle and upper castes. Many of these women are educated and could support themselves financially. The husband's family tries to extort more money and consumer goods out of the bride's family. The modern dowry system has been illegal since the 1960's. When the bride's family can not deliver the money or goods, sometimes the woman is murdered so that the husband can marry into a more affluent family again. Greed has taken over the lives of these individuals. These are not the original Vedic values. It is time for India to come back and live the matriarchal tradition again.

Two other matriarchies have done great things. One is in the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo. The other is in Iceland.

The Aka people of Africa live in the Congo Basin area. These men are considered the best fathers in the world. They are pygmies and the men take care of the children and cook while the women go and hunt. Children are highly valued and always cared for by everyone. If a parent hits a child, it is considered to be grounds for divorce.

Iceland, for the past four years, is number one on the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index. Women comprise 40% of their legislature and they have a female prime minister. It has outlawed strip clubs. Women have decided enough is enough. On October 24, 1975 women pulled a one day strike where they did not work outside the home or inside the home. Men got the message and women achieved greater rights. Their government wants to ban pornography in print and online.

Matriarchies worldwide have made a tremendous difference in changing the world, so that social progress can be achieved. With Navratri being celebrated today through October 10th in the West, it is time to tune into the Shakti or Woman Power of the Universe. Happy Navratri!




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    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 14 months ago from Australia

      Matriachies were very common in all societies outside of Europe and Asia. Anthropologists found that lineages were traced via the females in society. This gave a clearer picture of the ancestry of each person. We always know who the mother is but the father is a game of Roulette. Sad but true.