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VEDA tougher than Computers?

Updated on February 10, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Veda's.

Who wrote the Veda's is a question every body wants to know.I am not any authority to even say anything about the veda's let alone ask questions.However I belong to that class of people who say that it was brahmins that wrote the veda's.A mention is made on a reputed website most popular among very many people who keep their laptops always open to get any news from this web site which is google search.If you do it you will learn most of what veda is from that website which is shown by your search on veda's.I belong to Rig Veda and am a brahmin and its said that Brahma is the person who gave this orally and it did not exist as a text. Even today there are few very learned persons who can recite veda orally for hours at a stretch.Rig Veda cannot or should not be recited by any person other than a Presiding Priest designation that is being the highest in the few categories of priests.The next in order of Veda's is Yajurveda which has to be recited only by a officiating priest whose position is next to The Presiding Priest.The 3rd in order of the Veda's is Samaveda and finally it is the Atharvaveda.These two can be recited by any priest but no priest will recite Atharvaveda.

The effect of reciting Veda to get what it says needs perfect pronunciation other wise it will not give the desired effect of reading or reciting of the Veda.Only if you hear the Veda recitation you will understand how hard it is to pronunciation.If you learn Sanskrit perhaps it will have you automatically drawn to reciety Veda.The most positive and very strong positive effect will change your personality to such heights your smile itself will be going out like a bullet and no one will have the guts to question your statements or orders. The effect of Veda recitation daily will make your body language and looks from your eyes makes the other person unable to see you directly in to your eyes.

Hindu Scriptures divisions done by Veda Yasa.

Rig Veda
Rig Vedic Aitareya
Bramha Puranas
Yajurvedic Brihandaranyaka
Maha Bharata
Bhagavad Geetha
Atherva Veda.
Vaishnya Puranas

What can Veda's do?

There are recitations in sanskrit which if one recites daily will cure all your aliments in any form and eliminate your sufferings.There are slokas in sanskrit that will even make your hair grow or stay healthy.If you believe in astrology there are slokas which will make your stars perform to your good health,peace,prosperity,destroy your enemy's, make you breath perfectly if you have breathing problems, there are slokas which will pacify if any of your planetary positions are made not to affect you if they are affecting you and there is a total combined positive energy that will remove your depression and your work will go as you direct in your life.It is so powerful that you cannot understand just by reading these few lines.Veda is knowledge and as the saying goes Knowledge is power.

The knowledge of Veda is not easy to understand with out the knowledge of sanskrit.You have to learn sanskrit to know veda's.The video under shows how great people have acknowledged veda's.In India it was the only language that was prevalent thousands of years ago.but it was destroyed by the people who came from the west to loot,plunder and destroy our country that vedic knowledge went for a big break.The British were good and did many things and looted our country's wealth.India was the richest country in the world.That was not long ago and would have remained as the worlds richest country not only financially but spiritually.

Of the four Veda's the last of which is Atharva Veda is never recited by any religious heads or spiritual leaders since it is having a negative effect to harm persons.There are people who practice this tantric veda and observe some rituals in burial grounds even cutting of heads of freshly buried dead body's to make such effects on people who will be victims of vengeance by the persons who are his enemy's and in some cases very close relatives.Such persons who are called as in kannada language as ' Mata Mantra Madonu '.They are doing such things that you can tic mark their tariff card for what ever you want them to do such as making accidents happen ot getting in to such situations that they go to jail or get killed etc..These persons are mostly known to people in rural areas and tribal places.There is much more to tell on this very horrible black magic in practice.If you get in to their grip you can never escape from their clutches since they can resort to blackmail you..

What does this say ?.Just Draw the figure below and keep some flowers on it to emit positive radiance in your house.Keep it so that you will look at it facing E

The 4 Vedas - Which one you follow ?.


A Teacher of Veda long long ago.


If you can read.

Hosur's Workshop on Veda.

On 25th Sunday,2011 an organization by name MYTRI center for peace,in association with Webolim ( Web of Life Makers ) who have organized a workshop on Veda for the benefit of all of us here in Hosur a place 50 Kilometers from Bangalore.The programme is as under:-

Surya Namaskaram through Vedic Chanting and Ram Meditation - 5:30 AM to &:15 AM.

Breakfast - 7:15 AM to 8:00 AM

Abang Bajan by Sri.Krishna Murthy Baghavatar & Group


The workshop ends after for a good LUNCH.

The Place is - HOTEL SHIVARANJANI,Sipcot a place well-known to people of HOSUR.

Those who cannot attend watch the Video.

Please view this Video,the Intelectuals Speak on Veda.


All the 4 Veda in one book.

Rig Veda


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 6 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      You can come to India anytime such workshops are held often somewhere or other.

      Wishing you Good Luck.

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Fascinating. Obviously I cannot attend, but I appreciate the inspiring and spiritual input today. I am having a tough day and this raises me up. Wish I could attend.