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Vacation Bible School - Why Is It Important?

Updated on November 20, 2014

Dennis Regling

Dennis Regling combines great preaching & teaching with fun visuals.
Dennis Regling combines great preaching & teaching with fun visuals. | Source

Are you neglecting this important ministry opportunity?

Vacation Bible School will be here soon.

It is at Vacation Bible School where many children learn about Jesus for the first time. A lot of families that do not attend church will still send their children to VBS. 

Unfortunately, there is a 12% decline in churches offering VBS programs. According to the polling group Barna, almost 40,000 fewer churches are offering Vacation Bible School than in the past.

Among the reasons pastors cite for discontinuing VBS is a lack of volunteers to help, a lack of money and a lack of interest.

A VBS package bought from a dealer can cost hundreds of dollars. Then churches spend more on projects and crafts, t shirts, and other dodads. It is not surprising that many churches spend over $3000 just on VBS. No wonder so many smaller churches are not having Vacation Bible School this year.

Many small churches have found an alternative that is affordable, requires few volunteers and creates a lot of excitement. They bring in a children's evangelist for a week. The evangelist will provide preaching, teaching, games, puppets and more. Often the evangelist's family help, reducing the need for volunteers even more. 

One such evangelist is Dr. Dennis Regling. He and his wife, Karen, travel throughout the United States ministering to small churches. They set no fee for their programs, instead allowing on God to provide for their expenses and needs. Churches give love offerings and honorariums according to their ability.

The Reglings provide games, prizes, and promotional materials at no cost to the church. Their programs include puppets, magical demonstrations of Bible truths, music, singing, missionary story time and old fashioned preaching from the Word of God. Sister Karen often plays her Mountain Dulcimer in addition to leading the singing and reading each night's missionary story. Bible verse memorization is an important part of each week's VBS also.

There are other children's evangelists that offer Vacation Bible School programs. A Google search will reveal many. Some offer set fees for their programs, others work on love offerings. Some are very polished and professional productions, while others are simple and homey. The important thing is to check the evangelist's statement of faith. Make sure he is sound on doctrine. Be sure he is a minister of God's word and not just a magician or singer trying to fill his calendar with church gigs.

Make this year the best Vacation Bible School ever, in many ways.

The Bible says in Matthew 18:3 "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

To contact the Reglings, phone 1-800-858-5402 0r check out their webpage at


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