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Valentine Defination

Updated on December 20, 2014

Valentine Defination

First I think valentine day represents a day for people to show love and affection for one another. Its a day for love, it can be for a partner, for your children or for a dear friend but the biggest love is for our God.

I gathered some information about the real meaning of valentine,and I am going to share with you all dear readers and hopefully we can celebrate it in a different style each year.

  • First the word valentine is a masculine name derived from the Latin word Valens.
  • It means strong and healthy.
  • It was the name of several saints of the Catholic church.
  • It was also given to a young christian who gave up his life rather than give up his faith compelled by the true love for God.
  • According to Author Zimmerman, the date traditionally celebrated as St valentines day in the Roman festival of Romance called Lupercalia, when the gods juno and pan were honored.
  • It was a fertility festival or a lovers holiday looking forward to the return of spring.

Some information I got there to enlighten someone and others the true meaning behind valentines day because just like me, there are people who found the day being celebrated and thought it was a norm.

When this young christian whose name was Valentine was taken to prison because he refused to pray to other gods, he held on to his faith and went on to teach people there. There was one guard who was good and he had a daughter who was blind. One day he asked Valentine if he could pray to God to heal his daughter. Valentine prayed and the girls sight was restored and many people believed in Jesus and followed him and when the authority heard that, they were very angry.

That is when they decided to execute Valentine, and the eves day before the execution, he gave the girl a note signed : from your Valentine. Before you beat yourself up and get depression from being alone on Valentines day or not being ushered with flowers, love pendants, chocolates and all the goodies that come along with the season, lets remember the story of the young christian Valentine. Let`s be encouraged about the true and powerful love of God that the young Valentine portrayed and get inspired from it.

God`s Love

God is our biggest Valentine and the moment you think of his unconditional love that he has for us, you will only experience the true unfailing love, peace, and happiness in your hearts.

I believe that this is the first greatest love, priceless, pure and everlasting that one can ever hope for. Let us be inspired by Valentines story, that young christian who chose to love Jesus with their whole hearts, serving him and offering him unconditional love in return. Meanwhile, when the first big love is settled, that is when we can experience love from others and be able to give this love back.

When the day comes, just say to the people you love, your children, parents, spouses, happy Valentines day and if you are in a happy relationship, well go ahead and make yourselves happy with gifts and affection for one another, but if you have nobody, please don`t kick yourself, say to the people you know happy valentine.

But: let God be your fist Valentine and true romance and love will be a gift of infinity for you....


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