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Valles Mines, Missouri Lost History Museum.

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Macallister has been a paranormal investigator with Riverbend Paranormal since 2016.

My group and I have investigated at this location many times. Some of them have been much more eventful than others. This is most definitely one of my favorite places to investigate. There is loads of history here and being here can sometimes make you feel like you're back in time.

The Museum.

Located in Valles Mines, Missouri, this home was built in 1749 and given as a Wedding present to François Vallé and his bride Marianne Billeron. Sometime in the early 1800s it became the property of Valles Mining Company to be used as a perk by the superintendents of the mines. In 1850 a kitchen was built on, and in 1901, an office was added. The mine closed in 1940 and from then until 1990 the home was lived in by various families. It eventually became home of the Lost History Museum. The museum is said to be the home to many spirits. Some people say they can see a man staring out of the window of the second story. Others have heard gunshots followed by the smell of gunpowder. There have also been several reports of people being shoved, scratched, or having their hair pulled.

The General Store

The Valles Mines General store is located next door to the Museum. It is still a functioning store to to this day where you can find Lost History Museum merchandise. Recently the house that held the museum was cleaned out for renovations and all the items were moved to the General Store. There was a shoot-out here with Sam Hildebrand. During one investigation here, my team and I witnessed a camera inexplicably flip off a counter and into a trash can.

The Tunnel

The old tunnel is said to be the home of "Tunnel Bill'. Long ago, train tracks ran through the tunnel. Tunnel Bill's wife would walk the tracks on her way home from working. Bill would hang a lantern by the tunnel for her to follow home. People say that at night, if you go down to the tunnel you can still see the light of the lantern glowing in the distance.

The Old Graveyard

About four miles from the town of Valles Mines, Missouri just beyond the tunnel back in the woods is an old graveyard. The headstones here range in dates from the mid 1800s to the 1950s. Most of the graves are unmarked either intentionally, or because the headstones are broken and gone.

History of reported activity here.

  1. People have reported seeing a man wearing a hat standing in the window of the upstairs room.
  2. People have reported hearing gun shots followed by the smell of gun powder.
  3. Women have reported having their hair pulled or being pushed.
  4. People have reported being scratched
  5. Prominent cold spots have been reported throughout the building.
  6. People have reported seeing the light of a lantern in the old tunnel. It is said to be hung there by tunnel Bill.
  7. People have reported hearing foot steps and movement from upstairs while in the downstairs living area.
  8. People have reported hearing someone crying in the graveyard.
  9. People are reported seeing apparitions of a couple walking along the path to the tunnel.

Inevstigation July, 30th 2017

I have been to this location about five times so far. We've always had some sort of activity while there. The last time I went was Saturday, July 31st 2017. I have to say for me, this was the most eventful investigation here thus far. It started when we got there and my husband and I were showing our teammates and guests around. While in the living area we could hear something moving around upstairs. All living people present were accounted for, so we knew no one was up there.

As we started out investigation we branched off and half of us stayed in the living area of the old house, the other half walked down to an old cabin that is also on the property. Using a spirit box we received a few direct answers to our questions. One question asked was how many people were in the room. What came through was the answer, "thirty-nine". Now, there were not thirty nine living people in the room at the time; only four. But was the answer all people, living and dead? Maybe. A question was later asked about the haunting in the house and a voice came through again and said, "It's the town." My best guess is it was implying the entire town of Valles Mines, Missouri is haunted. While we were doing the session our Mel Meter was getting a lot of EMF readings. We also were experiencing cold spots and could hear footsteps from the upstairs bedroom. Later we moved to what is called the office. We could feel several cold spots. One team member said they saw a hand come from a round the door, so I snapped a few pictures in that direction. I got a few orbs. Not hard core evidence I know, but these ones definitely caught my attention. (a good paranormal investigator knows orbs are easily explained away)

Later that night we went down to the graveyard and the tunnel. While at the grave yard I personally heard a child crying. It was really faint, I kept asking the others if they could hear and no one else was able to. But I am positive I could hear it. Later at the tunnel. We got some readings off two K-II meters. It was responding to questions by glowing to red for yes. It also got extremely cold for being a warm summer night. Once the K-II activity stopped, it warmed back up.

While standing outside in front of the house taking a break and chatting with my team, my son and I saw an apparition of a person running in the field across the street. It was very faint, and very fast, but we are both sure we saw it.

The last thing we did was blindfolded and alone sessions. We set up a chair, camera, and a voice recorder and I sat blindfolded in the upstairs room. The idea behind this is to heighten your other senses with your sight gone. It was mostly quiet, but after a while I heard something moving around in the room with me. Other than that it was pretty uneventful and things started to die down and we packed up to head home.

This place really does have a lot of history and excitement. It truly is a great experience. Whether you're an experienced investigator, or just getting started, this location is a great place to get some really good evidence when the spirits here are talking.


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