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Valley Of Dry Bones That Lives Again

Updated on December 21, 2010

Let God Abide

Teaching: This is a vision of from death to life. A resurrection. (3) fold resurrection. 1. of the soul from death of sin to righteousness (salvation). John 24,25. 2. It’s the resurrection of the gospel church from an afflicted persecuted state to liberty and peace. 3. The resurrection of the body of Christ on that great day. Today we’re talking to family, your household, born into family and the family of God of your local church you attend, or use to attend and maybe need to attend.
We know the story of the valley of dry bones. But we don’t know the word from God behind the story. We see in the story that these bones were exceedingly dry and displaced and scattered. What is God saying to us today, right now? We’re broken, disconnected, and scattered and yet we all are right here in this place. It doesn’t really matter where you are the same condition exists. In your home, on your job, hanging out with friends, at movie theatre, out to dinner. Uhmmhumm whatever. And we’ve been in this condition a long time. So long that you really have no hope and just go along with it and even justify why, life not any better. Instead of looking to God for better. You believe the lies of the devil and disbelieve the words of almighty God! Help us Lord!
God showed this to the prophet and ask him a question. Son of man, can these bones live? And  Ezk, responds Lord thou knowest. Can you reason your way out, back to life? Can your friends, your man, your boys, your girls or a job or prestige bring you to life? Can your church? Or your family? What can put life back into your life and your love ones or this church? Will anybody search their heart and mind today and say Lord you know. Only you God have the power to do it! Did He do it? Yes, How did he do it? He used the prophet! Told the prophet what to do and the prophet obeyed. He told him to prophesy. When you say what God said, you bring life back into you, your family, your church. Any and everything around you has to change and change for the better because God only wants to do you good!
Preacher/ prophesying is preaching. Don’t let the devil deceive you either. God’s grace can save without you preaching. Your preaching only save when God put a grace on your preaching. We are family. The preacher and the members are family. The difference between you is that God put grace on the preacher to preach and that came by prayer and searching, studying and being and always being proven in the word. We need to look at each other and see and know that it’s only by the grace of God I do what I do, that I am what I am. ONE BODY and it has to have a head. Why? Because that’s the way God designed the Body. Can you live without your head? That’s how it is even in the spirit. Though we ignore it and another way we get out of God’s will. I don’t like my head, my pastor. Well learn to like it cause it belongs to you. Oh you may change hair dos and make up and jewlry around and on your head but you still got a head. If you want to live you have to keep your head. If you want to go to heaven you must have a head/pastor.
Pastor and laborers, the wonderful effects of God will is to know that those that do what God commands in the face of the greatest discouragement should have no doubt or fear of success. ALL the stuff that comes only wants to stop you from succeeding.
God is doing a New thing. God wants to put you back together again. And he made it again. Like the clay in the Potter’s hands. God wants to make you over. But you have to come willing and believing and then receive your make over. And say what Paul said, I’m forgetting the things which are behind me and pressing on, forward, toward the mark(place) for the prize, what’s the prize, filling my purpose and destiny God has for me which is in Christ(the anointing) Jesus. That means I don’t have work for it Jesus did all the work. I’ll receive it into my heart and mind and act it out. That means I’ll say only what God word say and I’ll do what God say do. And I accept everything in my life being it going the way God wants it to go. I can stop it, I won’t try to change it but I’ll say yes Lord yes. If you want to be hungry, hungry I’ll be, if you want me hurt, then hurt I’ll be, if you want me stay when I want to go then I’ll stay. This is the new thing God wants to put in you. God said I shall raise up a nation that will obey. Will you be apart of that nation or will go the other way and you know what that other way is. There’s a way that seems right but the end of that way is death and damnation. If you would return unto God; God will return unto you and do you the good He has for you. And getting that good means getting rid of your mind and way of doing things and accepting His. And yes that hurts, that discourages, that makes you feel like dying sometime but if you endure and come through it you have a great reward. God wants us to have good character, and integrity, wants us to love the brethren and especially our family, household, church family. This is what God is doing new. He brought them back to there homeland. He’s bringing some back here to this house and he’s going to add NEW and wants this house to be better than the former. Not just the church family but your family. The one you was born into. God wants you to be that light, that preacher, that prophet, that minister, that little Jesus for your entire family to draw them to God. God wants your whole family saved. He wants the whole world saved though the whole world or your family may not come to Him. He still wants them to. What are you going to do to make it happen for your family. If we each would decide I’m going to let God use me to help my entire family to get saved the world would be save. So let start here and now. Step up to the plate and surrender yourself to God and let him do the New Thing in you and show you who you really are. Who He created you to be.
God’s going to do a coalition between your family and church family. Ezk 37-15-28
Judah and Joseph. 16- the 2 sticks must be framed to fall as one in God’s hands. Your relationship with family and church family. 22- have no separate interests, which means no divided affections. You have been backbiting, crossing one another, bruising and beating one another but now they shall become one supporting and strengthening one another. One in the hands of God by His power they shall be united. His glory shall be the center of their unity and his grace the cement of it. They shall be one in their return out of captivity. God is bringing out the other churches, out your wrong thinking, breaking habits and sins and will unite you here to live for him. Put medal in a hot pot it runs together. God’s looking at you all with love and looking at all your stuff and melting you down (hearts) and you’re running together as I speak. Your hearts running together. Forgiving one another, envy is fleeing, jealousy is gone, pride is melting away, melting and running together being one mind and heart toward God and each other. God loving you is a good reason to love one another. Let be one with God. God is Love. God’s love, no your love or the devils love. But God love runs us together. Nobody can stand justified and judge another. No one is so perfect that he or she can cast out someone else. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. Love, love, the love of God. God is love. Agapa Love is what we’re receiving today. Unconditional. I’mma love ya just cause I can love. And it pleases God. Any one wants to please God. Not yourself, or the person you showing love to but just because it pleases God, my heavenly father, my creator, my lord and savior. Love it’s where forgiveness for your sins live, it’s where your healing resides, it’s where your wealthy place is, it’s where your relationship with God is revealed and your purpose and destiny awaits you. Tell somebody, I gotta go there, I gotta get there  with a quickness!  


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