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Valleys and Deserts

Updated on October 6, 2009

Fight and Flight ~ Withrawl and Rest

When times get tough, “stuff” happening left and right, I find myself using the limited strength I have to fight to make things right. “Fight or Flight”, they say. There are times to fight and times to take flight. Withdrawing from the “stuff” is the flight time. It’s just as necessary as the “fight” time. Fighting takes so much energy out of me that I am forced to rest my heart, mind, soul, spirit and body.

My particular battles lately have been about the lack of accountability of others and how it “victimizes” me. Here are just a couple of examples:

Someone I worked with caused damage to my car and didn’t want an insurance claim filed. Because of the “politics” of the situation, my trust was challenged, and yet I agreed. The repairs were done and paid for. However, the paint job went bad. I had to take it back to the shop and they agreed to repaint it for free. Great! However, I had to rent a car for several days, costing ME money. WHO’S ACCOUNTABLE for the damages? The one who hit my car, and the repair shop! Not ME. No one offered to pay the cost for the rental car, nor did I want to make a bigger issue by having to take either of them to small claims court.

The second issue is what I recently wrote a hub about ~ “When Child Support Services Fails”. When the Obligor fails to make child support payments, even WHILE on probation, without consequence, who suffers? I DO. MY CHILD DOES. I’ve been unemployed since December of 2008 and while I am thankful to have the provision of Unemployment Insurance, the immediate future looks bleak. I’ve worked hard to build my credit, buy a home, live responsibly, and never be late on payments. Now, I will have to incur debt or be late on payments, too? WHO’S ACCOUNTABLE?

Yes, there were many more things that happened the last couple of weeks, and I don’t need to journal everything here. My point is, there are times I need to just keep my issues between myself and God. Even well-meaning people can say things that can be taken in an offensive manner, rather than a compassionate one. Of course, I’m sensitive. Who isn’t when they’re going through trials? That’s why, after fighting to take action or tolerate these unfortunate events, I need to REST and be REFRESHED in the Lord...ALONE.

What do I hear my Lord say? “It’s OK; I am with you; I love you; I understand; trust Me; we’ll get through this together”. I do trust Him. I have to wait out the storm. I think of the example of Job. God allowed Job to be tried and tested…and along came the “religious, prideful and judgmental” folks to tell him how to remedy his situation. I have to learn to keep things to myself, so I don’t invite this added element to the equation.

Jesus often withdrew to the desert places ALONE. He had to get away from the crowds and even his dearest friends, His disciples, who loved Him. Taking a break from people is needed sometimes, especially when I need to focus on Him, bring my issues before Him, and watch Him do His work in me and around me. I don’t understand why God allows trials, but the Bible says it builds my character, perseverance and faith. I thank God that I can fully trust Him as my Shepherd to make me lie down in green pastures and restore my soul. Amen.


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    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      "He only is my rock and my salvation, My stonghold; I shall not be greatly shaken." Thank you, Mr. Q ~~ God bless you.

    • quietnessandtrust profile image

      quietnessandtrust 8 years ago

      Psalm 62:2

    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Brother Vladimir, I thank you for your comfort and confirmation. It's kind of like when we have a bad cold and go into the community where it spreads to others. Sometimes the colds of others make us sick. It is right to stay inside, heal and avoid sickness until it's no longer so threatening. Praise the Lord He is never sick and bears our sickness with His quiet, yet powerful presence. God bless you, brother. I appreciate you very much.

    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Brother no body, I like how you addressed "not having to choose words so well". Life and death is in the power of the tongue, and sometimes it's just best not to even use the tongue in times of distress. It is truly a spiritual time of spiritual tongues alone ~ trusting the Lord to speak peace to the storm. Disruption coming from outside sources can feel like locusts at times, coming to eat up all the good fruit of the Spirit in our hearts. He is our shield, our rock, our deliverer, and in Him will I trust in this quiet hour. God bless you and know you are loved, brother.

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 8 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Lord Bless you.

      It is right to go the lonely place before we can go to community.

      You are in my heart and in my love, sweet lamb. Vladimir.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      My dear sister, God is a very present help in times of trouble. It is hard sometimes not to spill your guts to others. Having others simply understand feels good. I believe that God wants us to lean on Him and not on our own understanding. More than that we were DESIGNED to lean on Him. That's why we look to the infilling of the Spirit for guidance and strength. Still, there have been times after the trial or during the aftermath when the adreneline is still flowing and emotions are not ebbing fast enough that a friend, a trusted friend, may make a little difference. Someone who's ear can hear things and you really don't have to choose your words so well. Someone that will not get in the way of the process of healing already started. Someone that knows that Satan is around the corner and ready to pounce during this time because it too is a vulnerable time. These ears come in handy. They can rejoice with you, pray for healing for you or with as needed, they can be that person that can be there that will not judge. Just listen and let them know how very wise they were to call on the Lord. How very strong they were to come to God in their weakness. To remind them that they love them and Jesus loves them more. I have someone(s) like that. I appreciate them so much. I love you little lamb. Always.