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Value Others

Updated on November 25, 2012

I write about money a lot because it’s the driving force of mankind. We spend most of our waking lives thinking about it. How to accumulate more of it, how to make sure we don’t run out of it. I personally see money as a neutral. It has no power or meaning until a person gives it meaning and power. Money is the servant not the other way round.

For a long time now people have been segregated because of it. Wars have been fought over it. They fight for oil, gold etc, this all represents money and people everywhere want a piece of it. People are put into social groups because of it; we are separated because of money. Not because of who we are but because of how much we have. You can feel it when you walk into a room of people who have money and who don’t, you can feel the difference between the two. Should a human being be valued less because they have less money? It’s easy to say that they shouldn’t but putting it into practice is a different thing all together. Money isn’t bad, it isn’t good either, it is made into whatever people decide it to be. Unfortunately we are in a world that believes that we are money, that we are valued by how much we have.

The starting of grouping

The minute you are born you are grouped. You’re either from a poor, middle or rich background. Throughout your school life you are continued to be grouped according to your ability – which I don’t understand how ability is measured seeing that people excel at different things. The not so bright are put into groups (Not sure what not so bright is really) but this is what we’ve created amongst ourselves. Throughout your school life you are made to compete against one another, getting you ready to compete on the outside world later. The outside world where you will be graded by you your salary instead of your grades. The better you did at school the higher your pay scale.

I would like to disagree with this system. Money doesn’t value a person; it doesn’t make you better than anyone. No amount of money can keep up from death. No amount of money can cure an incurable disease. Money is neutral, it has no power, only you can give it meaning.

Our value system is out of balance. A human being should never be valued by what they do. There should be a standard pay system for everyone. An equal pay regardless of what one does. This is my take on this and hopefully you will understand what I’m trying to say. I’m in no way putting down education or anything like that, I am however hoping to make aware the value of every individual on this planet.

If a person chooses to sit on their behind and do nothing in terms of providing a service to others, they will remain poor. That is their choice. But anyone who chooses to provide a service, because that is what work is, regardless of what it is you do, we all provide a service to one another. If you choose to provide a service to other people then you should be rewarded equally as anyone else who is offering another form of service. Money is a form of exchange; it is a way of saying thank you for a service provided. Any service that a human being provides should be greatly rewarded. Human beings can’t and shouldn’t be valued by what they do; there should just be an exchange of money for service provided.

I remember hearing someone say why they shouldn’t earn the same amount of money as a cleaner, a dustbin man etc. Everyone has a right to their opinion but it should be an opinion that doesn’t bring down other people. All power to everyone who got themselves an education and got a degree, it's an amazing privilege and something that is good but let us not forget that while you or anyone else is getting that degree, or working in their office someone was working equally hard cleaning up your rubbish. Making sure your streets are clean and tidy, making sure that no garbage is left around your home causing harmful hazards. The person who was studying or working hard in the office was using their mental power, the cleaner or dustbin man was using their physical power. At the end of the day they both worked just using different abilities. They both provided services, using different abilities. Does it make a person less? I should hope not. If it wasn’t for the man picking up your bins, what would your garbage be like now? If it wasn’t for the helper looking after your child while you went to work, who would do it for you? We work as a unit, we work with each other offering services to one another, we can’t do without the other. Both sides should be rewarded equally for services rendered.

And yet we devalue those who do the jobs we hate to do. We make them feel as if they aren’t good enough by paying them less. We give meaning to money by saying that they deserve less for the service they have provided. When we do this to people they devalue themselves and then in turn they devalue others. Then you wonder why the bin man swears at you, or the carer hurts your children. I’m not excusing these behaviours, it should never happen but when people feel unappreciated and devalued because we’ve given money a meaning, they in turn complete the cycle.

We live in a world filled with hatred and anger. People have been underpaid and for years it has been associated with a person’s value. Sometimes we're too busy chasing money because it’s been taught to us that it is what makes us special, it’s what makes us important.


This is what makes you important.

If you woke up today, that makes you important. If the sun shone on you today that makes you damn important. The rain came down on the fields so that you may eat, that makes you important. You live on this planet earth and everything in it belongs to all of us, not just some of us. The value of a human being is not in the accumulation of things. You are you and nothing needs to added or taken away from that. You deserve to be here that is why you are here, everything on this planet belongs to you, you don’t have to fight or strive for it, you must only embrace it.

Value others; pay them more if you are in a position to do so. Break away from limiting beliefs and people and pay yourself more through providing a service to others. Say thank you to the man who collets your garbage. We all are here; we all exist so we can be of service to one another because we are equals.

To be intelligent is not about how many degrees you have against your name. To be intelligent is to realise that you are an equal with everyone around you and that when you live this way, not a single human being will ever go hungry again. I only pray that the world will be like this one day.

We must be the change we want to see – Gandhi

Wealth to all!


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