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Vampire Kids Kith and Kindred 2012 : A 21st Century Cult of the Living and the Dead

Updated on April 4, 2012

We cannot stop them now
and there is no doubt
our end is at hand:
Time has run out.

The end of all hope:
The reign of desire.
Fall of all angels:
Rise of the vampyre.

From the online novel Rise of the Vampyre

In the Darkness, the Path...

This article maybe a bit hard for some readers to swallow, either because it seems like pure mythology to some or because the realities it unearths are not easy to accept. That is irrelevant to the subject at hand. Vampires or Vampyres ( the spelling with the Y being of preference to some in the larger Vampire Communities ) are a growing and rather large new religious movement, if you can call it new or religious. The Vampire culture is something that many ignore in modern society, but it is only because of the light that media, books, and literature have cast upon it.

If vampirism exists it exists without choice, just as diabetes exists without choice. That means that someone you know, even someone in your family could be a vampire and not know it, just as they could be diabetic and not know it. This is the physical manifestation that makes one born to the darkness or the vampiric tendencies, but this is not the same as being on the path of vampirism.The path of vampirism is a combination of ceremonial magick, paganism and modern chaos magick.

Although many pagans would not want to be associated with Vampires or vampirism, the fact is that Vampirisim and Vampiric beliefs are a form of modern paganism. More precisely, Vampires usually practice some form of magick or magical belief system, if they have any such beliefs at all. They follow any number of versions of the Left Hand Path magical beliefs like Satanism, Enochian, or ancient magick systems, or at least these are generally precursors to the practice of true Vampirism or Whampyrism. Just as the priesthood or clerical paths of religious practice lead the devout to the ways of the Saints, which are considered the most noble. So are the studies or progression through the Left Hand Paths preparing the devout to the ways of the Sorcerers. Only through the discipline of either of these paths, can the most skilled then enter into the higher powerful roles as Saints or Sorcerers. The point is, many may practice at the lower levels of power and claim to be many things, but this does not make it true.

To enter into the practice of Vampirism or to become a Vampire is something very few will achieve, but many maybe a person who is on the path of the darkness. This is somewhat a matter of debate, but will be discussed further. For now the reader would be asked to accept the idea, that to become a Vampire takes much more study, discipline and personal preparation than the movies have portrayed it to be. Those seeking the wisdom and knowledge of this path have much to learn, or to become in order to achieve their awakening. Those sorcerers or witches of this path are not only focused only lowly sorcery, but also seek to bring forth the hidden nature of the darkness to reveal the Light within themselves.

" Dar Tariki, tariqat..." or " In the Darkness, the Path "

One voice does not represent the everyone in the Vampire Community...this is a very good example of the overall beliefs and worth hearing for readers.

Before we begin, let me just dispel a few of the myths about vampires. These are ideas that are generally agreed upon by the greater Vampire Community.

Myth: A person can be turned into a vampire.
Truth: It is generally agreed by the vampire community person must be born a vampire or is born to the darkness, and though he or she may be awakened as is part of the left hand path, the idea of turning is only in books and movies.

Myth: Vampires explode or will catch fire when exposed to sunlight.
Truth: A vampire may feel their energy being drained from the sun; and a significant number report various degrees of sun-sensitivity or other related physical issues, but it is not true that anyone who is a vampire will enter the sun and burst into flames.

Myth: Vampires can turn into bats or become mist.
Truth: We are vampiric souls within human bodies, so turning into bats or mist is not generally assumed to be a reality. Although some vampires maybe aligned with the shamanic world and the casting of glamor or illusions maybe possible.

Myth: Vampires totally drain a person of their blood.
Truth: A doctor draws more blood for a routine lab test than most vampires drink during a feeding, also the majority of vampires do not drink anything like blood. This will be discussed further.

Myth: Vampires cast no reflections in mirrors.
Truth: Everyone, including vampires do have reflections which makes it easier for those of who must shave. This comes from the idea that a vampire would be afraid to face its own gaze, or look into its eyes, for fear of guilt over who it is psychologically. This is not the case with most it would be assumed.

Myth: A vampire cannot enter a dwelling without the owner's permission to enter.
Truth: Vampires, like all others, will respect the owner's invitation to enter; but there is no supernatural barrier that physically prevents them from crossing any physical barrier, home or threshold. Except perhaps well locked security methods.

Myth: A vampire cannot cross a running stream as it interferes with their energy.
Truth: Running water has no ill effect on our energy, this idea comes from ancient ideas concerning the powers of elemental forces on certain spiritual ceatures, and is not relative to the modern vampire.

Myth: Garlic, holy water, and crosses are feared by vampires.
Truth: None of these affect the modern vampire and many vampires enjoy garlic in Italian dishes. These for the most part are connected to ideas from the old Catholic church and much outdated sources of literature.

Myth: Vampires subsist off of blood and can't eat food.
Truth: Vampires and humans enjoy food as much as anyone else does. Perhaps even more so, in the case of some vampires. Sensuality is not lost on them.

Myth: Once invited into a dwelling, vampires can enter it at their own will.
Truth: Vampires for the most part, try to follow the same laws as everyone does; so this action would probably land vampires or humans in jail. Again entering a physical barrier is not really the issue.

Myth: Vampires are killed by pounding a stake through their hearts.
Truth: A stake pounded through anyone's heart will kill them. Traditionally this is more of an idea that is associated with the plague years of history, that the dead would be pinned the ground. Vampires are killed most readily in books and stories by having their heads cut off, severing the spinal cord from the brain.

Myth: Vampires are immortal and never age.
Truth: Some believe our vampiric souls retain a continuity from lifetime to lifetime; and they do age like other humans, though many of us supposedly appear younger than our actual ages. Some accounts do seem to show that vampires age a bit less dramatically, although this is up for debate.

Some of the more important organizations within the Vampire Community today.

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)

Sanguinarius Real Vampire Resource Site

SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page

Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC Research Site
Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)

Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] Resource Site & Forum

The Vampiric Community Message Board & Resource Site

Darkness Embraced Vampire & Occult Society

Psychic Vampire Resource Site & Forum

The Vampire Church Resource Site & Forum

Shadowlore Resource Site & Forum

Les Vampires Resource Site & Yahoo Group

Vampire Nation Yahoo Group

Strigoi Vii (OSV) Current Of Elorath Forum

Temple Of The Vampire

Vampyre Support & Information Society

Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan (UVUP) Forum

Videos of the Vampire Community in public media.

Kindred...the Modern Voices of the Vampyre Community

Today there are many expressions of vampirism.

All have their significance. To some degree all are accepted within the Vampire Community, because they all deal with the prejudices and stigmas associated with being Vampires or Vampyres. This includes lifestyle vampires, those who adopt a culture and a Gothic aesthetic associated with the vampires of art and legend, those who are technically real vampires, those who believe they are a separate race and must actually consume blood or psychic energy in order to survive, and others that are outcasts who self-identify in some way as vampires.

The videos provided to the right of this text are some interviews and information about the Vampire Community that have been made publicly available. None of them is meant to represent the community as a whole, but they do represent some of the wider accepted views within the communities worldwide. At least a few are people that are well respected within the greater Vampire Community. The videos are intended to give you a sampling of a cross section of some of the community and its membership. '

So, to explore this subject accurately, the reader must understand that like any community the Vampire Community does not agree about many things. Is vampirism a religion? Is it a fantasy? Is it a medical condition? Is it a little bit of each? These and other questions of debate have let to the formation of many organizations that have brought together what is the larger world of people called the Vampire Community.

The largest such organization is called Voices of the Vampire Community or the VVC.

This is the mission statement of the VVC according to their website : " The purpose of the VVC is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends."

They go on to explain what and how the VVC is organized : " Founded in January 2006, the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is an international network of diverse voices from the vampire community. Membership to the VVC is by invitation only and is based exclusively on the merits of an individual's lifetime contributions to the vampire community. The VVC is not established as a broad representative body for everyone who operates a forum, House, or group. It is designed as a serious discussion network for matters that affect our community both internally and externally from the media, academia, law enforcement, and the general public. Membership to the VVC is not based on an individual's social or viewpoint popularity. Prospective candidates are selected in a democratic process of nomination and election by current members. "

They currently have 99 member groups located in 13 countries. The VVC is very active and openly has taken upon itself to act as a sounding horn for the Vampire Community as a whole. They view the Vampire Community as a "identity group around which some new religious movements and outlier social groups have formed - a subculture of diverse individuals, beliefs, and practices." For some there is a motif and ritualism that is akin but, not the same as modern paganism. Many do feel that since the military and the United States government recognize Wicca, Satanism, and other pagan religions, then the Vampire Community has grown large enough to have some political and social rights. They are especially active when certain aspects of the community come under scrutiny by law enforcement, cult deprogramming organizations, and hate crimes by other religious groups. For purposes of understanding the larger movement of Vampirism, one must keep on mind that the VVC represents one side of the spectrum of the larger community. The membership of the VVC tends to be very clear that they do not condone practices or beliefs that are associated with cults, criminal activity, or anything that endangers the welfare of others.

Another important organization within the Vampire Community is the Atlanta Vampire Alliance or AVA. If the VVC is dedicated to bringing the Vampire Community socially together and fight for civil rights issues, the AVA is actively working on the study of what vampirism actually is scientifically and metaphysically.

This is how the AVA explains their goals on their website : " Formed in 2005, the AVA is a research group devoted to the modern condition of vampirism — but Dracula would never recognize these vampires as kin. The vampires of the AVA are living human beings, often psychic, who have a need for the life force of others, and they have come together as a group to study and better understand that need.This is no fly-by-night venture. The AVA's Vampire and Energy Work Research Survey, circulated to thousands of self-identified vampires and energy workers around the world, has hundreds of questions, focusing on everything from an individual's religious beliefs to the minute details of their medical history. The AVA's goal is to gather hard statistics about real vampires — statistics which they hope will ultimately be taken seriously in an academic context. Part of this goal has already been achieved. "

The ongoing research of the AVA may very well change the way vampirism is defined and understood by society as a whole.

The AVA's studies are documented for the public and the Vampire Community at the Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC website. The data and information that has been gather so far about the Vampire Community is, in a word, astounding. This author was quite amazed, even with my background in the subject of vampirism. The goal of the study that Suscitatio conducted was a global survey project.

This is the current information and background of the project : " The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study is a detailed sociological and phenomenological study of the real vampire community conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC. Two surveys were released in 2006 that were answered by over 950 individuals from all paths within the vampire community and throughout the world. The first was the Vampire & Energy Work Research Survey (VEWRS) with 379 Questions in March 2006; and the second was the Advanced Vampirism & Energy Work Research Survey (AVEWRS) with 688 Questions in August 2006. From 2006 to 2009 a combined response total (VEWRS & AVEWRS) reached over 1,450 surveys or over 670,000 individually answered questions; making it the largest and most in-depth research study ever conducted on the real vampire/vampyre community or subculture."

The final analysis of the data gathered is planned to be made public sometime in 2012. This is tentative of course.

For those that thought the Vampire Community was just some loosely associated group of individuals or teenage kids, this should make you think a bit. The global underground of vampirism is much larger than even these statistics are likely to provide, but not all part of the communities are equally happy about the work of the VVC or the AVA and their survey. Many view these as violations of the secrets of the vampiric community and this is one of several divisions that is beginning to grow worldwide. Internationally many groups are at odds, especially about the wish for by many groups to go public.

Keep this information in mind as the reader goes on to explore some of the cultural aspects of the modern Vampire Community.

Some of the Houses and other places of interest and information on the Vampire Community.

The Path of the Kherete

House Of The Dreaming - International

House Quinotaur – International

House Sahjaza - New York City, NY

Clan Hidden Shadows - New York City, NY

House Eclipse - Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD

Ordo Sekhemu – Texas

House Dark Haven - Savannah, GA

House Crimson Blade – Mississippi

House Lost Haven - Sacramento, CA

House Of Ottawa - Ottawa, Canada

House Of The Hydra - New York City, NY

House Aeterno

House Of Mystic Echoes - Louisiana

House Solaris - New Orleans, LA

House Rosa

The Order of Maidenfear

House Obsidian - North Carolina

House Konatus

The Court Of Lazarus - A Metropolitan Vampire Society

The Court Of Lightning Bay - A Vampire Gathering

TWILIGHT - A Formal Gathering Of The Vampire Community

Black Oaks Savannah - A Vampyre Gathering

Black Trillium - A Vampyre Gathering

Black Sunset - A Vampyre Gathering

Endless Night Festival

Dracula's Ball - Philadelphia, PA

Vampire's Masquerade Ball - Portland, OR

The GraveYard Press - E-Zine Publication

Shadowdance Podcast

Out Of The Coffin Podcast

Vampire Zilchy YouTube Channel & Resource Site

The Collective YouTube Channel

Vampyre Lounge Video Archive

Kith...the Modern Cultures of the Vampyre Communities

The Vampire Community generally agrees that in ideology, a vampire or vampyre fall into one of two major classifications and a third that combines the two, these are based on how they feed. Feeding is described as a need to sustain the body, mind, and spirit by the intaking of vital life force or blood from other sources, sometimes human. They view it much as a diabetic needs insulin, some of the world is born into this condition and needs to feed or they will become lethargic, sick, depressed and generally unhealthy. Vampires also show various degrees of empathy, sensitivity, and psychic ability in reference to the world around them. This specifics manifest in various different degrees depending on the individual, this causes some confusion about how the classifications are defined.

The three groups are called Sanguine, Psi Vampires, and Hybrids.

Sanguine vampires need to feed of sources of blood either from humans or animals. This group includes various degree and types of individuals. They include sanguine without psychic abilities, sanguine with psychic abilities that each are considered true vampires. This group also includes people that are blood fetishists or in the BDSM community, and any other blood drinking individuals that are not part of the true vampire bloodlines or born to being vampires.

Psi Vampires need to feed of sources of psychic or pranic energy. Some are called psychic feeders. These individuals feed off the energies of others in order to sustain their own. They have no psychic ability beyond the feeding. Some are called psychic manipulators. These individuals are considered the more powerful psychic vampires. Not only can they take, feed, drain, they can manipulate that energy and weild it to their own psychic abilities.

Hybrids have no primary feeding method, being able to feed either by the Sanguine or Psi methods, and maybe psychic or manipulators also. They may change their feeding methods throughout the course of their lifetime. These fall into some other sub categories known to the communities, including those who feed by sexual contact, magick ritual, elemental energies, human auras, emotional energies, and ambient energies such as in crowds or public places.

It should be made clear that modern vampires of any type, generally are individuals who have known what they are since very young. Just like any person with cultural differences, most lead lifestyles that are private and with individuals that share their understanding of what they are. Those who follow this lifestyle with care and keep it between willing partners and those who are not as kind right along to those who can be dangerous. Like life you need to be careful of those around you. The world of Vampires is no different. Most who practice these things tend to stay to themselves and do not try to cause harm to those not in their circles. Of course you have exceptions and that is why we all need to be aware of those around us.They choose partners and have friendships with others who they share their feeding rituals and lifestyle, it is no different than consenting adults in this way. This is representative of a large cross section of the Vampire Community and it is highly scorned when some individuals cause public problems for the whole by deviant behavior, as defined by the human point of view.

In today's world, there are many different vampyre groups and communities; they all belong to a loosely associated organization. An alliance of sorts, which basically keeps the peace. The alliance members are world wide; they abide by an ancient treaty, a treaty with many sections governing such things as conduct, relationships with humans, territorial ties and disputes, political and environmental issues. Laws and rules by which all are governed.This treaty is ratified and added to, ever so often in large meetings held in Europe, Asia and the Orient, and yes, here in America as well. Those who run the world and govern themselves and others have their own political structure and substructure.

Thus a code of conduct has been established long ago for the vampiric communities, so that they may exist and get along within the human world. Thus these Laws or Pillars, know as the Black Veil. That has these loosely and regularly redefined codes of conduct.

The Dictum or the Black Veil, as defined by the orthodox vampiric religion or what is known as Strigoi VII ( keeping in mind that not all groups adhere to this group of laws) .


Secrets not only protect us from those that would do us harm, but they also bind us. They give us a common ground. The inner teaching's should not be shared, with any who are not ready. Community secrets are our unity!! The outer teaching's are a tool to screen, others into our family and brings us together. Share your nature only with those who have the wisdom, and understanding to accept it. learn to recognize these individuals Our secrets are our safety and unity!


The nation embraces the concept of, respecting the laws of the human world. Though we are an international subculture with our own codes of conduct. We still live in there world. No member of the house should ever commit any illegal act. Doing so will bring shame, unwanted and unhealthy, attention to the your self, the house and the nation.


No one under the age of 18 are to be part of a house. there are things in our life style that is just not for the young Some of us feel that the first signs of awakening at an early age. Under no circumstances allow any to attend' Quabals (meetings) , undertake ordeals (trials) or be initiated, into a house of any kind, or to gain access to any outer or inner teachings.


All of our nation are of the same spirituality. We are all parts of the spiritual organism that is Elorath. It is our job to the brethren to help to keep our way of life alive, by trying to make something of our self's. In doing so we create jobs for the nation and set an example for the next generation. Never force our way on any one. Doing so will weaken there love for the nation, thus making the nation weaker. Let them come to us. If they do come willingly they will be more open and willing to learn, if they feel the calling they will come.


Never speak ill of another's religion or beliefs. All religions have something to offer to our way of life. We come from all walks of life. Respect all races, religious beliefs and sexual preferences. We are all family. Am I my brothers keeper? Yes, I am!


RESPECT!! And recognize all in, Vampyre, dark &esoteric organizations and groups. Our community is simply too small to have conflict keep us apart. Among us there are many different practices and many points of view; no single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. RESPECT!!!!! each person's individual choices and beliefs. Learn about them and share what you know. Our diversity is our strength. RESPECT those that are the elders. They are the elders for a reason.


Support and host Quabals, open havens, start a business, encourage and support artist, dance, performances, rituals and all forms of _expression which, will keep the dark flame burning. we are here to create a culture in which, we can all support each other and thrive at that fullest of, our potentials


HONOR, CHIVALRY AND LOYALTY!!! Are the benchmark of the Strigoi VII.
we seek to resurrect and express, the empowering traditions, of a long lost era. While consistently updating them for modem times. We are all adults and should strive, for a higher moral standard. Always be civil!!! even to your deepest enemy, and resolve conflicts in private. Confront those who have offended thee, directly and respectfully. When in another's lair, respect their, traditions and laws, and never enter without, being invited. Although also know that it is your right, to protect your territory, business, your home, your person, and the members of your family.


Swans are our beloved companions, allies, mortal family and donors. Treat them with respect, as they know our ways, and offer their loyalty to us. ALL OF OUR HOUSE MAY HAVE UP TO TWO SWANS. NEVER DISRESPECT THEM! NOR LET THEM BE DISRESPECTED. Allow them to make an informed, decision before they give them selves to you. Never feed from another's swan.. never feed from the ill. Never feed from the elderly. Never drink the blood of the dead! Never lose respect for those who let you be who you are!


Live with an open mind. To live with an open mind, is to live with understanding. To live with understanding, is to live with peace. To live with peace is to live with love. To live with love is to live with GOD!

Those of you that have studied Eastern philosophies, may notice a similarity to the Boshidu code. This comes from the great influence of the Japanese vampiric communities. These are believed to have been agreed to sometime more than 800 years ago originally and have to do with a subject that has much disagreements in the greater Vampire Community. The subject is what is known as the Vampire Prophecy and is the supposed reasoning for the implementation of the Black Veil laws upon all of the Houses and Covens of the vampiric communities.

For many readers, this now gets into the area where the lines of mythology and reality begin to blur. All that can be said is that many groups and individuals worldwide believe very much in what is now going to be discussed in this article. With 2012 being upon us, keep an open mind. This next section concerns subjects which are not widely discussed within the global vampire communities publicly.

The Vampire Prophecy ( as provided by the House of Noctem Aeternus )

In many societies there are prophecies foretelling the time of the last great battle of good against evil. The Vampyres have such a legend as well, here are a few of the Prophecies which foretell a time of ending, which begins this, the last war of good against evil, to take place in the modern-day world of the viral vampyre. And now here are only a few of the prophecies that foretell this time of ending and beginning. The words are taken from Paladin as said to her by Azrael and also taken from other verbal Vampyric Sources.

A time when the truth breaks forth, like a chicken from its shell, at the moment of birth, into the world. The truth is upon the wind and the wind become a gale. Once set free, the truth travels and releases the knowledge. And there shall be those on both sides who do not wish the truth known. And yet shall it become known to all. On that day, shall human turn against human, vampyre against his own kind and brother shall slay brother and friend shall kill his friend ... in the name of truth.

Then he shall have been the first, but his truth shall go unheeded, and the children shall betray him.
One of his own shall bring forth the tempest. And the child shall lead and so shall he become the first and be the last. In the end, there shall be only two kinds of humans: those who believe and understand, and those who fear. The truth is upon the wind, and the wind becomes a gale, and shall blow across the land to devastate all within its path.

As with humans there is, and has been for centuries, a foretelling of a Time Of Ending; a time of a great and awful war which would put an end to things as we know them. A war that would tear families apart, that would turn friend against friend and bring destruction, devastation, and death in its wake. This was or is not exactly religious in nature, but there are parallels. And, as with the Second Coming and the Armageddon, this Ending Time has its own legends and prophecies.

These legends are known mostly only to the vampyres and those close to them. But the rumors of such a time have endured for centuries, told by word of mouth from one to the other. There are several groups of vampyres, and those who have an interest in them, who have very similar prophecies. A word or two different, a piece of information missing or added to the puzzle. But they all agree the battle, as with humanity and Christians, will be a battle of great good over great evil. A fight on a planetary scale to include both humans and vampyres.

No more secret, no more underground; no longer limited to just the vampyric communities. But most public and encompassing all mankind and all vampyre kind.

The battle is to be for balance, protection and survival.

Then, as in America, there is a comparison of the old beliefs, rules and laws, with the new and modern; the natural separation of the very young, the middle aged and the old. But with vampyres, the age differences are greater. But young and old are not restricted to age but the length of time one has been a vampyre, and which kind of vampyre.

As with vampyres everywhere, many disagree.

Some feel that humans should be shunned and will have no part in human affairs, others cherish human friendships. Some feel humans are cattle and nothing more. Whereby, there are vampyres who feel humans are going to be the surviving animals and, as such, are responsible for the safety of the planet. Other vampyres feel THEY are the highest life forms and humans are not necessary and should be gotten rid of by any means possible. Then there are the vampyre rouges, the independents who also adhere to the treaty. The treaty keeps the balance ... as well as the balance of nature, between man and nature; between man and vampyre, and most important, the balance of good and evil in both the worlds of humans and vampyres.

There is a series of people who govern this treaty ... although the title seems religious, it is not so, not in the same sense as in Judeo-Christian systems ... included in this maze of interlocking different issues is also that of magick ... the old and the ancient, things you have no idea exist ... things of physical and psychic natures ... also dependent on the balance of the cosmos and the universe. Just as good and evil and life and death are all balance and discipline, so is the treaty dependent on balance ...

For centuries there have been rumor's of this Ending Time. A time when the treaty would be no more ... when the old proven ways would no longer be followed. A time when the balance was disturbed and this would begin before the Christian Armageddon. It would at first begin with only vampyres but would soon spread to their human associates, then to all mankind. A war unlike any other which would prove the existence of vampyres to the world. There are many truths involved here and a few more important than all the rest.

Vampyres have always been safe because of the myths. As long as the myths were believed, the actual vampyre remains safe and able to function freely amid the disbelief of mankind. They are safe because they are uniformly not believed in by the masses. But the truth about vampyres, by its very definition, will change the balance of nature.

Kids...the Apocalypse Counter Culture of the New Vampyres

There is a new generation that has entered into the world of the vampire culture. They are the vampire kids or the 2012 youth.

These are the kids that are part of the technopaganism and apocalypse counter culture. They are aligned differently in some ways and even the Vampire Community recognizes this. The Vampire Community does not shun them, but they realize that they have implications that can impact the vampire culture as a whole. At the same time, these new vampyres may also be the fulfillment of what is known as the Vampire Prophecy. This will be discussed, but first let us examine this new generation of vampire culture.

A great majority of the public vampire culture is what are known as Lifestylers. They are considered play acting to the Vampire Community, but they are the majority of its public face. They are people that like the fashion sense or the romantic side of the vampiric mythology. They maybe influenced greatly by the myths spread through the media and television about vampires and are mostly into it for the clubs, the glitter, and the sense of being part of the cool scene.

Of this Lifestyle culture, there are also the people that are into it via the Gothic movement, hardcore music scenes, the club kids, or those into the tattoo and piercing culture. These individuals are more likely to be part of the actual vampire culture, since these trappings are things that are of interest to real vampires. Again, these groups are accepted into the fold of the Vampire Community because they are outcasts like those that are considered real vampires.

Since the vampire kids are about half vampires and half lifestylers, there is a mad wheel of chaos that they are wielding together. They are the apocalypse generation of 2012 and have their own opinions about everything, but they feel the changes in the world around them. So they go with their instincts.

The truly dangerous vampires are those who intentionally and with skill go about finding victims to drain in order to fill their own lifeless souls with the energy of those they stalk for their energy infusions. People like this try to fill the empty hole in them by way of destroying those around them. Those who behave in this fashion are often in some shape or form part of the Psychic Vampire family, they realize what they are on some level, but are not in conduct with the Vampire Community. They seem to feed endlessly without satisfaction.

For the most part, the newer generation of vampire kids do not follow the conduct that is considered in keeping with the Black Veil laws, but also they do not feel the need to keep secrecy or avoid being public about their vampiric tendencies. They also are less likely to care how they go about their pursuit of happiness as a vampire, for lack of a better metaphor.

These are some examples of the differences the new generation has brought about.

New devices that have come with the invention of the Internet, web cams and the voice command software are now available for psychic vampires to use. These technologies enable the psychic vampire to feed on unsuspecting people populating the Internet chats. Those who do use the chat systems have all known people who roam from room to room-causing problems wherever they go. Some enter a chat room, bust into ongoing conversations, change the topic, start a nasty fight, argue with good people and then move on to the next room leaving those in the rooms exhausted, unhappy and drained. They generally cause chaos, that is their modus operandi. Some know them as room disruptors, but the Vampire Community has labeled them as Internet Psychic Vampires or IPVs. IPV predators will enter a chat room full of happy chatters and leave it drained and in upheaval within minutes. These individuals are best to avoid in any situation, for they are not healthy to be around period. Not in real life, not over a web cam, not over the phone, or on the Internet.

There is the more violent side of the coin as well, the fact that groups of people exist who are on missions to kill Vampires. They try to locate those who live these lifestyles so they can drive a stake through their hearts. I thought he was kidding when he told me this, but sadly he was completely serious. For many readers the idea hunting people to drive a stake into their hearts is probably rather terrifying. Anyone involved in such actions definitely needs to understand that is murder and think deeply before giving such ideas any real attention. This is the opposite result of many younger people involved in the vampire culture that have taken it over the line and into unhealthy and dangerous limits. These kids probably just started out looking into something different from the norm but harmless to those not interested in what they practice, yet they saw a fulfillment of some other type of sick fantasy life. It is likely that these individuals have the vampiric tendencies, but they chose the path of denial and now prey upon others like themselves.

Then there is the influence of psychedelic drugs and other influences on the new generation of vampires. This is not to say the other generations have not had these problems, it is just more pronounced and the new generation has more powerful drugs like methamphetamine and pharmaceuticals at their disposal. What happens to the different types of Vampires if they are not able to drink blood when they need to, or engage in sexual activity, or drain the energy from someone else. Most can control their vampire life style but it has been known now and then for a vampire to do what is called ‘Vamping Out’. Which is a nice way to say they are jonesing or freaking out when in need for their vampire energetic or blood fix. This combination of drug withdrawn and vamping out, can cause them to do outlandish things until they can refuel the needs of their vampire selves. This maybe the influence that is seen in many public displays of school age shootings in public school and other events in recent years.

These are just a few examples, but this author also realizes that vampires or not, these are problems within the whole generation of young people today. It is only my attempt to point out, that there is a reality about the vampiric influence within this generation and the public is waving a blind eye to it. But the Vampire Community is not.

As past and present meet in the 2012 generation...

Humans have always feared what they do not know or understand, and they tend to destroy what they fear. The hatred for vampires is ingrained due to the myths and lies of religion. So, the struggle between the two factions begins; those who wish to keep the treaty, the balance, intact, those who wish to help humanity survive against those who do not. Those who feel the time is for change, the new ideas over the old, the young and new over the old ways.

This is not new and the prophecies give the impression that the world has been through this before.

Some vampyres feel they could and should control the world governments by themselves instead of in the partnerships they now find themselves with humans counterparts. They do not wish any truth known ... especially that they exist. These factions would be pitted against those who disagree. At first this war is confined to words, then actions only within the vampyre communities. Later it would spill over into the human friendships, then fully into the human communities.

The War of Balance the Vampire Prophecy calls it, or the beginning of the Ending Time.

Due to happenings during the past few years, such as the disturbances in California where several vampire groups began to openly argue about general policy and some even got into public fights. In late 1997 there was a hectic meeting in Germany where several members of one hierarchy walked out of the meeting on ratifying the additions to the Black Veil treaty. This was followed by a general walkout by the younger groups all together. In Paris, a high ranking elder of one localized house was attacked and badly injured by a younger vampire sect. Also during 1997 a younger vampire sect member is responsible for a good quantity of the truth being leaked to the public was stalked, threatened and had property destroyed by unknown vandals or assailants. It is assumed that this leaking of information was seen as an act of terrorism and destruction was seen as an attempt to prevent information, such as found in the Vampyric Studies Course on the web site and such as is taught in this class, from being given to the general public. This is an example of how the younger vampire sects are active within the hacking community, and other divisions that are active today.

Due to many public happenings within the vampire communities, many are sure and it is believed that the time line toward the Ending Time has begun and forces are now in play leading to the inevitable. It is important to note that this Ending Time which is the beginning of the Civil War will, in its earliest stages, appear to the human community as human 'gang fights' but in actuality will be severe, ideological and territorial disputes which at first will be confined to the vampyre communities. These disputes, however, will not be secret and will, in these early stages, be played out within a public background. These battles fought within the past several years, since 1998, appear to have left some of the newer vampire groups in control to a minor degree. As to the balance between the new generation and the old generation, there was never really one, now there is even less.

Just as the Christian world prophecies, this was also foretold to their religion. Changes were accomplished and yet not able to be changed by any of its counterparts, so to is this Civil War predestined. The Vampire Prophecy has equally a counterpart to the Christian Revelations.

What could happen if it actually occurred? If the treaty was disbanded? If the alliance fell apart?

The Civil War that would begin the Ending Time.

This is not a new concern or something not already long considered in the vampire culture.

In fact, it is partly the reason for the forming of the Vampire Community. As the numbers of groups, houses, covens and vampires has been rising for the last few decades, since the 1960s, there has been communication between many groups that had never been in contact before.

The Eastern and Western vampire group have some major differences.

Put simply, many groups in the East had a very extreme view of the Vampire Prophecy. In Japan where Shinto culture and vampire culture meet, the post atomic bomb Japan viewed the Vampire Prophecy as coming true in these times. In particular, with the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 was an obvious point for predicting that the prophecies would be coming to an apex. What humans saw as the coming doomsday or end of the world, was actually the prediction of humans understanding that they would begin to become enslaved by the vampire cultures again. The rise in vampire cults was a precursor to something much more major. Perhaps some cataclysmic event would bring the human numbers down and the course of evolution would create a more even playing field for the War of Balance.

The Western groups had always known about the prophecies, but viewed that vampires and humans would come together in a greater kind of New Age of harmony and understanding. But this was not a view shared by the new generation in the West, who had their own ideas that were much more similar to the way the Japanese and Eastern cults viewed the Mayan calendar ending. Either way, both sides have recently seen that the Black Veil laws may not be holding up within the problematic world of the 21st century. So now it was time for the Vampire Community and all of its family tree branches, to consider what the future holds.

Vampires or Vampyres, they must think of the good of their own tribes first.

So this is the way the world ends...

What do you think about the vampire kids, kith and kindred of 2012 and this 21st century cult of the living and the dead ?

If you have never thought about it before, it is my challenge to you as a writer to do so.

Even if for only a brief moment.

Some relate their vampirism to their spiritual faith. Modern vampires come from many walks of life and they're just as inclined as any other group to identify their condition with their religion. They may even incorporate this idea into their religion. This fact, however, does not make vampirism a religion. Any more than being a vampire means that you're in a cult, that you worship Satan, or really mean anything else.

Although vampires to most humans border on the edges of fiction and myth these stories are based loosely on medical and scientific fact, as well. Every mythology contains at least a sliver of reality, and it is by understanding the distinction between that mythology and reality that we gain a fuller understanding of what we seek, more importantly what we are as a species.

Modern vampirism is not based on the cultural myth of vampires, but it is based on the relationship intrinsic to the word vampire. In mythological terms we refer to the vampire as a member of our society who feeds on that same society to survive. This is the metaphor that is intended by the use of the word vampire by the modern Vampire Community, except it is used literally.

At this point the reader must make their own judgements. This article is not meant to expand further into the practices or nature of the vampire culture, but only to point out that it does exist and in some numbers today. The reader must discern what they think about what has been presented, so it is all about perception. Yours is as important and unique as anyone else in the world and the only one like it anywhere on Earth.

What do you see as reality ?

Think about it...

And to end this Hub off...a song I am sure the Vampire Kids would be cool with. Something mellow from Marilyn M.


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    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 3 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thank you Volic. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • profile image

      Volic1985 4 years ago

      You should discuss the prophacies and key indviduals who many belivie to be alive. Also you should discuss liniage and councils and what not. and i know you briefly but you should discuss the old ways and the conflict of the new ways. i do dissagree with the fact that the nice vacade some put up to make this community more main stream. but lets be realistic here many of us are not the nice people that a lot depict. for some it is not a choice weather you want to be in or for some you can and will be pulled into the community thats why you see a lot of us in the military to escape from this and not be apart of it. i could keep going on but i wont. thank you for your time. -Volic ( Dol' mar)

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Well it isn't always what some people think it is, but thank you for reading and commenting A. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • profile image

      Amira 5 years ago

      i would surely love to be a vampire....i loveeee vampires

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      HB5511, my point was also to enlighten people that vampires occultism and paganism, although linked, are not understood with an open mind by most. But I suppose people will believe what they want to believe. Thanx for reading. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      You are welcom HB5511. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • heavenbound5511 profile image

      heavenbound5511 5 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      I knew that vampires & the occult were linked.Something to stay away from for sure!

      Thanks for the information!

    • profile image

      WeirdTails 5 years ago

      Loving this one, so very excellent. Thank you for writing such an indepth piece on the vampire world. Smooches...

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanx so much PA. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d