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Varalakshmi Vratha- Divine Prayer

Updated on September 2, 2012

Images of Puja..

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Goddess Varalakshmi- May goddess showers peace and prosperity in everyone's life..Divine goddess VaralakshmiTraditional Maavu Kolam (Raw rice flour rangoli)Traditional lamp (Kuttivalaku)Platter of fruits, beetel leaves Naivedya. Flowers for Archana.Banana Appam one of the main dish of naivedya.Medu Vadai one of the dish in naivedya.
Goddess Varalakshmi- May goddess showers peace and prosperity in everyone's life..
Goddess Varalakshmi- May goddess showers peace and prosperity in everyone's life.. | Source
Divine goddess Varalakshmi
Divine goddess Varalakshmi | Source
Traditional Maavu Kolam (Raw rice flour rangoli)
Traditional Maavu Kolam (Raw rice flour rangoli) | Source
Traditional lamp (Kuttivalaku)
Traditional lamp (Kuttivalaku) | Source
Platter of fruits, beetel leaves Naivedya.
Platter of fruits, beetel leaves Naivedya. | Source
Flowers for Archana.
Flowers for Archana. | Source
Banana Appam one of the main dish of naivedya.
Banana Appam one of the main dish of naivedya. | Source
Medu Vadai one of the dish in naivedya.
Medu Vadai one of the dish in naivedya. | Source

Divine Prayer

Divine Prayer- Varalakshmi Vratha

Since my childhood days, I’ve seen Varalalskhmi Vratha puja performed by my mother and all the ladies of our family. It’s one of our family tradition puja. My mother told me the main intention of this puja is for leading a good, happy and long marital life with their husband and peace and prosperity of the family. This puja is a social affair, where all the sumangalis of family do it together and if in case due to unavoidable reasons, this is not done on the puja day, then the same may be done on the next Friday. However, whatever may be the reason be, this puja should be done by every sumangalis every year, if such tradition exist in family. When I got married my Mother in law asked me to perform this puja to continue our family tradition. Every year I perform this Vratha which I believe is powerful also a holy one. This vratha should be performed on a Friday that comes before a full moon day either in the month of Shravan or Karkataka (Aadi or Aavani).

Alankaram of Varalakshmi.

This vratha is mainly observed by women in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and also some communities in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh for the prosperity and welfare of their families. Varalakshmi vratha puja falls in the month of Aadi or Aavani month (Shravan month). Sumangalis (Married Ladies) should undertake fasting and do this puja only after Raahukalam i.e. afternoon hours and should perform as per one’s family tradition.

Here is the legend of Sri Varalakshmi,

As per the legends , in the sacred Mount Kailash, Lord shiva was playing the game of dice with Goddess Parvathi Devi, his wife. Parvathi said “Oh! My adored , I am the winner”. The lord opposed her statement and both of them started arguing. So, they called Chitranemi, one of the Ganas (one who carry out the order of Lord) to intercede this matter. He declared Lord Shiva as Winner and by hearing so, Goddess Parvati could not resist, and became angry and cursed him saying,” You are a liar, may you become a Leper and you lose all your glory”.

Lord Shiva felt pity on Gana and pleaded Goddess Parvathi,”Oh! Devi , he is not a liar , he only spoke the truth. Please forgive him and remove the curse given on him”. Goddess Parvathi agreed and told Gana Chitranemi “Your curse shall be removed only when you see the devkanyas performing the Varalakshmi Vratha on the banks of a pond”. Chitranemi, selected a pond and lived on the bank for some time. Then, one day , he saw some Deva kanyas performing puja near pond. On seeing this, he went and asked, “ May I know about the puja you are performing? Can I also perform it? I am suffering from a curse given by Goddess Parvati . Kindly advise me the way to get rid of my sufferings”.

Deva kanyas replied, “ We are performing Sri Varalakshmi Vratha puja. This puja is very sacred and by performing this puja all your wishes gets fulfilled. This vratha should commence, on a Friday, in the month of Shravan, when the sun god is in Kataka rasi, during the waxing days of moon and should be done on the banks of river, Tungabhadra (the convergence of Ganga and Yamuna)”. Deva kanyas performed the Vratha puja and on seeing the puja performing Chitranemi got rid of leprosy and he blessed with his original complexion.

He said that, “Hereafter, I shall perform this puja, which bestows everything in life for a person to live happily”. Chitranemi performed the puja and also persuaded other devas to do it. After performing this puja, he gave Daanam(gifts) to sanyasi(Sages), to Brahmins, brahmachari(married woman) and a sumangali (Married woman). After that he bowed before Laksmi devi and went back to his place in Mount kailash. After reaching Kailash he bowed before Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and said with Varlakshmi vratha blessings he could get the darshan of Goddess Parvati again.

Lord Shiva told, “You continue to live in the kailash with all the prosperity and luxury and funally attain Vaikuntha. Goddess Parvati also performed this puja and blessed Lord Shanmuga as her son. Since then the practice of performing this puja spread throughout the world.

Certain things as per the tradition are suggested to be used , while performing this puja.

- Covering the Kalash with blouse bit, preferably Red, green or any other colur except black or brown.

- Performing archana by lotus flowers, red flowers.

- Sweet pongal to be offered as naivedyam.

- One day before clean the puja room and decorate puja mandap.

- Tie banana plant or decorate with flowers and mango leaves.

- Decorate the kalash with mango leaves.

- Apply turmeric paste on the coconut and keep the coconut on the kalash with Amman (Goddess face) tied to it.

- Fill kalash with rice, lemon, betel leaves and gold, silver or one rupee coin inside the kalash or fill the kalash with water and put coin as per your family tradition.

- Put banana leaf facing east. Spread Paddy on it. Then keep a copper plate and spread on that plate and keep kalash on the copper plate spreaded with rice.

- Invite goddess from the entrance by chanting shlokas,devotional songs and light camphor and perform aarthi. And place inside your puja room.

- Draw traditional kolam in front of the house and in puja room.

- Start the puja as per the puja vidhanam on Friday.

- Set a tray of fruits, Coconut, Beetel leaves, supari.

Perform the puja as per the instruction of Pujari or refer Puja vidhanam book.

Next day , we perform Punar pooja which is done on the next day. It’s a very short format. Sprinkle the kalash water all over in the house , if rice is used then mix it with rice in the house. Devotees should remember even a simple prayer will please goddess Lakshmi.

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