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Veda chanting can be done by all people!

Updated on February 11, 2013

Sai Gayathri and Sai in Bliss!

Veda is common for entire humanity!

From time immemorial, man has engaged himself in the argument, “what is right, what is wrong? Neither the scriptures clarify on this point clearly. How this can be resolved? Consult the elders first. If they are not able to give clear answers, then consult the preceptor. Suppose you don’t get a reply, refer to the scriptures, epics or other authentic books on Dharma (righteousness). If still you are not able to get a clarification, sit in a secluded place on meditation. If your quest is genuine, in half an hour time, you will get an insight how to proceed! This is what Saibaba told a gathering of devotees and students. There is one more point. If your conscious is clear about a particular way to resolve the issue without hurting any, then that path also can be chosen.

Relying upon your intuition is the best way in such circumstances. Never rely upon the mind. It will drag you in more argument and confusion. Intuition occurs when the mind is silent for few moments. Hence meditation is suggested as one way. Now let us dwell more on the term ‘intuition’. From inspiration, intuition arises. It is the result of inner Self. The Veda chants were gathered in the memory by great sages after intense meditation on Divine for many years. Through the power of intuition alone, the sages could capture the Divine chants in their conscious. They heard it from the sky. They could preserve it in their memory and taught the same to their disciples orally! It was not written anywhere. Those chants were repeated thrice following the preceptor and thus the disciples memorized them. Likewise, for many centuries, the tradition of teaching the Veda orally continued retaining the correct pronunciation; the tonal modifications etc and thus the Vedas were preserved. During the present time, the memory of human being is not sufficient to retain the chants forever in memory. Hence they were written first on palm leaves and today we have audio CDs of Veda chants. These chants disinfect the atmosphere of all evil and enable timely rain when the associated rituals in fire are performed as indicated in the scriptures.

Finding that the practice of chanting the Vedas dwindling, Saibaba has revived it by establishing a Veda Padasala which teaches young boys to chant them properly. He has also founded the Veda Purusha Saptaha Gnana Yagna coinciding with the celebration of Navarathri festival observed during September-October every year. Great Pundits who are experts in the knowledge of Veda are assigned different tasks during the fire ritual. On the Vijayadasami day,(last day of Dusserah), the final fire offering is made in the presence of Saibaba every year. Even after the physical absence of Bagawan, it is conducted as before in Prasanthi Nilayam!. Saibaba has given utmost importance to the practice of Veda not only by the boys of Veda school, but also by the entire students of His educational Institutes. Today we find all students recite the Veda nicely and in fact, the foreign students excel Indian students in the recitation of Veda!


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