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Vedic Astrology Chart of Sean Connery

Updated on February 7, 2011

Birth Data [ courtesy Astrodatabank]


Place of birth: Edinburgh, Scotland

Date of Birth: 25 August 1930

Time of Birth: 18.05

According to Vedic astrology, Sean Connery was born in Sagitarius ascendant.

The lord of the ascendant Jupiter is in the 7th house in the house of Mercury i.e. Gemini.

Jupiter is aspecting own house, the ascendant thereby rendering the ascendant strong.

In addition , the dispositor of Jupiter i.e. Mercury is exalted in the 10th house.

Therefore both Jupiter and Mercury are strong. This means that his 1st, 4th , 7th and 10th houses are strong. Strong Quadrants add to the basic strength of the horoscope.

Lets have a look at the trines. The lord of the 5th house is associated with lord of the 4thand lagna lord Jupiter thereby causing a great rajyoga.

The 9th lord Sun is placed in its own house Leo rashi. 9th house is also known as the house of PoorvaPunya. He has divine blessings and therefore destined to have a good life and acheivements.

Thus we see that the trines as well as Quadrants are fortified.

Lets see how the planets are placed:

Saturn is placed in the 1st house and in the sign of Sagitarius. Saturn when placed in Sagitarius it is said to be Kodanda Sani. In such a situation it gives great benefic results and loses a lot of its maleficience. It is receiving the aspect of both Mars and Jupiter.

As lord of the 2nd and 3rd it has connection with the 1st lord and 5th lord. At the same time Saturn is aspecting the 3rd house, the house of younger siblings. Its situation in 1st shows that the younger sibling is a brother.

The planets and houses aspected by Saturn are 3rd, 7th and 10th. This brings about a connection amongst the 1st, 2nd, 4th,5th 7th and 10th houses.

Mars aspects the 10th, 1st and 2nd houses. The house of profession and finances become strong.

Jupiter the lord of lagna(ascendant) is placed in the 7th house , directly aspecting the 1st house. His ascendant is strengthened in this way .

Sun , lord of 9th or poorva pnya house is plced in own house . Giving him divine blessings.

10th house isoccupied by its own lord Mercury. 10th is the house of profession.. Since Mercury is lord of 10th in exaltation it igives him a profession that brought with it name and fame.

Though Venus is debilitated in the 10th house, its association with Mercury has caused a brilliant neechbhanga rajyoga. It is witness to his rise from working as a milk delivery boy to a world famous artist and multimillionaire.

A thought that arises is that if the chart is so good , what is it in this chart the shows the humble beginnings of this very famous person?

This is easily evidenced if you have a look at his ashatakvarga charts.

The 2nd is the house of family and its lord is Saturn. If you see clearly Saturn has contributed zero points to his own house and only one point to the house he is placed in. This is an indication of the fact that his family was not in a very comfortable position in his childhood and his acheivements are all his own.

{ Will be adding more to this shortly. }

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      6 years ago

      what is the date of birth of his wife?


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