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Venus in Aquarius Explained

Updated on September 25, 2011

The location of the planet Venus in your astrological birth chart is the truest representation of your "love sign". So if you've got Venus in Aquarius, this energy will be reflected in your love style, including the way you fall in love and react to your partner. This placement will also be affected by your sun and moon sign, of course, so you should look closely at the entire natal chart for the most accurate personal portrait. For more information, please continue reading!


Nonconformists in Love

While many signs are attracted to a certain type of lover, Aquarius Venus is the exact opposite. These folks will be attracted to all sorts of potential partners, from all walks of life. Aquarius is a curious person who wants to be intrigued and they will entertain anyone who strikes their fancy. That said, they aren't easily enraptured, so those they will pursue are likely to be people who truly stand out in some way, shape or form. And that's a good thing, because Aquarius can become easily bored, and once bored it's very hard to regain their attentions. These folks may even embark in new relationships with people so utterly different that it may seem they simply want to shock their friends and family. And while that isn't usually the case, they are certainly not averse to shocking others, as it helps to keep things interesting!

Habitual Daydreamers

Venus in Aquarius is a daydreamer. They romanticize everything in their minds and often seem a bit spacey. The best way to deal with this is to get Aquarius' attention by looking directly into their eyes. Once you've managed that, you've pretty much got a direct link with their soul, and you'll find them much easier to connect with. It's not that they don't care about what you're saying or thinking or feeling, it's just that there are so many things to daydream about and so little time! And while they do have a reputation for being flaky, they are definitely capable of serious commitment and loyalty. It may be trying at times, getting them to conform even slightly, but once they promise to do something, they are good about following through.

Personal Space, Please!

Venus in Aquarius needs personal space. They do not like feeling obligated to spend time with someone, and they need a certain level of personal freedom and personal space in order to thrive. If you are not clingy, and if you are not highly insecure about their need for space, you have a good chance of keeping their attention. The more freedom you give them, the more appealing you will be, and the more time they will actually want to spend with you. Of course, being that carefree and patient is not something some signs are cut out for (like Aries, for example!) and this sort of romance could be very frustrating for some. But if you're uber confident and patient to begin with, Venus in Aquarius is probably right up your alley. Just be as interesting and unique as you possibly can, and they will be naturally drawn to you.


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