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Venus in Aries Explained

Updated on September 17, 2011

If the planet Venus was located in Aries when you were born, this will affect the way you behave when in love and in love relationships. Of course, the rest of your astrological chart will affect this placement, but you can be sure a good chunk of this aspect will be familiar to you. If you've got fire signs all over your chart, what you're about to read may not be surprising at all. But if you've got a lot of water or earth in your chart but you've always had a fiery style when it comes to love, this is why. Keep reading to learn more about the love sign Venus in Aries.


Impatient, Impressive, and Impassioned

Anyone born with Venus in Aries is going to be ruled by their heart when it comes to love. They will fall in love at first sight and start pursing the individual in question almost immediately, if not instantaneously! These people do not believe in wasting time once they have spotted true love and they will leap over mountains in a single bound to gain your attention and affection. After all, you only fall in love with your soulmate once, right? Erm, maybe...! Venus in Aries loves to be in love and if they do happen to fall out of love with someone, they are likely to fall in love just as quickly with the next soulmate who shows up on their radar. This doesn't mean they are flaky in love and will easily fall out of it once they've met their match, but it does mean that they recover from broken hearts more quickly than most and will set out in search of the next big adventure faster than some.

More Visceral Than Cerebral

Please note that I am only referring to how these people behave in matters of the heart -- I am not saying Venus in Aries can't be amazingly intellectual. What I am saying, is that when it comes to falling in love, these people don't think about it first, they just do it. If they fall in love with you, they will not waste time wondering about whether or not you'd be a good person to live with or raise children with. They will not be slowed down by anything other than how they feel when they are with you. Every step they take in their relationship will be based on the visceral and not the cerebral -- though at the end of their relationships analysis will crop up in their minds and they may start to view things more cerebrally, but that will only happen once they've started to fall out of love.

Easily Bored...!

If you are in love with Venus in Aries, you probably already know how quickly they can change course. They are very impulsive and easily bored, only to be outdone in that department by Gemini! You don't want to play games with Venus in Aries, as that would be deemed highly insulting and they would likely never forgive you for it, but you do want to keep them on their toes a bit. You can manage this easily enough by planning spontaneous candlelit dinners, or a weekend trip to a bed & breakfast, or a surprise trip to just about anywhere. Think of them like children (I say this as an Aries, myself) -- kids love surprises, and they needn't be expensive. And prepared for some yourself, as Venus in Aries loves to surprise their partner as well.


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