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Venus in Cancer Explained

Updated on September 18, 2011

The Venus sign is the love sign, and if Venus was in Cancer at the time of your birth, that's your true love sign in terms of astrology. Your sun and moon signs are very important as well, but if your "love style" has ever seemed to be in total conflict with either one, that is probably due to having a Venus placement that "conflicts" with them. So have a look at the following information about this aspect of your natal chart and you'll have a better understanding of how you, or someone with this placement, behaves in love.


Sensitivity Personified

Venus in Cancer is very sensitive when it comes to love. Even if you seem cool or calculated in other aspects of your life (if you've got a Capricorn sun, for example) you will be filled with tenderness and strong emotion when it comes to the object of your affections. These people are true romantics and enjoy quiet time alone with the one they love. They will need obvious demonstrations of being love in return as well, if if they aren't sure the love is mutual, they can become very insecure and temperamental. If the crab is coming out, pinchers and all, you can be sure Venus in Cancer is not feeling confident in the relationship and measures should be taken to put their mind at ease, or they will spiral downward into depression very quickly.

Emotional Caretakers

If you're in love with someone under this sign, it's very likely that they will know how you're feeling before you do, and they will see to it that your emotional needs are quickly met. Well, provided you've been meeting theirs as well -- that's only fair, right? These folks are quite intuitive and psychic when it comes to empathy and compassion and they will always be there for anyone who needs them, especially if it's someone they are in love with. That said, they are not always good about taking care of their own emotions and sometimes allow theirs to fall into neglect. Therefore, it's very important Venus in Cancer sets aside time every day to quiet themselves and identity their own feelings. If they don't, they could start to experience an energy/emotional imbalance which, again, could lead to depression.

The Cautious Crab

Venus in cancer is careful with their heart because they know how deeply they fall in love and they don't want to get hurt. None of us do, obviously, but when Cancer gets hurt, it's often emotionally debilitating and it can take eons to recover. And even longer before they are able to trust anyone else enough to even let them get a peek of their heart. If you're interested in pursuing someone with this sign you will need to do so slowly. Rushing to proclaim your undying love is probably going to scare them right off, so it's best to show them your love in small, reasonable ways at the start. Show them that you can be trusted in all things -- show them you can be trusted with their heart -- and they will open the door for you. It may seem like a lot of effort at first, but the rewards are great.


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